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Art is a form of expression that dictates how the artist sees the world. I always wondered when a person sketches is the world all black and white. So Jamir, tell us what is your preferred form of drawing? Sketching people? Still life? JAMIR: Well I always was the type to see the world different so that something I had natural to once I put a pencil and paper in front of me I knew this what I wanted to do. As a artist I prefer the mind when drawing imagining something in your mind and putting it on paper Or if I draw the person but add my own style to it art sometimes is not about being the best at it but how much you can create and amaze the world. UG MAG: So, you free-hand draw....u see it in a memory that takes snapshots and saves them in your thoughts and later you open that album and tap into that figure? Wow...yes...the creative mind is amazing. I see in some of t your art your personal signature; I am referring to the Mona Lisa Sketch.... JAMIR: Yes I can also look at something like a person and add my own style to it as well. That is true the Mona Lisa does have my personal signature UG MAG: You owned that picture by drawing your view... like the Kanye picture I saw you tap into his anger...his jawline was a masterpiece.... What would you say is the hardest part of the human body that you still have to practice at? For me when I drew people it was the hands...and I am the type who can only draw what is in front of them; I guess u can say I mimic...Since u can draw from the mind is it easier to add that extra distorted overtones to that area so that the flaw looks flawless or intended? JAMIR: Thank you, yeah sometimes when I draw I blank out like im not paying attention to no one else but what I’m drawing when I’m into it The hardest part to me is the hands and the eyes what I learned about our eyes we concentrate on one eye and we do the eye or hand and its bigger than the other one so I tend to watch that but when I’m into it I try to learn something from it when I erase I think when this happens it is a natural thing because erasing helps you realize what’s wrong and allows you to put something new. So I guess that is true; erasing is important to me because I always learn from it. It’s like taking a picture and getting the picture wrong so you delete it until you get it perfect. If someone says they do not erase then they are not learning anything. Flawless? (PAUSE) until I see the face pop the way I want or any drawing I don't stop because it always feel like something is missing (LAUGHS)

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