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Mother’s Love”

I admit I haven’t done the right things. I haven’t treated you in the right way a mother should treat her daughter. But, one thing for sure is when I asked “God” for a daughter. He didn’t hold all those horrible things said to you or even the things I had done to you. I believed deeply that God would always give me my desires for a daughter. When he gave me you; Taking care of you didn’t come with any instructions, failing miserably I knew he wouldn’t put anymore on than I could bear.

To spite what numerous people around would say, nothing, or nobody, I knew would be able to pull apart that bond that was created, that what God has put his hands on and has blessed. Sometimes my child, you didn’t fully understand why parent acts or why they do the silly and stupid thing their own flesh and blood. When I try to understand it myself, I say it again, a child doesn’t come with a manual so there is going to be trial and error a lot of the times.

Mothers don’t worry, time will pass and forgiveness. Please be patient it will come. One thing to remember is that your child will “Never” be able to forget the special time that has been only shared by a mother and her child. That is truly a mother’s love that can never be replaced.

I love you.

A Mother's Love  
A Mother's Love  

A Writing by Felisa Walton