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Justice Hall of Fame at Angola Inducts 7 By James Ronald Skains

There are only a handful of “Criminal Justice Hall of Fames’’ in the USA. A couple of others are Internet based only, but none are affiliated with a prison except for the Hall of Fame at Angola, which is housed at the LA State Penitentiary Museum. “We think that it is only fitting that we recognize leaders in the Criminal Justice field in Louisiana, because they actually make our job a little easier here at Angola,’’ Angola Warden Burl Cain told those assembled at the 9th Annual Justice Hall of Fame event at the Angola Museum on Friday, July 12. The Justice Hall of Fame was established by the Board of Directors of the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum Foundation in 2004 to honor and acknowledge the men and women of Louisiana who have served their community and their state in the honorable profession of law enforcement, the judiciary, criminal justice, civil services, and other related fields including governmental service, corrections, education, communications/media, victim services, volunteers, sponsors and community activists. The first inductee in the class of 2013 was Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal, a 50 plus year veteran of Louisiana Law enforcement. New Iberia is the largest city in Louisiana without a police department so all law enforcement activities are handled by the Sheriff’s office. Prior to being elected sheriff in 2008, Ackal was with the Louisiana State Police, a section chief in the Gaming Division, as well as having served as special assistant to former Governor Mike Foster on Public Safety. Ackal began his law enforcement career in Iberia Parish before joining the State Police where he worked as an undercover agent in narcotics. He was credited with breaking up sev-

Louisiana State Penitentiary Warden Burl Cain, pictured center, inducts the 2013 class of the Justice Hall of Fame at Angola.

eral major narcotic and theft rings. During those years, Ackal would go weeks and even months without making contact with his family. During his acceptance speech, Ackal said: “This is truly an honor to be recognized by such a special group as the Justice Hall of Fame. However, Warden Burl Cain, you are still my hero.” Another sheriff inducted into the Hall during the event was Michael B. Cazes, three-term sheriff of West Baton Rouge Parish. Cazes began his law enforcement career as a reserve deputy in West Baton Rouge in 1974. Cazes, who has served as President of the Louisiana Sheriffs Association, noted: “Without a good team of deputies and administrators, I could not do a very effective job as sheriff. So, whatever recognition that I receive for doing my job is really recognizing the efficient work of those people who work in my office.” The focus at the Justice Hall of Fame then turned to John F. DeRosier, two term District Attorney for Calcasieu Parish. DeRozier was a

machine-gunner during the Vietnam War earning various combat medals. After graduating from LSU Law School, DeRozier became a private practicing attorney in Lake Charles

for many years. Since being elected district attorney in 2002, DeRosier has implemented several successful programs including his DWI “Fatal Vision” program which is geared toward teenagers. DeRosier has been nationally recognized for his work to combat the proliferation of illegal pain management clinics across Louisiana and southeast Texas. He has lectured on this work at several major venues in the southeastern states. Judge Jules David Edwards, another inductee, is a native of New Orleans, and a Loyola Law school graduate, but is currently the sitting judge in the state’s 15th Judicial District in Lafayette. Edwards enlisted in the US Marine Corps Reserve in 1977, and served for 30 years in the Louisiana National Guard. Judge Edward’s recurring theme is “Dare To Dream,” which is meant to encourage everyone, but particularly young people, to seek high goals and even See JUSTICE on page 3

Mysterious Illness Sidelines Local Teacher, Mayo Clinic Seen as Last Option By James Ronald Skains

“I realized many years ago that teaching was my passion,’’ a gaunt 37 year old Lori Lee Dunn Castello told the Feliciana Explorer. “Although I’ve had a number of severe illnesses in my adult life, I’ve always been able to continue my teaching career even though I had to take a year off in 2007 to recover from one illness.” However, the last day in the classroom for Castello was September 25, 2011 at Baker High School. Lori was preparing a lesson plan on the chalkboard board when she suddenly collapsed and fell striking her head on her desk. Unfortunately, this ended Lori Castello’s ten-year teaching career. “I later learned that that one of my

students found me unconscious on the floor, and got another teacher to my room who then called 911,” Lori, who hasn’t driven a car in nearly two years, continued. “At first the EMS people thought I was dead, but finally I showed some sign of life and they rushed me to the hospital. I was in the hospital for three weeks.’’ “Since my last day in the classroom, I’ve seen numerous medical specialists and undergone too many medical tests to count, but still I have no definitive answer to my health problems. My best diagnosis to date is Immune Devastation which Dr. Neshiewat, my Rheumatologist, has suggested. I’ve been treated for six other medical conditions without showing any improve See MYSTERY on page 6


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


EXPLORER 4104 Main Street Zachary, LA 70791

Phone (225) 654-0122 Fax (225) 208-1165 Email stories and photos to Published Tuesdays 52 weeks a year

Publisher & Editor Daniel Duggan Graphic Designer Tina Adams Account Executives Georgiana Walls Ashley Evans Contributing Writer James Ronald Skains Summer Party Intern Calla Duggan Bicycle Daredevil Chandler Duggan L’il Red Cecelia Duggan Stinging Caterpillar Defender Colton Duggan Involved New Neighbor Ian Gore Deadline for news and advertising: Wednesday, 5 P.M. Call for advertising rates.

G360 Takes a New Approach in Old Industry By James Ronald Skains

“Three of the four men on Mount Rushmore were surveyors at one time in their lives, and the fourth, Teddy Roosevelt, caused many surveyors to be employed with his wide range of National Parks and conservation practices, so I know that we are in an old and honorable occupation,’’ Mark Williams, Professional Land Surveyor, told the Feliciana Explorer. G360, LLC is located at 9502 Main Street in Zachary. Originally formed in May of 2011 in Clinton, G360 LLC moved to its Zachary location in October 2012. They are building a 40’x100’ warehouse behind their office building. Within this building will be a 20’x40’ training room in addition to a planned full instrument service and repair Pictured: Mark Williams, Don Biggs, and Barrett Smith of G360 LLC. facility. “Our business model is to be a full service supply and support ca Geosystems for 7 years in their in Baton Rouge for international company for the land surveyors, Lawrenceville, Georgia office be- personnel with the oil and gas inconstruction personnel, and oil fore returning to his roots in Clin- dustry,” Williams noted. “We want to be more than just a vendor or industry that rely on precise posi- ton/Zachary. The Leica Geosystems AG is supplier for our Geomatic customtional systems instruments,’’ Don home based in Heerbrugg, Switzerers. We provide not only training Biggs, a resident of Clinton and one land. It has been around since 1910. with each piece of equipment that of the two partners in G360 LLC There are two other Leica brands, we sell but we also provide a unique explained. “Whereas a typical GPS Leica Cameras AG in Solms, Gerservice in that surveyors and other will pinpoint a location to within 20 many, and Leica Microsystems users of our equipment can call us yards, our GNSS (Global NavigaGmbH located in Wezler, Germany with their geomatic problems in the tion Satellite System) instrument that are part of the giant Hexagon field.” will pinpoint a location to within a AG Corporation headquartered in Williams has 25 years of experi½ inch.” Stockholm, Sweden. ence in Geomatics and is a licensed Biggs worked for 7 years as the “In our first two years, we Professional Land Surveyor and Louisiana Direct Sales representahave conducted two seminars on Board Certified in the states of Loutive for Leica Geosystems before the GNSS systems, one in Nants, starting G360 LLC with Mark WilSee G360 on page 8 liams. Williams was also with Lei- France and another 4 week seminar


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higher standards. Now in private practice with the firm of Hymel, Davis & Peterson, former Judge, former assistant Louisiana Attorney General, and former United States Attorney for the middle district of Louisiana, L. J. Hymel continues his service to the community by serving as a pro tempore/ad hoc trial judge and court commissioner. Hymel was confirmed by the US Senate for his position as Federal Attorney and was sworn into office on March 15, 1994. Harry F. Randow is in his 16th year on the bench of the LA’s 9th Judicial Court in Rapides Parish. He earned his Law Degree from Loyola University in 1971. Randow was in private practice in the Alexandria area for 28 years before seeking a judgeship. A devout man of faith, Judge Randow is also a member of St. James Episcopal Church in Alexandria where he serves as senior warden of the church and school vestry. Keith Nordyke noted in his ac-

ceptance speech for his induction that he was “really an outsider to his fellow inductees in that he had spent a lot of his legal career acting as class counsel on prison conditions litigation and parole and pardon issues in Louisiana. The U.S. District Court appointed Nordyke, a 1979 graduate of LSU Law School, in 1990 as the class counsel for all prisoners in the state of Louisiana. As adjunct law professor at LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Nordyke has lectured locally and nationally on prison litigation, civil rights, and criminal issues. Nordyke pointed out during his acceptance remarks: “I have great respect for Warden Cain and the operations he runs at Angola. Since he has been warden at Angola, I have received utmost cooperation in my work in the Louisiana Petitionary system.” Since the first inductee class into the Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame in 2005, 79 Louisiana men and women have been honored for their achievements and contributions to law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

USACE St. Francisville Casting Field Stabilizing Riverbank since 1961 By James Ronald Skains

The US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) is tasked with a monumental job in stabilizing the Mississippi River and its navigable tributaries banks to prevent erosion and other problems that impede navigation. The USACE 210 acre Casting Field in St. Francisville on the banks of the Mississippi River plays a major role in the monumental river stabilization process. “The St. Francisville mat casting yard is the only casting field south of Vicksburg,’’ Donald E. Rawson, Channel Improvement Project Manager with the New Orleans office of the USACE told the Feliciana Explorer. “Since its first use in 1961, the USACE has spent an average of $6 million annually on concrete mat casting at the St. Francisville facility.” “An average of 220,000 “squares” of concrete mattresses is cast here each year,” Rawson added. “A mattress square measures 4-feet by 25-feet and is 3-inches thick. Since we started casting mats at St. Francisville in 1961, 11,234,862 squares have been cast.’’ Revetment construction with concrete mat on the Mississippi River is unique. The process starts with the smoothing of the bank to a stable slope from the top to well beneath the water surface. Them the concrete mats are placed in the water along the base of the river and is installed like a giant carpet from barges. The concrete sections are connected with stainless steel cables making the sections somewhat flexible. This allows the concrete sections to conform to the bank and river bottom. The mats usually extend from the high water mark on the river bank to the center of the river channel and are usually found on outside bends where bank erosion is most likely to occur. Before concrete mats were used for bank revetments on the Mississippi River, the material of choice for revetment work was hand woven willow planks. The willow mats were built on the river bank site where they would be used. Fordice Construction Company is currently operating the St. Francisville Articulated Concrete Mattress manufacturing facil-

Pictured above: a crew lays sheets of bound together casting fields in the Mississippi River near St. Francisville.

ity under contract with the USACE. The Mat Casting Division of Fordice Construction has been producing mats on the Mississippi River since 1948. Fordice has a long and unique history of working with the Vicksburg office of the Corp of Engineers. “We currently have three USACE employees working at the facility during casting season,’’ Rawson related. “The St. Francisville casting yard is very busy during the season because it takes 24,288 squares to protect a mile of river bank. Between Old River and the mouth of the Mississippi River, USACE has 362 miles of cutting river protected with revetment.’’ The USACE Vicksburg District is responsible for 68,000 square miles encompassing seven major river basins, including 278 miles of the Mississippi River’s main stem, in Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Vicksburg District is also responsible for about 800 miles of commercially navigable streams and rivers including the Ouachita-Black system, the Pearl, the Red, and the Yazoo Rivers. The Fordice name has been associated with the Mississippi River and the USACE since before WWII. Dan K. Fordice, Sr. worked for the USACE Memphis District before WWII. He also fought in WWII in the Pacific Theatre, but after the war,

returned to his old job with the Memphis office of the USACE where he ran the District’s Willow Mat Operation. He worked on various projects involving flood control on the Mississippi River including the design and casting of Concrete Articulated Mattresses. In 1948, the Corps decided to let the manufacture of articulated concrete mattresses to the private sector. Fordice, Sr. left the Corps, founded Fordice Construction Company and was awarded the first private mat contract. The Fordice Company has been casting Articulated concrete mattress for the Corp ever since and to date has cast over 6.5 million mats. Fordice recently received a $13,000,000 contract for more casting work at the St. Francisville USACE field. If the name Dan K. Fordice,

LLE-_ZP and FE homesforsale (updated).indd 1

Jr. is very familiar along the River, it because that after 30 years with the Construction Company, Dan Kirk Fordice, Jr. was elected Governor of Mississippi in 1991. The former Mississippi Governors two sons, Hunter L. Fordice and Dan K. Fordice III now own and operate the company. Dan K. Fordice III is in charge of the St. Francisville Mat Casting Division for the Fordice Company. In March of this year, Kavanaugh Breaseale with USACE Vicksburg office released a summary of the Vicksburg District Mat Sinking Unit (MSU) eightmonth revetment season. The MSU placed 442,786 squares covering approximately 1,018 acres. If these 3 feet by 2 feet, three inch thick concrete blocks were stacked, they would extend 21 miles high. The MSU in the Vicksburg District of USACE is the only one of its kind in the world and consist of motor vessels and barges and cranes. It is not an 8-5 job. The crew of approximately 300 men and women live and work on the boats. Every fall, during low-water time on the Mississippi River, the MSU crews turn out to resume one of the longestrunning and most important construction projects of the USACE – the placement of articulated concrete mattresses along the levees to prevent scour and protect communities. Writer’s Note: Since the first mat casting contract at St. Francisville was let to Warren Brothers in 1961 for 107,090 squares of mats, the Articulated Concrete Mattress operation has been a steady economic factor for West Feliciana providing dozens of jobs annually.

7/30/13 12:50 PM

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Another Great Summer of Dance for Local Performers

Dancers from the Children’s Moving Co. finished their year with very impressive performances at Dance Makers Inc. National competition with all dances placing and all dancers having a great time. This past year the dancers have performed for the La. Assoc. of Health, P.E. and Dance, the Zachary Christmas parade and open house, The Baton Rouge Christmas Parade, the Jupiter/Juno Mardi Gras parade, Zfest, Showstoppers Dance competition and Dance Makers Inc. regional convention and competition and national level competition. The Children’s Moving Co. will enter its 4th decade of dedication to quality dance. This is Zachary’s longest established dance company having begun in the 1980s first holding classes in the Trinity house at St. John’s Catholic Church; then moving to what is now the Chamber of commerce building, then to the corner of Main and Church St., and in 1996 to its current location directly behind the Zachary McDonalds, at 5250 E. Mae St.. The company is under the direction of Becky Coxe and Sr. Team Director, Shelly Lee. Combined, the teaching staff represents over 40 years of dance teaching experience. This year the company will be holding a reunion concert. We are inviting all former dancers that have taken classes with CMC over the past 30 years, to join us at our end of the year concert as our special featured guests. Any former student planning to attend is asked to call the studio at 654-9510 or email us at

Jr/Sr. Team members prepare to perform Wishin’ & hopin’. Hannah Barnett, Natalie Mayeux, Rachel Britt, Allyson Robertson , and Hannah Robertson. Pictured above: Jada Smith, Adison Salcedo and Sydney Robertson enjoyed dancing with Becca Ritter at DMI National convention in Myrtle Beach, S.C. to let us know they will honor us with their presence and to give us current contact information as so to send information updates. Information is also available at

Call 654-0122 to advertise your business

in 33,000 papers a week IN ZACHARY & THE FELICIANAS

Zoe Vicari, Jace, Smith and Gabreleya Gonzalez prepare to serve up their ballet performance.

West Feliciana Parish Hospital

met life

we have

BATON ROUGE NEUROMEDICAL CENTER NEUROLOGIST available in our er via telestroke to assess patients and order appropriate treatment if positive for a stroke.

5266 Commerce Street • St. Francisville, Louisiana (225) 635-3811 •



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ment.” Rheumatologists are sometimes considered the medical professionals who can put the pieces of a medical puzzle together since their specialty deals with all parts of the body. Dr. Neshiewat has consulted with the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis who believe they can offer some hope of pinpointing not only the medical condition of Castello, but a treatment program to help restore the classroom teacher’s health. Mayo Clinic has numerous well-known experts from many different medical venues all under one roof and they work in a team concept with critically ill patients. It is estimated that Lori would be at Mayo for some 3-5 weeks. Lori Dunn Castello was born in West Feliciana Parish where her dad, Andrew Dunn was a Correctional Officer at Angola for 34 years and mother Kathy worked in accounting at the prison. Lori was born with a cleft palate and underwent surgery immediately to correct that problem as an infant. During that operation she received a blood transfusion, and later at age eight, one doctor thought her medical problems might be related to an HIV virus received during the transfusion; however, tests proved otherwise. Lori Dunn graduated from West Feliciana High School in 1994. “I’m watching my wife slowly waste away from a disease our doctors can’t identify,’’ Shane Castello, Lori’s husband of five years, related. “The doctors have referred us to Mayo Clinic because it’s our best chance to find a diagnosis and hopefully a treatment. We married in 2008 and had 2 good years before her health began the

Shane and Lori Castello

downhill slide that landed us here today. After fighting it for a year while still teaching, Lori gave in after her last medical episode at Baker High.” “Lori’s no stranger to pain,’’ Shane Castello continued. “She has been sick nearly her entire life with either Fibromyalgia (FIB), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), Interstitial Cystitis (IC), or other medical problems and even combinations of these problems.” “Last September, Lori had an IBS attack so horrific, she called an ambulance because she feared she had a blockage. We thought she had been sick before, but we had no idea how bad it could and would get. She’s lost more than 40 pounds since then and can’t eat any solid food without getting violently sick. The nutritional shakes have kept her alive but they now too are making her sick. Sometimes she has fever spiking as high as 103 degrees, her joints swell and

bleed, she has headaches so severe that she faints from the pain, and her hair is falling out in clumps.” Shane Castello has been employed with the US Postal Service for 16 years. His normal delivery route is around the LSU Lakes and surrounding subdivisions. However, for the last year he has been working every extra hour possible. Lori and Shane now live in the Ravenwood Subdivision in Zachary near the intersection of Old Scenic Highway and Highway 64. “We were never wealthy,’’ Shane Castello emphasized to the POST “however, we were comfortable financially with two incomes while Lori was teaching. She does receive a small disability check but we are living from paycheck to paycheck knowing that we are on the verge of financial ruin.” “In 2011, we spent over $20,000 on medical bills that were not covered

by my insurance through the Postal Service. Last year we spent $14,000 on medical bills not covered by insurance. Our credit cards are maxed out and we know that if she can go to the Mayo Clinic, the cost for that will probably put us totally under.” To prepare financially for the trip to Mayo as a last ditch effort to find a medical solution for his wife Lori, Shane took the extraordinary steps of setting up an On-Line Fund Raising effort asking for anyone’s financial help. Using only a Facebook page, friends and strangers have donated over $6,000 to that fund. Another fund has been established at www.gofund. com (Lori Dunn Castello Mayo Fund). Also, friends have established an account at Whitney Bank (Lori D. Castello – Medical Account), administered by Beverly Shaw, while other friends and family have set up an account at Capitol One Bank (Shane and Lori Castello Mayo Fund), account administered by Nancy Castello. If the name Castello is familiar to those in the Feliciana’s and Zachary area, it is because the first Castello came to this area in the 1700’s. Shane’s brother also has an insurance business in Zachary. Writer’s note: Even though Lori Dunn Castello is one sick lady, I tried to do an extraordinarily good job with my grammar and punctuation in this article as Lori is an English teacher and I didn’t want to leave any “dangling participles” in my sentences. Lori is a graduate of the LA Scholar’s Honors College at Northwestern State University with a degree in English. She taught at Zwolle High School for two years before returning to her roots in the Feliciana’s and Zachary, teaching for two years at West Feliciana High School before having to go on medical leave.

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Antiques Primitives Vintage Retro Linens Cast Iron and More!


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2002 Ford Ranger “Edge” 75k miles, V6, Automobile looks and drives great- $6995. ON TIME MOTORS Call 225-775-0477. For rent 2BR 1BA cent a/c & heat wd flrs c fans covered park, shady, fenced yard. $600/ mo. Call 347-6778 for more info. For Sale: Oak double pedestal dining room table with 8 upholstered chairs. $750. Tan Natuzzi leather chair with ottoman. $250. Call 225-933-7095 for more info. For Sale: 25 cubic foot sideby-side Whirlpool Gold Fridge & Armoire with TV. $1100 for both. Call 654-6662. For Sale: 16’ x 85’ 2008 Mobile Home. 3 bd/ 2 bath. Paved Drive, Iron Solar Gate, Fenced, Carport, Deck, Shed. Reduced to $95,000 on Hwy 959. Call 225-683-4318. For Lease: 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Condo. Gated Community. Wood Floors. Custom Interior Shutters. $1200/month. Call 6540605. Help Wanted! Line Cook needed for full-time position. Experience a MUST! Apply in person at Oakwood Village, 4400 McHugh Rd, Zachary. For Sale: 1.6 Acres with fishing pond; 3 bd/ 2ba D/W manufactured moile home. Call Mark Andermann, Keller Williams Realty Red Stick Plus (225) 5702900; or 955-2115. “Each Office is independently owned and operated”. NOW HIRING: Available for P/T employment: Experienced, Mature and Dependable. Proficient in Peachtree Acct., Word and Excel. Email: dge42860@ for more info. For Sale:4 bedroom 1 1/2 baths all brick home on 1.75 acres 2 storage bldgs, new above ground pool, house completely remodeled from studs to new roof in 2011. Hardwood floors carport attached to home and another carport separate, fenced backyard, new patio $149,900.00 owners relocating motivated sellers home located at 786 Hwy 958 Slaughter LA 70777 call 225-333-1616 for more information. Now Hiring! Immediate open-


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isiana and Mississippi. He holds a degree in Surveying and Mapping from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tenn. Williams began his career as a rodman and worked his way up to product manager/staff surveyor at Surveying/ Engineering consulting businesses prior to G360. The third member of the G360 team is Barrett Smith, also a resident of Clinton. Smith, who holds a B.S. degree from LSU, began his surveying career as a rodman for surveying Crew chief. He is currently working on obtaining the needed hours in surveying and mapping to sit for the license exam for surveyors. “Although our Geosystem instruments cut most surveying crews down from 3 to 2, these instruments still require a line of sight which means that the old brush hook is still part of surveying,’’ Williams acknowledged. “There are actually a few one-man surveying crews, but with only one person, they are limited to a specific range of tasks they can perform.” “We still carry brush hooks in our inventory along with metal pipes and rods to establish a survey location point of reference,” Williams added. “We also handle flagging, metal detectors, files for the brush hook and even bug spray in our one stop surveyor supplier system. G360 actually has over 2,000 product lines.’’ “We believe that a big market exists in the construction industry as well as the oil and gas industry for our products,’’ Biggs explained. “Our three most sophisticated or

high tech pieces of equipment are the GNNS, the Sprinter 150 M (memory) that is a precision leveling instrument that can be downloaded to an Excel file, and our Rugby 100 LR (long range) instrument. This instrument is exact in both leveling and location up to a 2,000 foot radius.” “Another popular instrument because of what it can do is the Robotic Total Station which calculates and shoots angles and coordinates. However, the first question that I ask a prospective customer is, ‘What is your work flow, and what do most of your jobs entail.’ Once I have that information, then I try to develop the right package of equipment for him to use. I don’t want to sell anyone an instrument that is not going to help them make money.’’ “In our careers as surveyors, or in geomatics, as some like to be called today, we saw a real disconnect between sales, service and followup,’’ Williams related. “Too many dealers want to sell you the equipment with a DVD and a manual and let you figure it out. We first want to field train them on how to use the instrument they purchase and then we want to be their resource when they have problems to solve. We want them to think of G360 as their valuable resource. The other employee of the fledging innovative firm is Dory King of Zachary. Dory serves as the accounting manager of the firm. Writer’s note: It seems that the business model that G360 has chosen, a total resource for their product market, is working. It is not an everyday occurrence when a couple of guys from the Clinton/Zachary area conduct seminars in France or even in Baton Rouge for that matter for international clients.

Events in the Felicianas Zachary Ducks Unlimited is hosting a youth Green Wing day August 24, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. at the Georgia-Pacific Pavilion on Pleasant-Port Hickey Road. The cost is $10.00 per child, which includes a 1-year Ducks Unlimited membership. Lunch will be provided by Georgia-Pacific. The activities will include Hunting Retriever demonstrations, decoy painting, Wood Duck box building, and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries booth. Please sign up in advance by contacting: Barry Hanks (225) 572-1886 or bjhanks@

games on Saturdays some at WFSP, Zachary Area Soccer & West Baton Rouge Soccer

West Feliciana Soccer Registration Continues Through August 30 Sports Coordinator will divide teams & contact coaches September 3 & 4 League play begins September 28-Nov 16 League play ends November 16 $60 per child registration fee 4-8 year olds will play all games on Saturdays at WFSP 10 & Up of age will play all

FALL ADULT SOFTBALL COED League Online Registration Registration is now open for Fall League :) League Games will be played on Sundays starting at 3 p.m. 6 weeks of games Sept. 15, 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13, 20 End of Season Tournament play will begin at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27 $250 per team

Youth Flag Football Registration Ends - August 30th Teams to be divided Sept. 3 & 4th Uniforms (jersey & belts) given to coaches September 23-27th League play begins September 29th League play ends November 17 $60 per child registration fee For more information www. or the Park office @ 225-784-8447

There’s something to do every day in the Felicianas. From choir performances and rodeos to Main Street markets and special library programming for children, this area is rich in cultural and social activities. If you have an event you would like the public to know about, send and email to Space allowing, your event will be included for free in the Event Calendar section.

Feliciana Explorer Aug 6  

August 6, 2013 • Vol. 8, No. 32

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