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felipe palomo - selected work

09/12 - 01/13 - Stairs design - CD drafting - Struct. Coord.

Unit C

Unit B

MARKET STREET & FIRST AVENUE Peter Margittai Architects Here, an1845 downtown Pittsburgh historic structure redeveloped to include three independent four story townhomes adding a total of 4,130 sq.ft. The client required preservation of existing old framing while exposing the historica essence of the structure. Principal work was on construction drawings for the elaborate staircase.



third floor plan

first floor plan

OFFICE MARKETING Marketing Ideas and proposals were developed at the office. These wine labels were produced for the Market Street Residences project with real estate purposes.


Collaborative design and renovation of the exterior signage for the South Side Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center. The new facility will be available to community development organizations asd to promote the South Side as a business-friendly neighborhood that welcomes professionals of all types

DESIGN & DRAFTING Peter Margittai Architects Complete sets of detailed architectural drawings in CAD format were produced for building permits, contractors estimates, and structural coordination.

LAXMAN RESIDENCE Renovation of a 3,400 sq.ft. house and of a 2,500 sq.ft. addition. The client required a modern home with high ceilings and flat roofs. This design included minimalist materials such as cedar siding, exposed concrete and extensive glass windows.

10/11 - 01/13 - Arch. Design - 3D Rendering - 2D Drafting - EC Survey

demolition - east elevation

demolition - south elevation



privacy Laxman - proposed renovation + addition

1st floor

Laxman - proposed renovation + addition

section 1 - A3.01




The renovation include the removal and complete demolition of the existing second floor and roof, as well as the entire brick siding. New framing will be added to the exisiting first floor walls to give the desired high ceiling and flat roof.


interior lighting

KAERCHER CARRIAGE HOUSE Architectural design, development and construction supervision of a carriage house barn style building with a 2800 sqft. main floor. The structure is made of heavy timber framing (Hemlock & Douglas Fir), with 6-1/2� SIP panels for walls and 8-1/4� SIP panels for roofing The builiding will hold space for vehicles, workshop, a micro-brewery, and an upper level loft for guest. The interior finish is made of tongue & groove.

The Barn is located close to the existing house but hidden from the entrance, being only visible in its totality from the front of the house.

05/11 - 04/12 - Arch. Design - 3D Rendering - 2D Drafting - Const. Admin.

Kaercher main floor plan

The guest house matches the architectural materials of the client’s adjacent house. However, it keeps the simplicity of a barn style from the outside, leading into a complex structured interior.

exterior rendering

Exposed hammer beam trusses, the porch under the deck, and the gable roof give the barn a complex character while maintaining a residential look as a secondary building.

timber framing process

Located in front of an existing chemical warehouse, the architectural purpose was to create a new three story office building that will also serve as a facade for the warehouse. The corridors along the curtain wall are illuminated by the stairwell that runs vertically through the entire building, which functions as the vertical light source. The main design elements are the curtain wall and shutters, created to take full advantage of the ample natural light.

01/10 - 06/10 - Arch. Design - 3D Rendering - 2D Drafting


boardroom, exterior & interior view

zeni th lig ht

The staircase, illuminated from the front and top, becomes the spine for natural light as well as circulation for the building.

staircase section

front elevation

side elevation

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