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SYNOPSIS In the past it was a therapy, today is a passsion. The fact of having a congenital malformation in the left arm did not stop David in the fight for moments of glory. What does it take to be a high level paralympic swimmer? In “S9 – David Grachat” we follow the daily life, the difficulties, the joys, the anguishes and anxieties that transformed a disabled youngster in a high-performance athlete.

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IN THIS FILM... It is intended in this documentary, show through David Grachat the universe of adapted swimming. All the routines, trainings stages and competitions of David. As a mirror of other athletes not only in Portugal, but around the world who dedicate much of their lives to sport at the highest level. "That means having a responsibility, a commitment with the club, with the coach and with his country" Carlos Mota - Coach

"I can't afford to have a life like a regular young man... and what have I gained with it? I've gained a lot". David Grachat

And to David, the "win", is not just the medals and records. In "S9-David Grachat", we see that there's something else that motivates him to train daily to represent Portugal in the S9 class of Adapted Swimming.

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SCENES FROM THE FILM... In Lisbon (Portugal) we start to follow the day-to-day training routine of David. In the Complexo Desportivo do Jamor swimming pools or the Gesloures ones, where David trains daily, at the pools and at the gym. Daniel Marinho, aquatic propulsion researcher explains how the physical characteristics of David afect his efficiency in the different swimming techniques. At the Berlin Swimming Meeting (Germany), David and other members of the Portuguese National Team socialize with their friends from the Brazilian Adapted Swimming National Team. During the altitude training stage at Sierra Nevada (Spain), we understand David as a person and the conditions and objectives of this type of training. Although the documentary doesn't focuses on his medals and records achieved, David gives us his testimony of how he lived some unforgettable moments at the Beijing Paralympic Games (2008).

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CREW Felippe Goncalves (Producer, Director and Editor) was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1987. He is of portuguese descendance and he emigrates to Portugal with his parents at the age of thirteen. In 2006 he finishes the technological course of IT, although later he abandons this field to start learning about filmmaking. In 2011 as a final project of the degree in Cinema from the University of Beira Interior (Covilha), he directs the documentary "S9-David Grachat". In the same year was the responsible for the production of short film "Caloira" by Cristiano Guerreiro.

Goncalo Franco (Photography Director) was born on the 19th of March 1990 in a mountain town in central Portugal (Covilha). At eighteen he decided to pursue his studies in the Film area, diverging from his academic path until then. At the local university (University of Beira Interior) he obtains the degree, working mostly as a Director of Photography both in Documentaries and Fiction films. As part of his portfolio we can see projects like Matriz (directed by Rui Oliveira), S9-David Grachat (directed by Felippe Goncalves) or Caloira (directed by Cristiano Guerreiro). Cristiano Guerreiro (Sound Director) was born in Faro in 1990. He studied Visual Arts during 3 years. He learned to play guitar at 15 years of age and during some years devoted himself to music. Was cameraman in the videoclip "The Elevations Begins" from Hodless. In 2011 he finished the degree in Filmmaking at the University of Beira Interior with the short film "Caloira" (as Director) and the documentary "S9-David Grachat".

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Press Kit "S9 - David Grachat"  

Press Kit of the documentary film "S9 - David Grachat".

Press Kit "S9 - David Grachat"  

Press Kit of the documentary film "S9 - David Grachat".