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During my early years I was always involved in art especially in painting, sculpting. I would considere every single thing that sorrounded me as materials for the piece of art that I was about to create. I would create spaces from pieces of wood and fabric that I usually found at my farm. I would draw plans for the tree house of my dreams. Create study models to see how light would come into the tree house. The plans and drawings created existed primarily in my mind, and it was through our imagination that we could spend hours pretending how the tree house will work and believing that one day it would be built. These ideas and dreams slowly faded as I became older, but the creativity remained. I realized it was easy for me to visualize space in my mind, even spaces that I had never experienced. A growing interest for interior design was then put to practice for several years by helping my family and family close friends to choose their furniture, finishes, lighting and sometimes even helped them with the plans. From these activities I discovered that my interest was not only the space the interior created, the lighting, or the furniture involved. It was the combination of all that created a unique experience from the inside out. Architecture culminates all of these interest into one. It allows me to engage the exterior with the interior spatial design, lighting and color, materials and furniture placement. Throughout my studies at SCAD I have learned to mix interior and exterior design and develop a coherent design process, from concept and meaning to final product. Having the concept in mind from the first sketch to the last furniture placement. This portfolio shows a selection of projects and how the interior works with the exterior with the development of ideas from the beginning to end.







Lightning Showroom is a project for the new electric Lightning Car. The showroom is located in Savannah, Georgia (United States) and would occupy area of 15,000 to 20,000 square feet. The project will hold a three cars display, information about the car, offices, and a cafe-retaurant. This building is about to experience every single part of it, as people experience the new car, which is displayed. Also is trying to convey the idea of a car. Even though the car is always in a public space, the interior is private and intimate space, as the building. Therefore, the building is in a public space and when people get into the building they will feel safe. Glimses of the outter public space can be appreciated, like the car.


Car Dealership

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

South Elevation

East Elevation

Building Section

Terrace Perspective

Second Floor

Cafe Perspective


Entrance Perspective

Buddha is a spiritual guide who tought people how to gain wisdom and power, to be happy and benecial, to avoid suering, to be free of mental obstruction, have a peaceful life, and to let be enlightement. In GAIAM center all of these elements are used to help the human body to be more healthy and energetic. Buddha said once, “You, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and respect.� This quote is an inspiration to every person so they respect and love themselves. Is the way that this Yoga Center is going to work, help you to understand your body and to love and respect it, as the building has a character to be respected too.


GAIAM Yoga Center

Basement Floor Plan


Yoga reception

Retail area

Organic bar

First Floor Plan

Children area


Massage reception

Yoga studio


Waiting area

Yoga studio

The enclosure of a focal point, bringing the essence of Washington D.C. into the building. Washington Nao Hostel is located in Washington D.C. Facing north to Pennsylvania Avenue, facing south to I Street, between 20th Street and 21st Street. The hostel and its facilities are beetween a school area and a business area.


Washington DC. Hostel

Connecting layers

Connecting Point

Connecting pathways

Connecting features

Focal Point

Connecting nature



Kitchen/Dining area

Study area

Music bar

Entrance gallery

Building site section

Courtyard perspective

Courtyard at night

South Prespective

New Orleans, LA, is well know for its unique architecture, cuisine, music, and festivities. The master plan is representing the descriptions as an inspiration for each building. Architecture and festivities represent the Fine Arts, Cuisine represent the Culinary Arts, Music represent the Music and Art school. Trying to convey New Orleans features, the central courtyard is treated as a private courtyard whic connects the four buildings. As the building progress to the street line the second skin becomes more architectural than art.


Culinary Arts Institute

Forming a city with layers

Focal point

Unit to a whole


Looking up

Walking inside second skin

Looking down

Site Plan

Community Connection

Building Form

W8x67 wide flange covered with a 24”x24” concrete column for fire resistance. This is ontop a 81”x81”x36” concrete pad. The columns are ontop a Grade Beam, which is hold by hydraulic supports.Then the concrete footing and the hydraulic support lays over the reinforce concrete slab. The reinforced concrete slab is hold by reinforced piers. Then we have a 18” reinforced concrete bearing wall. This wall lays over a 36” x 12” concrete bearing foundation.

The typical structure is for first, second, third and roof structure. The structure consists on having a 24LH11 open west joist @ 12� o.c. A 24G girder is added for supporting the open web joist. They are located in the north and south curtains walls of the inner courtyard. All the interior walls in each floor are interior concrete bearing wall. For the ramps, 2 columns of 12� steel each are located in the center and finishing in the ground with an angle of 25 degrees. The length of the steel columns varies depending on the height of the ramp.

Elevation from exterior courtyard

Steel Mesh

Site Section




The site section and the building elevation are showing the different materials and structure of the culinary arts building. The courtyard function and the connection between site and building.

Interior courtyard and entrance to building

View from exterior courtyard to culinary arts building



Courtyard and Pedestrian Entrance

Dealing with flooding, the design for The City of the Future emerge. Fort Lauderdale, FL, by 2100 will be underwater and the city from now will be lost. Marine transportation will take place and the city will use the old city as a foundation. Towers will rise and will rotate according to the sun. The towers will protect the city from the hurricanes.


City of the Future


Turn City = Old city as foundation for new city

Spin tower according to sun position

Tower Section

Tower Elevation

City Prespective

Finding a balance between natural habitats and humanity is the may concern in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Educational Reasear Center will help the Galapagos residents to get educated about the ecosystem that they live in and how to take care of the islands from now on. Instead of treating the problem as a tragedy, residents should take this opportunity to learn from their mistakes and change there way of living towards a sustainable community.

06 Galapagos Educational Center

Conceptual Problem


Conceptual Solution


Nature Nature Nature

1. If Galapagos Island loses species and landscape that attract visitors, what would happen then? 2. It is possible to have an urban development without nature conservation or nature development without human conservation? The only answer is to achieve a healthy and sustainable population that can have a high quality of life requiring a healthy and resilient natural ecosystems. For the people in the Galapagos Islands is important to learn how to live in balance with the ecosystems, even if it is achieve by modifying their way of living. A solution might be a new integrated vision of a sustainable community that lives in harmony with the natural resources of the archipelago. Change only happens with a clear, direct and well founded decision.



Good distance from parking


Welcoming Center




Perfect for reasearch the natural habitats

School Teachers

Natural Habitat

Complex Distribution

Place of Interaction (tourists, students, locals, biologists).

School Good exterior views for interactive learning


Museum guides

Direct Connection


Museum Good views for museum galleries

Pedestrian Access


Bearing Concrete Wall

Steel Connection Glass

Lava Rock

Reinforced Concrete Slab Concrete Beam 12”x12” Concrete Pier 36”x36” Concrete Footing Wall Section

Bamboo Light through canopy

Lava rock Concrete canopy

Circulation Elevation

Lava rock

Museum Complex

Library Complex

Educational Complex

Museum Gallery

Big Publications Library

School Study Area


Circulation Terrace


Tortoises Courtyard

Community Courtyard

Architecture and Interior Design Portfolio  

6 years of college is represented in this portfolio. A combination of architecture and interior design is shown in each project.

Architecture and Interior Design Portfolio  

6 years of college is represented in this portfolio. A combination of architecture and interior design is shown in each project.