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Broadband Explained - Whats The Difference Between Wireless, Cable, ADSL And Satellite Broadband

Generally, the term Broadband refers to the simultaneous transmission of multiple pieces of data that increases the effective rate of transmission. Broadband technology supports a wide range of frequencies. It is available for both home and at business purposes since it facilitates high speed, high quality, low cost and is easiest to use Internet connection at home and at the office. Basically, broadband services come in three different types namely, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), Cable Broadband Service, Satellite Broadband Service and Wireless Broadband Service. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL): ADSL is unique among other types of DSLs with its typical characteristic to transmit data in one direction than the other. It uses the primarily analogue modulation schemes where as other standards use band technology based modulation schemes like Gigabit Ethernet and others. Its instant access to any information or service modes helps you to stay always online as soon as you switch on. Cable Broadband Service: In Cable Broadband Service the transmission is basically carried with the help of an Ethernet modem for accessing internet services through the cable. It provides a lot of broadband solutions to everyone. They allow you to have access over your phone line simultaneously, while you're on the net, helps in saving a great deal of call costs and extra line rental and also are fast in downloading of large files. Satellite Broadband Service: Satellite broadband service in fact, is the most reliable since it can be used almost from anywhere. Satellite connections come up in two different types i.e. in “oneway” and “two-way” connections. They help in having connection at a lower cost, higher speed, and reliable links to the Internet directly on to your PC. It enables the installations of broadband service in most remote areas, keeps its customers always smiling. Wireless Broadband Service: A wireless broadband service uses an arrangement of fixed antennas that allows the users to have access with high speed Internet wirelessly over the air. It delivers fast Internet access by means of radio waves as a replacement for of cables or wires. For more details about the types of broadband services go through our product pages and learn more about them! Get more information on tata photon, tataphoton and tataphotonplus.

Broadband Explained