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Senator Neil Riser To Run for Congress

Louisiana State Senator Neil Riser with wife Vicki Riser. Riser has represented West Feliciana in the Louisiana Legislature for the past two terms.

Conservative Leadership. Traditional Louisiana Values. Neil Riser has the backbone to fight the Washington liberals. It’s not complicated. Washington, DC is out of control. And the liberals who run the federal government are bullies. That’s why our next congressman must be a strong conservative leader with the backbone to fight the political establishment. Neil Riser is that man. Neil is 100% pro-life. He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. He has consistently opposed tax increases throughout his service in the Senate. He believes in the free market. He believes in defunding and repealing Obamacare. And he is committed to securing our borders, and opposes amnesty for illegal aliens. Neil Riser represents the taxpay-

ers of District 32 as a member of the Louisiana Senate. The district stretches from Monroe to Alexandria to the Greater Baton Rouge area, encompassing much of central and northeastern Louisiana and a small part of the Florida parishes. Senator Riser is a conservative, serving as Chairman of the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee. He is best known as the author of Louisiana’s Second Amendment, a constitutional amendment passed by the state’s voters in 2012 giving Louisiana citizens the strongest gun rights in America. Neil Riser is steadfastly pro-gun and anti-tax, and has been called the most conservative member of the state legislature. Neil is 100% pro-life, supports traditional marriage, and has fought for parental choice in education. He believes in the free market. He See RISER page 3

Obamacare Hurting Local Medical Business

By James Ronald Skains

“With all these new health care rules and regulations from the federal government, independent medical equipment providers are being strangled,’’ Joe Letourneau, owner/operator of COMED Respiratory & Medical Equipment, Inc. told the Explorer. “These rules and regulations are causing undue hardship on patients because they cannot purchase all their medical equipment at one place.” “The new rules and regulations have resulted in one company being approved to provide one piece of equipment but no other pieces of equipment. Another company maybe approved to provide the other pieces of equipment someone needs. Many times, the only government approved suppliers for

various pieces of equipment are out of state companies.’’ “Not only are the rules themselves squeezing us, but the profit margins are going away because of all the government bidding process which is resulting in lower quality products that require much more maintenance. In some instances, the government is forcing us to sell service and maintain equipment at less than our cost.” Letourneau has been in the medical supply business for 4 decades, first as a pharmaceutical representative and then vice president of sales before retiring after 32 years of service. In 2005, he bought COMED, which was started in 1997 in Zachary. A native of New Orleans who grew up in Monroe and attended NLU, Letourneau, now a resident of St. Francisville,

Joe Letourneau, owner/manager of COMED Medical Equipment company of Zachary

lived in several major cities during his 32 years as a pharmaceutical Representative including Nashville, Birmingham, Philadelphia,

and on the west coast. “What these government reguSee COMED page 2


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


EXPLORER 4104 Main Street Zachary, LA 70791

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lations are doing is limiting the choices of the patients, who are the ones who are supposed to be in charge of their own health care. The government is also putting caps on what they will pay for certain equipment. This leaves many people not able to afford their copay on equipment. It is a situation that is spiraling out of control and will eventually force the smaller independent companies out of business.” “Where do employees of medical equipment supply companies go when they lose their jobs because of all the government rules and regulations? Some of the independent medical supply companies have already laid off employees (including a couple of employees ourselves) and other companies have sold out to larger companies or merged,’’ Letourneau related. “The government bureaucracy that sets policy for our industry is relentless in their issuance of new regulations and directives. It seems that every time a new policy is implemented, and we learn how to work within that process, new directives and regulations come out which can totally disrupt our business operation.’’ “During the latter part of my time in the pharmaceutical industry, we were seeing a lot of new rules and regulations come out which were supposed to cut the cost of health care by lowering the cost of medicine. However, the results were not good,’’ Letourneau explained. “A lot of consolidation took place in the industry and certain compa-

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nies got much larger quickly. This was fine with the government bureaucracy overseeing the industry, because it was easier for them to control just a few large companies, than thousands of independent companies around the country.’’ “However, every time new rules came out in the pharmaceutical industry and now in the medical equipment supply business, it takes a larger bureaucracy to implement the new policies so there is never any actual savings in the health care industry,’’ Letourneau emphasized. “Also what happened in the pharmaceutical industry was the rise in generic drugs. The generic drugs for a brand name drug protected by a patent are not the same as the brand name, so you are losing some quality with the generic. The same is happening in the medical equipment supply industry. With all the rules and regulations and caps on payment for certain equipment, the suppliers have to use lower quality equipment which only compounds the problem because lower quality equipment causes more service and maintenance.’’ “Already we are seeing situations where there is no money to service and maintain the lower quality equipment, so some companies are losing money in taking

care of their patients. There does not seem to be an end in sight to new regulations and payment policies that have very low caps on them.” “We are already seeing medical doctors opting out of government health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid,’’ Letourneau pointed out. “The problem is that private insurance doesn’t pay for everything and most people are so short of money, they can’t even make their co-pay. Another problem is that some people have become so used to Medicare and Medicaid paying for all their health care, that when they have buy medical equipment, they almost refuse to make their co-payments.” The Explorer asked Letourneau, the owner and operator of COMED: “Where do you see yourself and the medical equipment business in five years?” Letourneau’s answer was: “I think that I will personally survive in the medical equipment business with whatever hand I’m dealt because of my years of experience in the health care industry. However, I’m sure that the industry will get new rules, regulations, and caps on payments at least on a yearly basis. The people who are getting hurt first and worst will be the patients in need of good quality medical equipment with solid service and maintenance.”

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


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has been honored by the NRA, the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, the Louisiana Family Forum and many other conservative and good government organizations. Senator Riser is a strong defender of the United States Constitution. He is committed to defending the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments, which are under attack today. Hartwell Neil Riser, Jr. is 51 years old. He was born in 1962 in Columbia, Louisiana to Hartwell Riser, Sr. (1934–1985), and the former Lillian Gore, now Mrs. Lillian R. Gentry of Monroe, wife of Herschel Gentry, Jr. Neil began logging at age 14 and worked in the timber industry until age 23, taking breaks to attend school. He graduated from CaldwellHigh School in 1980. Louisiana’s former Governor, John McKeithen, and former Secretary of State, Fox McKeithen, were also from Columbia and were family friends.

Riser earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management in 1984 from Northeast Louisiana University (now the University of Louisiana at Monroe). He is president and owner of Riser Funeral Home. The Riser family has operated the business since 1934. He also serves as a board member of Caldwell Bank and Trust. He is a past president of Pelican State Life Insurance Company. Neil is married to the former Vicki Smith, the daughter of Glenn and Carolyn Smith of the Fort Necessity community in Franklin Parish. She taught at River Oaks School in Monroe. Neil and Vicki have two daughters, Emilie and Allison. Riser served as a member of the Republican State Central Committee during the late 1990’s and became increasingly concerned about the direction of our nation. A few years later, he decided to become acitizen candidate for Louisiana Senate in what many considered a “long-shot” bid. He worked hard for 25 months and ultimately won the race.

Dr. Nikki Gautreaux

OB/GYN Bayou Regional Women’s Clinic 6550 Main St, Ste 2000, Zachary 658-1303

He was elected to the Louisiana Senate in November 2007, the first Republican elected in modern times in the heavily Democratic district. He has since worked closely with constituents of all political parties to fairly represent everyone in District 32. He has an open door policy and fights to protect children and the poor and elderly--those who may have a difficult time protecting themselves. He has fought hard to keep taxes low and to reform and improve education, key promises he made in his first election. Our nation has come to a crossroads. Our fundamental American values are being challenged by leftwing Washington politicians. The decisions our leaders make over the next few years will chart the course for future generations. If we are to make an American comeback, get our economy back on track, reduce the overwhelming size of government and earn respect abroad, we must elect conservative leaders who are unwavering in their support of traditional American values. The policies of the Obama Administration have left many Louisiana families wondering how they can continue to put food on the table, if they will lose their jobs as a result of Obamacare, and when the federal government might further encroach on their fundamental rights. As President Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years

Dr. Tommy Gould

Family Practice Zachary Family Practice 2335 Church St, Zachary 654-3607

Now accepting new patients!


telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” I will not leave my daughters and their children behind to suffer the consequences of the Washington establishment’s policies. I won’t sit idly by. It is for my daughters, and children across Louisiana, that I have entered the race for Congress in District 5. My name will appear on the October 19th ballot. I am ready to go to Washington, DC and fight the liberal establishment. I am asking you to please give me that opportunity. For six years, I have served in the Louisiana Senate representing 10 parishes. I have been a dependable conservative voice, faith fully representing the taxpayers of Louisiana. I invite you to examine my record. I believe in “old-fashioned” Louisiana values. I am 100% prolife. I support traditional marriage. I have passed landmark legislation protecting our right to keep and bear arms. I have strongly opposed efforts to increase taxes. I have supported parental choice in education. On every issue, I’ve stood with you. Now, I am asking you to stand with me. We must fight to restore fiscal sanity in Washington. We must fight to secure our borders. We must fight to protect the lives of the unborn. We must fight to defund and repeal Obamacare. And we must defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Dr. Dan Bourgeois General Surgeon Lane Surgery Group 4801 McHugh Rd, Zachary 570-2489


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pat’s Hardware Annual Hunting & Outdoor Show

Pat’s Home Center held their annual Outdoor Hunting Show on Saturday, August 24 at their St. Francisville location at 7666 Highway 61. They had live demonstrations from many suppliers of hunting and outdoor recreational equipment, as well as, free food to share with the participants in the show.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Statement of Candidacy for John H. Shropshire

John H. Shropshire announced that he is a candidate for Justice Of The Peace for East Feliciana Parish, District No. 4, (Precincts 20, 21, and 22). The election will be held October 19, 2013. John was born and grew up in Woodland, (Clinton) Louisiana to the late AL and Gertrude Shropshire. He graduated from East High School in Clinton, LA. He and his wife Perlae currently reside in District No. 4. John earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education, Vocational Agriculture at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. He also successfully completed training in the four core qualifications for Senior Executive Service candidates at the USDA Graduate Schools Leadership Development Academy in Washington DC. John retired from the U S Depart-

ment of Agriculture, Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyard Administration with 31 1/2 years of service. During his tenure there he gained valuable experiences and put into practice skills in the areas of negotiating contracts, conflict resolution, leading people and managing resources. He spent 18 years managing the largest federal export inspection field office in the U S. John worked with a diverse group of stake holders who required many different levels of service and specific resolutions to unique concerns. “I am a hard worker, a lifelong learner, and have a genuine interest in serving the people of our community,” Said John Shropshire. “I ask that you please cast your vote for me, John H. Shropshire, No. 31, for Justice Of The Peace, District No.4,” stated John Shropshire.

Lane Regional Medical Center Names WellnessWorks Corporate Health Consultant Krisi Carriere has been named Corporate Health Consultant for the Lane Regional Medical Center WellnessWorks program. A native of Opelousas, Carriere is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Lane WellnessWorks program, a free program designed to work hand-in-hand helping local business and industry control their workers’ compensation costs. The four components that make up the Lane WellnessWorks program are: 1.) Prevention Services, such

as pre-employment and random drug screenings, flu shots and health topics. 2.) Injury Intervention, cost effective return-to-work strategies. 3.) Service Coordination, centralized phone number to assist employers with tracking worker’s compensation cases and scheduled medical appointments. 4.) Wellness Promotion, education for the workforce regarding health plans and using available benefits. Prior to joining Lane, Carriere

was the WellnessWorks Corporate Health Consultant at River Parishes Hospital in LaPlace. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University and currently resides in Prairieville with her three daughters. In her spare time, she is a lieutenant in the 7th District Volunteer Fire Department where she serves as a firefighter and first responder. For more information about the Lane WellnessWorks program, contact Krisi Carriere at (225) 658-4465.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Silliman Cross Country Team Starts Strong West Feliciana Parish Schools Ranked

First in the State in K Readiness

The Silliman Wildcats Cross Country Boys and Girls Team finished first in the AA Classification at their first meet of the season. Amanda Mazoch finished 2nd overall., and Denver Pierce finished 8th overall. Both were 1st in AA classification. The Girls squad finished 4th overall (in all classifications), while the boys finished 5th overall.

As part of a study in early childhood well being, the LSU/Tulane Early Childhood Policy and Data Center measured the pre-literacy skills of students entering kindergarten across the State of Louisiana. Researchers found that West Feliciana Parish ranked first in the state in Kindergarten readiness. According to the study, only 10.8% of West Feliciana Parish’s students entering Kindergarten needed remediation in reading, whereas the state average is nearly three times higher. Superintendent Hollis G. Milton of West Feliciana Parish Schools commented, “These results reflect the hard work and dedication of our school system employees, our local day care centers, our parents, and our community as a whole. So much of what goes on in our community revolves around our children…from the schools, to the ball park, to the churches, our children are at the heart of it all.” Indeed, West Feliciana Parish is one of the only districts in the state to offer a Universal Pre-K program. This means students receive 180 days of instruction (free of charge) before they begin kindergarten. Raquel Square, Principal at Bains Lower Elementary, added, “The West Feliciana Parish School System has been aggressive in ensuring student success beginning with our youngest students. Our universal Pre-Kindergarten program, which is available to all students in our parish, has been instrumental in establishing a strong foundation that supports our students throughout their educational career. Our pre-K program employs strategies and meaningful lessons that include hands-on learning experiences and technology, which provides our students with opportunities to engage in educational activities that foster kindergarten readiness.” Zanobia Vessel Carter, a teacher in the Pre-K Program, also indicated that it takes a collective effort to reach this level of success. She said, “Achieving a ranking of first in the state in pre-k readiness is an accomplishment that was not achieved by one grade level alone. This achievement belongs to the whole West Feliciana Family.

It stems from the collaboration of a strong instructional staff, great leadership, and the great support of our families and community.” In fact, for many students in West Feliciana, their educational career begins as early as six weeks of age in the Early Head Start Program. These students are immersed in an environment that is rich in language and is focused on developing early literacy skills. Bridget Plauche, Supervisor of the West Feliciana Parish Family Service Center, commented, “Our community’s investment in education begins early with the integration of family literacy in our Early Head Start/Head Start programs which engage children and their families in an intentional process toward literacy. The interaction of our community and its children has been a cornerstone in West Feliciana’s history, and has given our parish an impetus toward high quality early childhood education. The commitment of our school board, our superintendent, and our school employees conveys the importance placed on this segment of our educational family.” Moving infants and toddlers to the three year old Head Start program produces the next step in school readinesss. Contessia Brooks, Program Director added, “Our program has a positive impact on student learning because we involve the families in our students’ education at the earliest ages. We strongly believe that parents are their child’s first teacher, and we work to establish a strong family literacy foundation from the start. When families graduate from our program, they know what is expected in terms of school readiness.” The West Feliciana Parish School System will continue to collect data on the literacy levels of students entering kindergarten. This year they will also include an instrument that will measure early literacy skills in students participating in the Head Start Program for 3-year-olds. By continuing to set measureable goals and monitor student progress, the district hopes to achieve its goal of having all students reading on grade level.

Just For Him Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

Just for Him Men’s Haircut Lounge celebrated their ribbon cutting ceremony on August 29 at 10 a.m. Under new ownership since February 2013, Just for Him is excited to partner with Zachary Chamber of Commerce. New owner, Dean Rivere was looking for a small business opportunity. “When I got my haircut at Just for Him in Thibodaux, it was an awesome experience. I knew I had found the perfect opportunity.” Services offered by Just for Him include Haircuts, Shaves, Colors, Waxing and Hot Towel Facials. With every haircut, a complimentary shampoo with scalp massage is offered. With any service, a complimentary beverage is offered. Massage is a new service added at Just for Him. Choose from a Swedish or Deep-Tissue Full Body Massage in a relaxing, private room. Prices are 30 minutes for $35 or 60 minutes for $60. Just for Him offers a $2.00 off haircut discount for all uniforms, such as policeman, firefighters, and military. Staff members include: Lacie Deville (Manager), Brandi Fox, Tosha Vidrine, Jessy Greer, and Mandy Brown. Just for Him is located next to Sammy’s Grill at 4760 Old Scenic Hwy. Hours are: Monday-Wednesday 10-6, Thursday & Friday 10-7, Saturday 9-4. No appointments are needed. Call 225-658-5449 for more information.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013



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EVENTS IN THE FELICIANAS Meet the Newest Docs at Lane! Join the staff and physicians of Lane Regional Medical Center for an old-fashioned Meet n’ Greet on Wednesday, September 4, from 10-11 a.m., in the Lane Cafeteria to welcome our newest docs: • Dr. Dan Bourgeois, General Surgery – Lane Surgery Group • Dr. Nikki Gautreaux, OB/GYN – Bayou Regional Women’s Clinic • Dr. Tommy Gould, Family Practice – Zachary Family Practice • Dr. Mrugesh Soni, Interventional Cardiology – Cardiovascular Institute of the South

The Baton Rouge Homeschool Athletic Association, an active group of area Christian Homeschool families, is forming both boys and girls Basketball teams to compete in the ACE Louisiana league this season. Conditioning sessions are beginning shortly, with practices three times a week starting in October. The 12 game season runs December through February. For more information please contact Lady Eagles Coach Brent Lowe or Eagles Coach Aaron Taylor, via our team Facebook page: Baton Rouge Homeschool Eagles. The first Saturday of every month is market day in Clinton. Come out for the back to school edition of the market on September 7. About 75 vendors featuring most anything you want and an few things that you didn’t know that you wanted will be offering their wares as you stroll around Court House Square and up St Helena Street. A special event this month will be Lexlee’s Kids Back to School Blow Out! Lexlee Overton, a certified car seat inspector, says “ Come have your car seats checked! Free booster seats for big kids & back to school supply packs for every car seat checked! Even if you don’t have a seat that needs to be checked come visit. The Clinton Community Market will be open & we would love to meet you & your kiddos!” Lexlee will be located in front of the Overton Law Office on Lawyers Row North of the Court House.

DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP Tuesday, September 10, 2013 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Type 1 or Type 2? Old Hand or Newly Diagnosed? Maybe a friend or loved-one has Diabetes? Would you like to learn more about Diabetes, or reinforce what you already know? We welcome all who have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes including family, friends and any others in a supporting role. Lane Regional Medical Center 6300 Main Street Zachary, LA Registration is NOT Required. For more information, contact Sherri Brady, RN 225-658-4583 Friendship Baptist Church Praise Makers Children’s Drama Ministry (For children in K - 6th Grade) Meets every Wednesday @ 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. Starting Wednesday, September 4, 2013, Register by September 4, 2013. First Program: “A Piece of Christmas” on December 15th. Friendship Baptist Church, 10011 Comite Dr., Baker, LA 70714. Gretchen Haney, Director, cell (225) 2472374, email

ANGOLA JOB FAIRLouisiana State Penitentiary will hold a job fair from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 5 at the St. Francisville Town Hall on Ferdinand Street.The prison has job openings for correctional officers, social workers and licensed practical nurses. Qualifications and requirements for the openings, items needed for the interviews and where applicants can apply can be found at

The public is invited to submit questions in advance to the candidates running for West Feliciana Parish president and who are expected to attend a Sept. 12 public forum sponsored by the Greater

St. Francisville Chamber of Commerce. The forum will be held from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at The Magnolia Full Gospel Baptist Church, 7910 U.S. 61, St. Francisville. Questions may be submitted by email at or by mail to P.O. Box 545, St. Francisville, LA, 70775. All submissions will be confidential, and the deadline is Sept. 6. The chamber’s Governmental Relations Committee will decide what questions will be used.

SPONSORED BY: 20TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE Saturday, September 28, 2013 8-4:00 p.m. AND Sunday, September 29, 2013 2-4:00 p.m. AMERICAN LEGION HALL 1362 LIBERTY HWY., CLINTON, LA - MUST ATTEND BOTH DAYS Contact Crystal at the District Attorney’s Office 683-8563 to preregister now, limited seating available!

A Community Men’s Prayer Breakfast is held the second Saturday of each month at the Clinton United Methodist Church Hall beginning at 8 am. Come join us for fellowship, a devotion and breakfast.

LA Night Jam V - Saturday Sept. 28, 2013 at Bennetts at Bennets Boat and Ski. nExtreme distance water ski jumping, wake board kicker contest ,free style ski jumping, free style bare footing, barefoot jumping, fire dancing, Live Bands and Live DJ, Food & Drinks, Open Air Market... and much, much

FREE “ASK THE DOCTOR” LUNCH & LEARN AT LANE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER “Sun Damage: Protection, Prevention & Correction” Photo-damage, also known as “sun damage”, by UV rays is very apparent to the majority of our southern population. It is a major risk factor for not only skin disease but for the lines and wrinkles that make us look older than we are. Dr. Baron J Williamson, ophthalmologists and oculo-plastic surgeon, and Michelle Carroll, registered nurse and clinical director of the Outpatient Surgery & Cosmetic Center, will discuss the types of UV rays and how they affect the layers of the skin, and skin care protection, prevention, and correction during the “Ask the Doctor” Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, September 25, from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m. at Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary. Diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed. Reservations are required and seating is limited. Call (225)658-4585 to reserve your seat today! The session is FREE and includes a light lunch. HUNTER SAFETY COURSE

Art Crawl 2013 is gearing up! October 25, 2013 Art Crawl 2013 will take place in the heart of Zachary, Louisiana. It is a free public event featuring art, live music, live performances, food and much more! The Art Crawl serves as an annual fund-raiser for the Regional Arts Council of Zachary. Check back frequently for a list of participating merchants and artists. UNITED IN FAITH COLOR FUN RUN will be held on Saturday, November 9, 2013 in the Town of Clinton. We are asking for all churches in the Clinton Community to participate in a two-mile FUN COLOR RUN/ WALK to support our veterans the Saturday before Veterans Day. Please send a designated chairperson from your church to our next meeting 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 27th at Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church Hall. Registration ends October 9, 2013. If you have any questions, please email Heidi Ligon at

There’s something to do every day in the Felicianas. From choir performances and rodeos to Main Street markets and special library programming for children, the Felicianas ares rich in cultural and social activities. If you have an event you would like the public to know about, email event details to Space allowing, your event will be included for free in the Event Calendar section.

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Feliciana Explorer Sep 3  

September 3, 2013 • Vol. 8, No. 36

Feliciana Explorer Sep 3  

September 3, 2013 • Vol. 8, No. 36