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Position One is the hot new book by Cynthia Miller. Some things are worth dying for. And some things you have to be willing to kill for to keep them!!!

Article by C. Miller We have all heard the saying ‘behind every successful man there is a strong woman’. This statement is not heard so much anymore. Women are no longer standing in the background satisfied with keeping the meals cooked, feeding the kids, and taking care of bedroom duties. Women are no longer being bred for ‘The Perfect Husband.’ We are no longer dressing up and waiting to be serenaded and swept off our feet. As a matter of fact, we are making choices of our own. This fact could not be proven any better than in the literary world. Today women like Nakota Mackmamma Mackie, Wahida Clark, and Envy Red (to name a few) are making their mark. These women are taking the literary world by a storm. Today women are taking their past and turning it into a very productive and profitable future. Not only are women writing best sellers they are opening publishing companies all over the United States. The new generations of successful, independent women are also showing up in the boardroom of large corporations. The one time ‘boys club’ with a key to the men’s room has had to make a few changes. These companies are now building a lady facility. Yes America, behind every successful man there may be a strong woman and you may very well meet her today. It is very possible she is your boss and you are reading her book. A best seller I might add. You can find Cynthia Miller on Face Book. You can also visit her by going to www.inrareformbook.comBe sure to look out for Cynthia’s latest book entitled Position One……

Written by: Felisha Bradshaw Should A Child be Able to Sue the Absent Parent for Neglect?

When is it time to take matters to the courts if talking to your child’s absent parent doesn’t seem to work? Sitting before a judge seems to get results for legal matters when people in general cannot come to an agreement. But we are talking what a child does when his parent can not comply or meet his needs. Should that child be able to sue a parent for emotional turmoil, pain and/or neglect? Irreconcilable Differences n. the usual basis for granting a divorce (dissolution) in no-fault divorce states. If one party says the marriage is irretrievable and refuses to reconcile then such differences are proved to exist.

In the early 80’s a movie called Irreconcilable Differences starring Drew Barrimore. Drew wanted to divorce her parents for being selfish and career driven to the point where she felt neglected. No one thought that she would ever be granted a divorce, but she was. This was not done because she didn’t love her parents it was in the end a lesson learned for her parents. A mother reached out to Urban Grapevine Magazine to do an article on her son wanting to sue his father for physical, emotional turmoil, neglect and stress. This mother wanted to get the opinion of our readers before she follows suit. My question to you is should a child be able to sue his absent parent for not spending time with him and not meeting the basic core needs of child; nurturing?

What Do You Think?

Please send your thoughts to In the subject line please write Irreconcilable Differences. Your opinions will be posted in our next issue of Urban Grapevine Magazine. Please copy and paste the link to the interview with Child “A” and his mother regarding their current issue.

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