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During University 2010 /2011 - Robert Dyas 2008/2010 - Argos

Profile Freelance Illustrator specialising in fine pen drawing, pattern, typograpghy and watercolour. I enjoy exploring the themes of nature, portraying organic forms in the work I produce, often using cartoon - like qualities. I am interested in illustrating for children as well older audiences.

Education Illustration BA Honours Degree: Predicted 2:1 Arts University College at Bournemouth. AUCB. 2008 2011

Prior to University 2008 - East Surrey Hospital Cancer Department 2007/2008 - Database Marketing Partnership 2004/2007 - Argos

Exhibitions 2010 - This Is... Nautical Nonsense 2010 - AUCB Silent Auction

Competition Entries/Awards 2010 - The Lightbox Gallery, Woking: Design a Character Competition. Winner.

Outline Brief To create a series of images illustrating the song Little Yellow Spider. Communication Style I chose to develop a concept that utilises fine pen drawing and typography, allowing me to incorporate the lyrics into the imagery. I supported this with the use of watercolour and pattern to engage with a more mature audience as well as children. Altogether comprising of 14 images, they provide a narrative, allowing the viewer to engage directly with the song.

Outline Brief To create a series of images for inclusion in a fashion article illustrating the ‘classic brogue’. Communication Style By incorporating pattern with fine pen drawing and watercolour, as well as being advised to use my own creative interpretation and style, I combined the masculine aesthetic of the brouge with a more feminine twist.

Illustration by Felicity French

For many years now, Fashion Illustration has

been considered a lesser medium to fashion photography. However, with its renaissance in the current century, we at Marzetti have commissioned some of the best new illustrators to create a spread of images to show you the fantastic versatility of this medium in creating personality and individuality in a piece of work. We approached illustration students at the Arts University College Bournemouth and asked them to create four illustrations each, based only on the image of the classic brogue that we gave them. The brief was completely open to interpretation and the designers were allowed to show off their own creative talents and style to produce some truly original pieces of work. Felicity French is the first illustrator to feature in our spread, showing her versatility in mediums such as Adobe Illustrator, water colour and classic drawing skill. We love how she has combined the classic and masculine aesthetic of the brogue with a more feminine twist, especially now that Brogues are becoming wardrobe staple for both men and women alike. This twist on a classic shows the new trend for reworking the old and introducing it to the new. We are very pleased to include new and upcoming talent in our magazine and are pleased to introduce new and exciting artists to the world of publishing. We hope that you have enjoyed a different way of looking at a physical object, other than a photograph. For more information on the history and current illustrators working in the field, please turn to the ‘The Illustrated Style’ article after this spread, to see how fashion illustration has changed from an advertising tool to an art form revered in its own right.

‘The Illustrated Man’



Outline Brief To create a piece of artwork using the theme ‘nautical nonsense’ as a starting point. Communication Style Using fine pen drawing, and digitally added colour, I fused pop art with a variety of seaside themes to create a fun and vibrant response to the brief. Utilising my passion for creating cartoonlike characters, I filled the image with bright and colourful creatures, creating a ‘Where’s Wally’ style illustration. This image was exhibited at Sixty Million Postcards in Bournemouth as part of the This Is... Nautical Nonsense exhibition.



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