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-----------------Welcome to Owl magazine! This issue is packed full of fab animals, they are everywhere! There are 5 buzzing bees hiding throughout, can you find them all? Owl is yours to draw on, colour in, read, write on and enjoy! Owl helps children learn through creativity. it is full of making, baking, drawing, colouring, games and activities that inspire creativity and interest in the world around us.

Colour us in! Can you identify all the birds? Use a bird book to help you!

Hi, I’m Trumpington, and before you say it, I’m not a turtle, I’m a terrapin. Everyone always assumes I am a turtle. Every year, Mr and Mrs Owner take me on holiday with them. One year we got back from holiday and I was travelling in my black cardboard box like normal. When we got back Mrs Owner put me on the picnic table while they unpacked the car. I thought, great, I’ll go for a little walk, I had been cooped up in that box for 8 hours!

Story by Mandy Fyson

Well, boy was I wrong. When I got back from my walk, my black box had gone, and everyone had gone inside. I waited on the doorstep for hours, but no one came out. Months went by, but nobody found me. Then one day it started to snow, so I dug into the soil to have a nap, we do hibernate in winter. Next thing I know, I’m staring right into Mrs Owners face, and she is screaming, ‘I found the terrapin!’. I felt an awful pain coming from my shell, and when I looked round, I was on the end of a fork! Mrs Owner had thought I was a potato when she was digging, silly woman! I know my shell was a bit dirty, but come on, a potato?! Thankfully Mrs Owner is a vet, so she fixed me up right away, filled up my holes and taped up my shell. I am back in the house now, which is much nicer, and Mrs Owner never leaves me on the picnic table anymore!

How many teeth does the anglerfish have? sh Angelfi r e Snapp Trout Cod Ray Manta Shark ss Sea Ba h fis Angler in Dolph a ud Barrac r e Group n Salmo fish Clown l re Macke h fis Puffer Catfish Carp y Stingra h Boxfis Eel


Colour me in and draw some tasty fish for me to eat.

This umbrella is covered in colourful LADYBIRDS; next time you are outside see how many ladybirds you can spot. Write how many here.

How many raindrops can you count on this page?

DESIGN your own REALLY cool umbrella and wellies. You could draw leaves, insects, caterpillars, a shining sun and even some ladybirds like Kizzie’s brolly. You could even stick SEQUINS and bits of coloured paper on too.

2 cups of flour 1 cup of salt 2 teaspoons of cream of tartare 2 cups of water 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil a few drops of food colouring

Recipe by Sue Trinder

1. There is no-one riding the elephant. Can you draw yourself in the fancy canopied seat? 2. Now that he has a rider, join the dots and watch the elephant appear! 3. Now bring him to life by colouring him in!

Tie it to a cane as it grows, so it doesn't fall over.

1. Plant sunflowers in spring, somewhere they will get LOTS of sun, by a wall or fence is best. 2. Pull up all the WEEDS and DIG the soil with a fork to get rid of all the lumpy bumpy bits. PLANT the seeds about 1cm deep into the ground and about 60cm apart so they have room to grow. 3. After you have sown the seeds give them a good WATERING. Shoots will appear after about a week! 4. They will grow VERY fast so make sure you water them every day!

We love sunflowers!

Draw the rest of this sunflower. Don’t forget the cane to keep it standing!

Sunflowers GROW 3-4 metres tall, so measure them every week! They will flower from July to September.

How many sea creatures are in the picture?

Colour in this FRANTIC FISHY scene Carry on drawing to finish the picture!

Can you spot 10 differences between these two pictures?

How many stones can you count in my pile?

Story by Mandy Fyson

The other day I did a really silly thing. I mean, I am always doing silly things, but this was really silly. Mr Owner took me to the vets because my belly was sagging and really heavy. It did hurt quite a lot too, but that’s pretty normal when you eat silly things. When I got there, the vet did an operation and got out 200 stones! There was feathers and twigs in there too. I do tend to get a bit carried away when I’m playing outside but I can’t remember eating that many! Oops! Oh well, my tummy is all better now, and I try to stick with the dog food. It must get pretty annoying for Mr Owner, always having to take me to the vets.

1. To make the arms and legs, cut 20 Oreos in half using a serrated knife. Have a few spare in case some break!

10 vanilla cupcakes in white paper liners 10 mini cupcakes in white paper liners 35 oreo cookies 20 pieces of chocolate cereal (Weetos) 20 chocolate chips 10 chocolate covered raisins black writing icing white writing icing two 450g tubs of vanilla frosting 10 mini marshmallows 10 green paper liners (optional) Don’t forget to wear an apron when you are cooking!

2. Place the rest of the Oreos in a food processor and blend them until they are fine crumbs. Put them in a small bowl. 3. Usng a dot of icing, attach the flat end of a marshmallow to the top of each mini cupcake. This makes the nose. 4. Spread vanilla icing over the mini cupcake, covering the marshmallow, this will now look like a muzzle. 5. Use the black writing icing to draw a mouth and two eye patches. 6. Add two chocolate chips for the eyes and a chocolate raisin for the nose. Add two Weetos for the ears. 7. Spread the tops of the big cupcakes with vanilla icing. Roll one half of the icing in the Oreo crumbs that you blended earlier. This will make the black belly fur.

8. Place the heads on top of the bodies, lining up the face with the belly fur.

9. Using some icing, press two of the Oreo cookie halves, cut side in, on each side to make the arms.

11.Cut jagged edges on the green paper liners and arrange them on a serving plate or wooden chopping board.

10.Using white writing icing, pipe some claws on the arms and a small dot on each eye.

12. Put a panda on each green liner and put the rest of the Oreo cookie halves, cut side down, next to the panda to make the legs.

You have made panda cupcakes! Turn to the back page to see a picture of them, and stick on your own!

My neck was so badly hurt I couldn’t lift my head to eat for days. Mrs Vet told Mr and Mrs Farmer to feed me with a special tube for 3 weeks until I could lift my head again. It was hard work because the bruise on my neck was so sore. Mr Farmer has got me some new hens now, but its’not the same. I do miss my ladies. Foxy better watch out, I will be waiting for him next time.

Story by Mandy Fyson

Hey, I'm Bruce, a cockerel. I was settling down for bed one night when I heard a right scuffling sound coming from the Hens bedroom. I got up to see what was going on, and when I got in there, Foxy had all my hens in his mouth! As I tried to save them he attacked me and left a nasty bruise on my neck. I was too badly hurt so I couldn’t get up, and Foxy got away with all my ladies, it was awful.

How many daisies can you see on this page? Write the number here

Can you find 10 differences between these two pictures? Take your notepad outside and draw some pictures of the flowers. If your lucky you might even see some butterflies!

Colour me in!

Draw some more branches, and owls to be my friends.

BL_E T__

Robin Blue Tit Chaffinch Sparrow Song Thrush Great Tit Swallow Blackbird Dove

Starling Owl House Martin Jackdaw Wagtail Woodpecker Jay Skylark Cuckoo


There are nearly 6000 species of reptile in the world and 23 of these are crocodillians. One family of Crocodillians includes crocodiles and alligators. Crocodillians are the closest surviving relative of dinosaurs and they have been on the Earth for 150 MILLION years! A crocodile eats mammals, birds, fish and carrion, (Carrion is the carcass of a dead animal). You can find crocodiles in Australia, Asia, North America, South America and Central Africa. Many crocs live in the River Nile in Africa. A crocs average size is about 3.5 metres, but they can grow up to 5.5 metres long! Unfortunately, out of the 23 species of crocodillian, 11 are endangered.

1. What family is the crocodile part of? (12) 3. What river is home to many crocs? (4) 4. 11 species of crocodillian are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10) 5. What country can you find crocodiles in? (9)

1. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is the carcass of a dead animal. (7) 2. Crocodillians are closely related to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (9)


1 Cucumber Tin of pineapple chunks 250g Cheddar Cheese 2 Stuffed Olives 4 Carrots Cocktail sticks

Make 2 holes at each end of the cucumber and stick short bits of carrot in them to make the legs.

il sticks, Using cockta of cheese add chunks le chunks and pineapp codile to make cro scales.

Make a slit in the fat end of th e cucumber fo r the mouth.

Add 2 olives on cocktail sticks for the eyes.

My favourite animals are my pets. By Isla age 4.

We asked some children to draw their favourite animals. Here are their fab pictures!

My favourite animals are monkeys. By Zack, age 6.

My favourite animal is a Cobra. By James, age 7.

My favourite animal is my pet rabbit Daisy. By Anna, age 5.

My favourite animals are penguins. By Josh, age 11.

My favourite animal is my pet horse. By Kayleigh, age 10.

My favourite animal is my pet guinea pig, Scabers. By Tom, age 9. My favourite animal is my pet rabbit. By Ella, age 8.

My favourite animal is a goldfish. By Amelie, age 7.

My favourite animal is a camel. By Chloe, age 10.

Printed on 100% recycled paper by The Print Agency

Creative Director Felicity French Illustration and Layout Design Felicity French

Butterflies start their life as LEAF MUNCHING CATERPILLARS. After the caterpillar has shed it's skin a few times, it will form a protective layer called a CRYSALLIS (you might have heard of it being called a cocoon). Inside the crysallis, the caterpillar turns into a beautiful BUTTERFLY.

Contributors Kizzie Johnston, Helena French, Sue Trinder and Mandy Fyson.

Thanks to Joel Lardner, Lisa Richardson and Marcus Oakley for their continuous support and creative advice.

Thanks to Ed White for all the technical help.

Thanks to all the children who sent in their wonderful pictures for the gallery.

Thanks to John French for organising the kind sponsorship from InCrops and LCIC.

Owl magazine 2011 by Felicity French. All rights reserved and reproduction forbidden.

a were t u o y a If y wh fl r e butt r would colou be? you Give me some super spots and stripes, as I am feeling rather bare!

Colour us in so we match the other butterflies and caterpillars!

This issue of Owl is about animals. How many different animals can you think of? From birds to butterflies, and peacocks to pandas, have fun drawing, colouring, cooking and reading your first issue of Owl magazine!

Owl magazine helps children learn through creativity. It is full of making, baking, drawing, colouring, games and activities that inspire creativity and interest in the world around us.

Issue No.1 Animals Owl magazine is printed on 100% recycled paper.

Get in Touch If you have any questions or comments. Please email: We would love to hear from you!

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