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My House There is / There are TEACHER: Felipe Vallejos Riquelme

GRADE: 5th Grade

Unit 2: The place where I live. -

The house and objects. There is / There are. Questions with Who? Where? What? On / in / under. Numbers until 10. And more

Aim: To learn house places and There is / There are. Reading: Accomodation.


kitchen bathroom garden terrace living room dinning room

Task 1: What’s your favorite room? (+0,1)

My favorite room is …………………………………….

Task 2: Write the correct room next to the furniture. (+0,1)


Room sofรก table bed television chair

garden terrace

bathroom living room

kitchen dinning room


Task 3: Read the note, and choose the best map. (+0,1)



Language Focus: There is / There are

1. Notice these examples from the text. (+0,1) A There is a living room. B There are three small bedrooms. 2. Which of the sentences is singular ands which is plural. (+0,1) A B 3. Read the text again and underline in red There is and in blue There are. (+0,1)

My House / There is & There are  

Class:02/06/2014 Teacher: Felipe Vallejos Riquelme

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