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Introduction Long ago in the land of Celestia. There was a city known as Cordelia and this is where a powerful mage who went by the name Olga lived. But Olga was no ordinary mage. He was a demon and the first of the shapeshifter class, thus he was dubbed Olga the shapeshifter and twas he who ruled the world. Now the only group that could stop him has vanished now our best hope is two brothers with the power of legendary swords so this is our story and they are our heroes, our heroes reborn.

Chapter 1

A Hero Is born The legendary book of EROS states Olga once ruled over the WORLD when it was full of magic. With his ability to turn into anything he chooses to and, his power drained the magic of other mages to boost his own power. He was able to kill the previous king but he was defeated by a legendary guiled called the white horsemen. The only problem is the page that tells you how they defeated him was torn out of the book and lost to this day. Ten years after the he was sealed everyone has made a slow but steady recovery from the loss of their magic to living civilized lives except two boys named Ike and Drake they were the only magic users left. This city’s magic was great and prosperous this was a place of peace and war. When morning broke on the city and the people started to awake. Except young Ike, He was stuck in a state of limbo were he would neither get up nor stay down. Now Ike was special he could summon half of the dragon sword Franfal his brother drake could summon the other half Dragal When Ike was young he was very powerful and a wandering warrior named Garth was just going through town. When he was just about to leave town before he could, he heard a cry of pain coming from a house. So he rushed to see what the commotion was. There in front of Garth was Olga the Shape Shifter. He was trying to steal Ike’s magic; but his mother got in the way. But when she did she did not have enough magic so he wasn’t just draining

her of her magic he was draining her of her life force. Now Deceased Ike’s mother lying cold and lifeless on the oak floor. Olga retreating so he may attack on a later day. After Ike’s mother died he went to live with Garth to get the training he needed the fight the now powerful Olga. Now Drake Ike’s brother is traveling to the lair of the ice dragon to gain its dragon force. To raise the power of his ice magic and learn how to weld the dragon sword Dragal. Meanwhile the young Ike is beginning his training with garth.” Ike you’ve got to feel the magic power build up within you,” Said garth instructing Ike. “I don’t know how to do that”, screamed Ike struggling to keep his balance as not to fall down. But he was unsuccessful falling upon the hot coals searing his arm. After treating Ike’s burn Garth decides to teach him about a gravity spell to make himself lighter than a feather. As Ike starts to say the incantation and just as he is about to finish They are ambushed by sprig goblins a small but heavy build goblin species which absorb light magic by their claws. As they leap into the air to attack the wounded Ike Garth jumps in front of Ike and the sprig goblin slashes through garths armor and strikes him leaving three giant cuts across his body. When these creature’s claws touch you they drain the life out of light magic users this could be fatal if you don’t treat it properly so Garth having been struck down Ike gets upset and starts chanting the fire dragon incantation and once it was complete Ike let out a hellfire scorching the sprig goblins to ash and cinders. As the

last sprig goblin Is scorched Ike rushes over to Garth. As garth is trying to warn ike about a sprig goblin jumping out of a bush and tries to attack ike but once it touches Ike’s body it bursts into flames as if Ike’s body was a lit match on dry grass. “Ike calm down “screamed the pain filled garth as he grabs ike and pulls him into a hug. As he hugs ike his wounds are closed by the fire from Ike’s body.

Chapter 2 A Brothers Choice “Drake Ultear, awaken” said a deep and growling voice. “Who are you” yelled the confused Drake. “I am Dragal the dragon of the ice” said the deep voice. As drake opens his eyes he is greeted by A gigantic snow white dragon. It was covered in streaks of navy blue and gold with its eyes a color of golden violet. Upon seeing this Drake fell backward onto a bank of snow. As he stood up his hands were covered in a magic frost and he couldn’t feel them. “Hey Dragon why am I covered in this frost” yelled Drake. “That is because your body is not yet attuned to the cold but

it will be soon” Said Dragal mysteriously. “What does that mean “asked drake still yelling. “We will start your training today” Said Dragal. “what training” asked drake confused.” the training of your body to wield the full power of the ice blade” Said Dragal. Two weeks later “good job drake keep your balance” said Dragal in a voice of encouragement. “I’ve got this” Said an over confident drake as he throws ice shards into the the shards of ice fall drake slashes through every one but one getting clipped on his shoulder “Aghhh” yelled drake as his arm drips blood from the tips of his fingers. “Open your mind and use the frost cure “Said Dragal rushing Drake. “Alright, reto fro trestus curea” drake said as his cut is covered by frost and Is shrouded in a white light.

Chapter 3 A Masters Fait As It Turns out Garth was once a magic knight. He was known as the Dragon Slayer. When he was

younger he slayed a dragon with a single bolt of Surge strike a low level spell that allows you to turn lightning into a weapon you can learn it at a young age. Years later he became the leader of a S class guild called the, White Horse men, they were the most powerful guild for about ten years. But, one day they were on a mission to capture a demon that was destroying villages. They arrived to the location the demon was meant to be. “Where is it” asked Grif he was the giant brute of the White Horsemen he had jet black hair and a beard that would make god himself jealous. “I Don’t know” replied Codel, Codel was the brains of the White Horsemen he was blond and about five foot five. Then there was Garth The leader of the white horsemen he was 5’5 with pure white hair with a single red streak, he was covered in scars and he wears a single dragon fang around his neck. He wore silver armor and carried a black and white long sword on his hip. Suddenly out of no were Grif screamed in deep raspy yell “AMBUSH” they were being ambushed by a group of assassins that called themselves the Corps Raiders they were notorious for killing high ranking guilds but this time their target was Garth and the White Horsemen. Then out of nowhere arrows rained down from the sky it’s said that the arrows blocked out the sun. it was the White Horsemen’s archer Eryn. Eryn was a normal looking person he had green hair and was one of the Ulrif they are a lot like elf’s but they have high magic

capacity and are said to be as powerful as a C Rank magic user at infancy. Eryn was second in command of the White Horsemen. He was very skilled at archery and duplication magic he was only second to King Daniel the strongest magic user alive. They say that when the arc wars broke out he duplicated four thousand soldiers in under twenty minutes. Once the Corps Raiders saw the banner they tried to retreat from the attack but it was too late Garth had already gotten warmed up little known fact the white horsemen were known because they would kill anything that threatens lives. They were true heroes the leader of the corps raiders was the greediest pig alive Ivan Drocour know for killing people for money and if he wants to do it he will torture any witnesses for the fun of it. Once he saw garth he got off his horse and walked right to him “been a while Dragon Slayer hasn’t it” Asked a smug Ivan holding out his hand for a handshake “It’s been to long my old friend” says Gath crushing Ivan’s hand as two throw down their helmets and start to unsheathe their swords “Bahamut” said Ivan smugly they start to strike one another. But, soon after a couple blows from Garth’s Bahamut Ivan is on the ground bleeding out. Now with their tails between their legs the corps raiders now grabbing Ivan and retreating towards the mountains.” It had to be john said Grif As the White Horsemen head back to the town from where they got the quest and search for John the man responsible for giving in to them. As they

arrived in town they found that john had died he was killed by the most notorious dark guild known as “Griffins Wing�. A guild that specializes in dark and carnage magic (carnage magic is a fusion magic type that merges dark magic with an element of magic).

Chapter 4 When Darkness Emerged When the world was filled with chaos and Hell met the Earth, the sky rained fire and the water was magma this was the dark age of magic. The magic that was common in this era is referred to as black magic the type of magic the highest class spellcasters would use to satisfy their own personal gain and the one created with this powerful class magic was Olga the Shape Shifter. Born in a hell fire and created for the darkness to prevail they say when he was an infant he could crush a castle with a hiccup , he was 12 he could destroy adjacent villages with a single sneeze., When he was twenty he was made ruler of the World he went on a rampage to steal the magic form all the magic users of the World so that none could oppose him when he got to the edge of Cordelia he found himself retreating after the one called the dragon slayer confronted him in the

house of the sword (ike’s house). Not knowing what to do he retreated towards the capital of celestia which was Elvral. King Daniel learning of this made counter measures to protect the capital he made the guild Grimknight protect the capital for 45 platina and in doing so one of the top guilds was crushed all but their leader his name was Jake Walstrum an S class mage that was said to be as strong as the late Dragon slayer. Now Olga Entering the castle comes face to face with the new king, Daniel known as the most powerful magic user. Once a member of the guild white horse men.

Chapter 5 A New King rises Every kingdom has a king and every king has his kingdom. Daniel C. XYRØ is the ruler of this kingdom, the kingdom of Celestia. In this kingdom the king is not of royal blood but they are chosen after competing in the Roughtu or “tournament of kings”. Tis a competitive event in which thousands of fighters, fight to become king and after the preliminaries the last one hundred standing have a battle royal to see who can get the crown first. This takes place in the Great Celestia Colosseum. The rules are simple; if you are knocked out of bounds or rendered unconscious, you are disqualified.

The First competitor in the finals in Daniel C. XYRØ he is 23 and has the Quantum Magic class, the power to control metals and machines. First up, we have Daniel c. XYRØ vs. Steven Walstrum; Steven has the crystalline magic class, which allows him to create crystals. As the battle begins, Daniel pulls metal from the ground making it into a bolder, and launches it at Steven, Steven is blown back and crystals grab the bolder and crush it Daniel then forms it back to a ball. And launches it into the air now Steven formed a palace of crystal and he uses this to guard him from the bolder and then it crashes down from the sky and demolished the palace of crystal and slamming on top of the weakened Steven. Announcer “And Steven Walstrum has been rendered unconscious. “Miss fera drikal is advancing to the next round”. “Good workout there” Daniel muttered under his breath. “Thanks you didn’t do half bad yourself” Said Fera sincerely. As they look into each other’s eyes Daniel sees someone behind her about to attack her so he threw Fera to the side and blocked the attack by covering his body in metal and slammed to attacker on the ground. It turned out to be drax strental the last place competitor.

Chapter 6 The Arc Wars War, the word that strikes fear in the hearts of People and corrupts their very being. This is a time of weakness, of struggle for the human-race and it was here where we were brought almost to point extinction. But three men Daniel, Garth, and Erin fought this war almost by themselves. Garth (a 14-year-old boy) struggling to put out the Fire the same color as the blood dripping from his arm. Then a man rushes over to help and he is assisting in putting out the fire this man was Garths father Axen an arc- knight the highest level of magic knight. They were putting out a fire on their house though it was no normal fire this fire was not going out so Axen Summoned all of his magic force and he called forth “Aqua~is~drepon~dranfal~fra~zul� As he summoned a waterfall out of thin air as the water fell it put out the fire slowly and then, it

went out. Now infuriated Axen Rushes towards the town center to find the former king was responsible and just as Axen arrived the king had his elite assassins to take out Axen once he arrived. But Axen furious that he almost lost his only son he killed the assassins and stood in front of the king, Sabastian G. Stravel. King Sabastian raised his hand and activated surge strike “Bolt!� he said in a monotone voice as he struck down Axen

Hero's Reborn  

This is my first ever book i started it ny ninth grade year in highschool

Hero's Reborn  

This is my first ever book i started it ny ninth grade year in highschool