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Eating Habits



Psychologists describe this condition as a ‘dangerous behavior like drunk people’ because this is the reason why the majority of current car accidents happen. Maybe you’re wondering why, and the reason is because a lot of people are multitasking while driving. In this case, they’re doing things like: texting, cheking e-mails, posting photos on Facebook or sharing “interesting” text on Twitter like: ‘I’m driving home’. Of course, these drivers lose the control of their cars and they end for crashing others. Actually, based on a Huffington Post publishing, the use of smartphones while people are driving is six times more dangerous than drunk drivers. The majority of people in our society think that this problem just affecting younger, but that’s not true at all. In U.S.A it has been reported that almost a half of smartphone buyers are pople over 30 years old, and, of course, the most common gifts for their sons are smartphones. The question is, why is the nomophobic population growing up?. Probably, the answer is because of the marketing and advertising strategies of consumerism. Day after day, we are being invaded by publicity spots in every type of mass media. They’re saying what we have to buy and supporting the ‘reasons’ and ‘needs’ to do it. If you have a smartphone, surely, now you’re wondering ‘Am I a nomophobic person?, How can I know this?’. According to different articles of science and psychology wich have been talking about this topic, I’ve collected what I consider are the five most important symptoms to recognize if you are a smartphone addict or even, if some of your friends are.

1. Using smartphones while you are in a meeting. It is very common to find people lost in their smarphones in the middle of a meeting. If it is your case, be careful !. 2. Checking your accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc) while you’re in a movie theater. Have you seen people doing that? I know yes. 3. Cut off a conversation with someone to check your Smartphone. Surely, you have had an unpleasant friend who has done it. Maybe yourself ?. 4. Using your Smartphone while you’re walking on the Street, driving your car or even riding a bike. I suppose you have seen a lot of videos of people falling while walking because of texting. Please, don’t do that! 5. And last but not least, you feel that you can’t go out of home without your Smartphone. Take the risk for one day and let your phone at home, you’ll survive! As you can see, the symptoms are more common what you believe. After you’ve checked the symptoms, you’d better be honest and try to recognize if you are a real nomophobic. That’s the first step to get over it. You should advice your friends.

Author: Andrés Sotomayor


According to some research more tan 50% of people in the world suffering a new pathology known as ‘nomophobia’. That name is bacause of an abbreviation for the English expression “no-mobile-phone phobia”. This term tries to explain the dependency behavior of people to their smartphones.


Eating Habits People need a healthy diet to have a great life. Consequently by eating the proper food, you can avoid a lot of illnesses. The human body is a perfect machine, but each person is responsible for taking care of it. If your body gets the right amount of food, from the right sources, it will be able to obtain a lot of nutrients, and transform them in energy. It is very important to think about what kind of nutritional habits you have.


You can have good eating habits, and your body would appreciate it. Firstly, establish your own eating schedule. The body needs minimum three essential meals per day. The breakfast is the most important and wide food of the day. Then, have a lunch, but smaller. Finally, at night it’s significant to have a small meal. Between meals, it’s important to eat something, try with fruits or cheeses, and don’t forget to drink a lot of water. It’s better to eat in a comfortable place. Always, choose a balanced diet. The specialists recommend to have in your dish high protein, vegetables and low carbs. You can find many nutritious diets, select the best for you.


When you choose the wrong habits, it’s bad for the digestive system, and your body is affected. If you eat a lot of fast or junk food all the time, you will gain weight. Hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, fries, and things like that are food with high oil content. These meals don’t have fiber or vitamins for your nutrition. An additional problem is when you have bad eating habits. For example, when you eat in front of the T.V, read newspaper and forget to have your breakfast or lunch, it’s dangerous for your health. You need to avoid these habits because in the future, you will regret it. Humans need to analyze what eating habits are more convenient for them because it’s very important. Many people have diseases or problems with their health. If you’ve chosen wrong habits or never think about what kind of food you’ve eaten, take time for yourself and check it. Finally you can find the best diet.

Author: Ángela González

Healthy food around the world Nowadays there are a lot of foods around the world very healthy. Namely to the west of the world prepared delicious dishes, soups and salads based on strange spice and vegetables, if you eat healthy food you can avoid a lot of illnesses in the future. Generally, Chinese food is based on green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, asparagus and beans. Obviously, you can find delicious dishes, for example Dim Sum, Abalon and Siew Yhok. Also you can find food based on orange vegetables like carrots, pumpkin and green pepper for instance Youtiolo, Rine congee and Shane Fen. The typical healthy soup is based on green vegetables and proteins as “El Zong” a delicious soup with strange spice. So, the Chinese food is based on a lot of kind of vegetables similarity to Colombians food. There are a lot of salads in Italy like fish salad is a mix of vegetables such as tomato and lettuce. Nonetheless in Italy you can find salads like a Di Fagioli. This salad has salmon and vinaigrette. You can find salads with a lot of kind of cheese for example Capresse salad this is a mix of blue cheese and green vegetables, but if you don’t like blue cheese, you can try salad with cheddar cheese and orange vegetables. In Italy there a lot of healthy salads based on fruits for instance strawberry, grapes, watermelon and apple. It’s delicious if you add some of sauce. Also it’s very important eat a lot of salads and there is a big variety in Italy, Colombia and around the world. There are a lot of foods around the world very healthy, but we don’t know how mix vegetables with strange sauce. It’s very important that you have a good diet but not only with Colombian food. You can taste other foods such as Chinese food or Italian food, they prepare delicious dishes and simply.


Author: Lina


Health & Fitness There are so many ways to stay healthy like exercise and diet. Nowadays, fitness is getting more attention from people who care more about the way they look because in the current society, it is a very important. If you want to get a more attractive couple, you’d better pay attention to fitness. Also, this one is not the only reason to do it, a fitness routine means a better and healthy life.


Workout is one of the steps to get a fit body, it´s a great way to stay healthy and in shape. There are many workout activities you can do, cardio is one of them. You can start with 5 or 10 minutes as warm up before the weight training, treadmill, elliptical trainer and running are examples of cardio exercises. Now you can start with a weight training routine. You need to have a routine where you work all the muscular groups in five days: back, arms (triceps and biceps), shoulders, legs, chest and abdominals. Try to work out the legs in just one day because it´s the biggest muscular group in the body and you will finish very tired and without energy. Same as cardio, there are several ways you can exercise in weight training, with dumbbells, barbell, a medical ball, bands, fitness equipment, etc. However, if you don’t like to do cardio or weight training or you think that they are boring, there are funny and entertaining activities you can do, like dances (salsa, bachata, rumba), aerobics with music and different sports (soccer, rugby, basketball, baseball.) Those exercises and physical activities will make you burn fat if you are disciplined and implement a fitness routine to your daily life, but it´s not the only thing you have to do.


Diet is the next step and, it´s even more important than weight training to get a perfect and fit body. You have to incorporate food with a high content of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, and avoid sweets (desserts, soda, etc.), fat, oils and junk food. Protein is an important thing that you have to consume if you want to get bigger and stronger muscles. In vegetables you can find a great vitamins source, but not only that, fiber and protein too. Vegetables like quinoa, lentils, beans and spinach are full of protein and vitamins. In the fruits there are many things that will help you to recover your muscles from the exhaustion produced by the exercise. Food like: cherry juice, strawberries and berries. Other foods with a lot of protein in them are the eggs, fish (tuna, salmon…), cottage cheese, turkey breast and lean meats. Remember, if you don’t have a good and healthy diet complementing the exercise, It´s not going to be effective for your body, “the kitchen is your second gym”. In conclusion exercise and diet, both are important to get a nice body, each one complements the other. If you want to get the best results, you had better do both, incorporate a good diet to your daily and exercise every day. And remember, a fit body it doesn’t mean you can get an attractive couple or more attention from the other gender, it means a healthy life, fewer diseases and a relaxed and an active old age time.

Author: Nicolás Roldán

Typical Food

The soups dishes in South America is so important because it is the presentation of the country, it is the first think that the people see and try , if the soup of one restaurant taste and looks bad , it is not necessary to prove the main course of this place. Soups in the coast have sea food ingredients above another for example la Moqueca (Brazil) a soup plate that has onions, peppers, tomatoes and coriander leaves and pepper allspice, all made with palm oil and coconut milk; Callous with vegetables (Argentina) a soup plate that has onions, potatoes, white wine, carrots, pepper, and mondongo of ternera; And Caldillo of congrio (Chile) a soup plate that has onions, potatoes, carrots, chili leg, coriander, oregano, and a congrio. Also soups are important in the interior of the countries mostly in this soups the ingredients are red or white meat for example Ajiaco (Colombia)A soup plate that has legumes or tubers chopped into pieces, and small pieces of various meats; Soup of frog ( Paraguay) a soup plate that has 4 frogs, onions, salt and pepper; And Soup of tomato (Venezuela) a soup plate that has tomato, salt and pepper .So soups have a lot of kinds of ingredients for your taste, if you don’t want any of that , you can try another type of soup , in all the world there are a lot off. But the best quality of typical food is the main course (meat) because it is the primary source of energy in lunch, and in

all the restaurants the special and more recommended plate is the main course .Meat in the coast has base of fish meat for example Curanto in hoyo (Chile) a main course plate that has seafood (occasionally different kinds of fish), meat, potatoes, sausages, chapaleles, milcaos and legumes bean and pea; Punzandao of bagre (Colombia) a main course plate that has fish, green bananas, potatoes, coconut milk, onions, tomatoes, Salt, pepper and cumin to taste ; and Ceviche (Ecuador) a main course plate that has white fish, red pepper, chili , potatoes, onion, cilantro, lime and salt. Also the best meats are in the interior because have more ingredients for example Matambre arrollado (Argentina) ) a main course plate that has Flank Beef, Carrot, Spinach, Red Pepper strapped, Grated Green olives and eggs; Chicharon trenzado ( Paraguay ) ) a main course plate that has shredded pork piré hye, pellet vacuum, salt and sour orange juice. ;and Milanese ( Uruguay ) Meat, eggs, bread crumbs, garlic, chopped parsley, salt and oil . So if you want the best part of typical food you try the meat and have a good experience. In conclusion the typical food is present in all the countries of South America and has the commitment of give you a nice view of their country. If you want a great moment and a great memory of a country you should try their typical food.

Author: Sergio Ramírez


Now a days when you travel typical food is a good way to have a nice day, but specially typical food has a important role in south America. Typical food has an important function in a country because is the presentation of that country. typical food is divided in two important things, soups that was the entrance and meat that is the main course, of course countries are divided in regions that are the coast and the interior, that are different in many ways but in this article we will emphasize in culinary qualities. If you want a good memory for a country in south America tried the typical food of this country.




More than can you see

Geolocation is the self recognition of geographical location, this is one factor of several applications, and when you use them, they recognize the place where you are. Later, you can share it with your friends, share by a comment, with a photo or only tagging the place. For example, Waze is an application where people update how traffic is in a specific place and time. Later, Waze checks and selects the best road, gives estimated time and this is matched with the information that other persons updated. Another application which is similar to Waze is Google Maps. It’s a web and mobile application that uses GPS navigation too. In the same case of Waze, Google Maps shows you the best road, distance, time, and tells you road signs by voice. In addition, Google Maps presents ways with pictures of the streets that you’re going to take with all buildings, trees, and stuff; this is named Street view in 360°. It’s important to say, in some countries, it permits to see the inside of restaurants, museums, etc. All of these applications are significant for companies because if they identify and register their companies with geolocation, they will always be present, whenever; companies give more information to people who won’t need to ask. This is augmented reality it’s a new technology that shows you more than you see, for example, a hotel can log its prices, type of rooms, services, and things like that. Also you can find contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger, and other application near you. The application gives the distance to this contact, shows information about objects and places in front of you, like a monument, a museum, theater, statue, and stuff. But if you don’t know what to do, you can discover

what you are able to do nearby because the application with augmented reality is separated by categories too. This is the case of Wikitude, it allows you to know all around you, I mean, if you need a restaurant, you can see all registered restaurants on network near you or that you need. Then, publicity and presence of the companies on virtual space are very important right now. The most important reason is time; this kind of publicity is anytime and anywhere. Also, it’s immediate, direct to companies’ target, viral message, and for a lot of people in the same time. It’s usual that this type of messages (publicity) are interactive, they should improve the user experience because these things should be attractive to the public interest. It’s a good point because there are a lot of people who use mobiles with internet. In 2012, there were 300 million users, and in the last three years, the number of users has increased 200%. In conclusion, there are many applications that can help you, these make some things simpler, the point is to find them out, and to know their uses. Every time professionals make applications more complete; this is the case of Google Maps, it’s original and joins functions of other applications, and most people qualify it with five in score from one to five; 1’814.711 people of 2’791.504 give it five out. The best point is every time smart phones and androids are less expensive, maybe this will be equivalent to the amount of people that will be able to get one, and for the same reason, more people will be able to get more information and publicity from companies.

Author: Lucía Hoyos


Every day, we are using technology, and its use has changed our lifestyle. One of these changes has been communication. Now, we are connected 24/7, especially for cell phones, androids, and smart phones have a lot of applications for many things like social networks, newspapers, magazines, companies, location, and more. There are several location applications, these allow you to know your way before you go out, and while you are moving and you can know what is close to you because most of them are augmented reality. Then, I’m going to tell you some of their uses and their advantage for people and companies.




The evolution of the Hard Rock The 80´s and 90´s are the years of Hard Rock, and as all genres, it has its own history and representatives, but in this case those aspects made this genre one of the biggest and best genres had ever and will ever exist, aspects such as beginnings, antecedents, representatives, also the evolution of this genre through the 20th century. For example, the subgenres that appeared in that period of time and the different groups and their input to this genre. Hard Rock was born in the 60´s with groups like Cream as a modification of Rock and Roll adding harder sounds and heavier guitar riffs, but maintaining the common instruments (electric guitar, bass guitar and drums). One of the first Hard rock songs was “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks in 1964. After this, more songs appeared such as “My Generation” by The Who and ”Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, both songs in 1965. Then groups like Cream, The Jeff Beck Group and Jimmy Hendrix tried to be influenced by the Blues Rock with the implementation of the Hammond organ and the harmonica.

White Lion, Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot. Those groups played some songs with the introduction played by an orchestra. Finally the 90´s, the end of the evolution of Hard Rock until nowadays, ends with Grunge, a genre played by Nirvana and giving prelation to the acoustic guitar. In this decade the leadership was for AC/DC with “The Razor Edge” (1990), Guns ‘n Roses with “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II” (Both in 1991) and Van Halen with “Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” (1991). Nirvana was the group that made changes in Hard Rock in this decade with the implementation of Grunge, a new subgenre, but after the end of this decade Hard Rock began to be forgotten because of the appearing of more genres that became popular. In conclusion, it must be taken into account that Hard Rock was an important piece of the evolution of music in general because thanks to Hard Rock, many other genres appeared, more combinations of music, like adding orchestras to the songs, even a harmonica, and despite the passage of time Hard Rock will not stop existing, no matter what changes it had through the years.

Author: David Guitierrez

In the Glam Metal era, the 80´s, AC/DC gained a lot of popularity with their album “Back in Black” (1980) and their new lead singer Brian Johnson. In 1982 Metallica appeared, also Antrax, Megadeth and Slayer which were the most popular groups in those years playing Glam Metal, but there was one group which was the real pioneer of Glam Metal, they were Deff Lepppard with their album “High ‘n Dry” in 1982 mixing Glam Rock with Heavy Metal. Then a lot of groups started taking part of that Hard Rock subgenre such as Montley Crue with their two albums “Too Fast For Love” (1982) and “Shout At The Devil” (1983), Ratt,


In the 70´s, Psychedelic Rock appeared with Pink Floyd (adding more percussion instruments and the keyboards) and Heavy Metal, both subgenres of Hard Rock. In 1971 one of the greatest hits was created and played by Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven”. In that year many groups appeared, for example Queen, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath and Kiss.


Classic Rock Rock is maybe one of the biggest music genres. However, the most amazing part is the evolution of Classic Rock since its beginnings. For this article, let’s say that Classic Rock is a subgenre of Rock composed by some bands which have introduced the concept of “Rock”. Classic Rock had its beginnings at the end of the 50s, but the boom was at the end of the 60s. Let´s call “the golden age” of Classic Rock the period of time between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s. During this golden age, this genre took a lot of power because it was very committed with the Cultural Revolution that happened in this period. All along this article you are going to have a short trip inside Classic Rock.


Rock has a lot of influences from some genres. In fact, we can hear rhythms and beats very similar in genres like Rock & Roll, blues, jazz, soul and even country music. However, the most important influence came from Rock & Roll music. Actually, there are a lot of Classic Rock bands which play Rock & Roll songs from Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry or Roy Orbison. This genre was very popular in the USA and in England during the late 40s and early 50s. Another important influence for Classic Rock music are blues and jazz. In fact, Classic Rock structure is like blues structure because both use a cyclic musical form. Then, we can see jazz influence in the “solos” that are the main feature present in Rock. Bands like


the Beatles or the Rolling Stones have a very marked influence from Rock & Roll music and country too. Whereas musicians like Eric Clapton or Genesis have been more influenced by blues and jazz music. Even if the most of influences are from the USA, Classic Rock isn’t an exclusive genre from this country. Classic Rock has its beginnings in two different countries. First of all, we have important bands created in the USA like the Doors or musicians like Bob Dylan or Jimmy Hendrix. Their music appeared in the early 60s and are considered fathers of the American Classic Rock. On the other hand, in England there were some bands that began to be famous since the late 50s. Some people say that these bands are the most successful bands in the world. We are talking about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The first one from Liverpool and the second one from London, both created a revolution inside music and became symbols of cultural changes all around the world. Even in the Rolling Stone magazine there´s a list of “the Immortals” where the Beatles were put in the first place and the Rolling Stones in the fourth one. This bands were the fathers of the “British Invasion” in the USA. Their music created a boom and opened the doors of the USA. In that moment the golden age of Classic Rock began. In the late 60s, British Classic Rock arrived at the USA with an amazing power. With lyrics talking about peace, sex and mind changes, these groups were part of maybe one of the most important cultural revolutions ever. In fact, in the late 60s and early 70s, the world was involved in a war and young people were requesting for the end of this war. “Revolution” by the Beatles is a clear example of this request. On the other hand, society was calling for a change in the family relationships. In fact, sons asked for more liberty and for more friendly relationships with parents. All this requests can be found in lyrics from Classic Rock bands. This genre took such power that we have bands from the late 50s to the early 90s.

The Rock world continued growing up even after the golden age. In fact, the second generation appeared with bands like Pink Floyd or Queen or Jethro Tull. Queen is considered to be as successful as the Beatles. In this period, bands tried to create more electronic sound effects. However, the third generation tried to preserve the classic sounds. By this moment Rock music already had a lot of branches but bands like Supertramp or Red Hot Chili Peppers stayed loyal to Classic Rock. There are so many genres that came out from Classic Rock bands and it is impossible to name all of them but it’s important to know some genres derived from Classic Rock. First of all, we have Pop music, Disco, Metal, Punk and Rock in Spanish. In fact, singers like Michael Jackson and Madonna recognize the importance of groups like Queen, Led Zeppelin and The Doors. In the same way, Black Sabbath and Queen have been recognized as having made significant contributions to genres as Hard Rock and Punk. Finally, musicians like Charly García or Fito Páez admit the influence of Classic Rock with bands like the Beatles or musicians like Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton.

Author: Felipe Correal


To conclude, we can say that Classic Rock doesn’t involve all the Rock genre but maybe the most important ones. The first bands were a few but enough to introduce Classic Rock all around the world in a moment when there were a lot of social demands. I think Classic Rock is one of the most successful music genres because all of the most important genres nowadays have its beginnings connected with Classic Rock. Finally, if I can give you some advice, I really recommend you to listen to the music played by Supertramp and Jethro Tull. You’ll be fascinated.


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