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‘A Journey Escaped’ Autumn Winter 2012

The Mezi Autumn Winter 2012 Collection, aptly named A Journey Escaped, encompasses the ethereal magic of a modern Moroccan lifestyle. Since inception in 2005, Mezi have focused on wearable, statement pieces that have quickly become their signature look. Bold detailing, architectural shapes and hammered metal finishes characterise Mezi; these elements when combined create striking jewellery pieces which are every bit as timeless as they are a statement of individuality. A sense of romance and adventure establish the Mezi design aesthetic and the subtle Moroccan influences add further depth to this unique range. Colour palates and tones match the exotic hues found in the silks, jewels and metal-works of the Marrakesh markets. Constructed predominantly from distressed metal with enamel elements, each piece from A Journey Escaped is underpinned by a belief in using the highest quality materials from Australia and around the world. Mezi’s head designer and creator Tal Manning says, “Mezi is about form and creation inspired by escapism; an emotional adventure of love, romance and unrequited passion. Ethereal and magical, each piece reflects a country that lives and breathes warmth, open space and a hidden exotic history.” A Journey Escaped sees Mezi launch its first Australian made and designed capsule collection. This limited edition collection communicates a modern approach to classic design through subtle statements, exotic textures and wearable designs. Handmade components have been developed to individually distinguish each design and rhodium plating has been used to ensure durability and longevity. The Mezi designers were inspired by African and Central Asian cultures gathered along the Silk Road. The use of raw materials; crystal encrusted enamel and multi-strand drop metal chains have been used to create earthy yet opulent pieces that will withstand the test of time. Selected styles feature Swarovski crystals encrusted within the enamel to offer the textured details creating timeless appeal. This is a rare technique used to add another dimension to the enamel collection. Founded in 2004 by sisters Adva Punin and Tal Manning the design aesthetic at Mezi is based on simple ideals. Mezi believe in the meticulous execution of all the fundamental aspects of each piece. The strength of the designs lies in the finer details, the integration of different materials and the interpretation of exotic statement fashion jewellery. Mezi has skillfully combined the exotic textures with subtle statements to create geometric oversized rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Hero pieces of the collection include The Safi Necklace; a large crystal encrusted enamel pendant on a long chain available in gold or silver; The Anamur Bracelet features multi European soft chain with black jet and Montana crystal detail - a statement evening wear piece and the Moroccan inspired antique gold Lerida Neck-Cuff will be a staple for both casual and evening wear. The Collection pieces are also designed so they can be added to and layered; several rings, bracelets and necklaces can be worn in unique ways creating an individual look for the wearer. Mezi focuses on investment pieces that will journey into future season collections. The use of the highest quality raw materials ensures the pieces become part of the cycle of fashion, antiques of tomorrow enduring on the merits of premium materials and intrinsic construction techniques, acquiring character, imbued with history. The full list of stockists is available at For all media enquiries please contact Felicity Perkov For all product enquiries please contact Zoe Miller Hush Communications (02) 9331 1170

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