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West Feliciana Police Jury Defies Voters Entrenched Politicians Cling to Power, Face Recall for Not Implementing New Plan of Government

On November 6, 2012 West Feliciana voters turned out in record numbers to vote for U.S. President and vote to change the antiquated Police Jury form of government for the parish into a more progressive home rule charter form of government with a Parish President presiding over a Parish council. The governmental change passed by a vote of over 53% to about 47%, a margin of 337 votes out of almost 5000 cast. The turnout was one of the highest in West Feliciana history. Now, six months after the new form of Government was to be installed, some incumbent members of the police jury are trying to hold on to their elected power and defy the will of the voters. Last week the West Feliciana

Police Jury held a public hearing and decided on a 4-3 vote to call an October election to try to overturn the new government form. The majority of the people at the meeting were in favor of installing the new government form. Jurors Lea Williams, Melvin Young, John Kean and Otis Wilson supported a repeal election, while Mel Percy, Heather Howle and Ricky Lambert dissented. In addition to a Parish President, the new home rule charter government calls for a five-member parish council to replace the seven police jurors at the end of their terms. One member would be elected in parish wide balloting and four would be elected from single-member districts. Jurors Lea Williams, Melvin

Young, John Kean and Otis Wilson are hoping that a lower turnout October election to repeal the home rule charter will pass by the voters unnoticed. On July 2, recall petitions began circulating to oust District 1 Police Juror Lea Williams and District 5 Juror John Kean from office. In addition, a lawsuit was filed to force implementation of the home-rule charter. The purpose of the lawsuit is to tell the Police Jury they have to respect the will of the voters by taking the repeal off the ballot and put the parish president on the ballot. Twentieth Judicial District Judge William G. Carmichael set a 9:30 a.m. July 10 hearing on the lawsuit. Rebecca Hilliard and Amy Betts are leading the effort to oust

Police Juror Lea Williams, while James Richard Wood and Ellen Kay Kennon are spearheading the effort against Kean. The West Feliciana Parish Registrar of Voters said Hilliard and Betts must obtain the signatures of one-third of the 1,127 registered voters in District 1, or 376, to force a recall election on Williams, while to successfully call a recall vote on Kean, Wood and Kennon need one-third of the district’s 1,083 registered voters, or 362, to sign the petition. The petition organizers have 180 days to gather the necessary signatures. Both recall groups are holding a 6:30 p.m. meeting July 11 at Hemingbough to gather signatures for their respective petitions.

Local Resident Uses Real Life Experiences In Business, Ministries By James Ronald Skains

In May of 2012, Merrick Young and his construction company, Living Solutions Construction, LLC received the Capital Region District “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the LA Small Business Development Center and the Small Business Administration. “I try to find out what a person really wants and expects to get before I start a building project,’’ Merrick Young told the Zachary Post. “Whether it is a remodeling job or a new house, I have found it best to get to know your client and determine what they really want and expect.’’ “Not only do we have a more harmonious relationship during the construction phase, but this builds customer loyalty, as they usually they will have more work at a later date. With building costs so expensive, the planning phase is now more important than ever.”

“I approach each job as if I’m building or remodeling the house for myself, in order to build value in the property,’’ Young added, who worked seven years in the industry before launching his own business. “My long term goal in the construction business is to continue to build value for myself in real estate properties, so I try to share that goal with my customers.” Merrick Young of 20 years ago was the most unlikely candidate to be the recipient of any “Entrepreneurial Award” or even the owner of a successful construction company. For starters, by the time Young was the age to be finishing high school he couldn’t read. Secondly, his avocation was music and he became somewhat successful in that field with a couple of hit songs and CD’s. See MERRICK YOUNG page 2

Jason El Koubi, Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development presents Merrick Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2012.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Merrick Young continued from page 1

However, his strongest personal assets, leadership, organization, and energy, had been directed toward illegal enterprises. For several years, the illiterate Young was very successful with those illegal endeavors. However, the time came when the game ended and Young was faced with very serious consequences for his actions that were well documented. “After a couple years in those activities, I realized that what I was doing was absolutely wrong and that my life was headed for a train wreck. I spent a lot of time thinking of how I could get out of my situation alive. The amount of money I was making was substantial, so that was always a holdback to make a break. However, the train wreck in my life happened before I could make a break.” Young credits that “Train Wreck” in his life with starting the process that has made him the person he is today. First, he completed his education with getting his GED. Along the way, he became prolific in both reading and writing which helped boost his songwriting and recording career. During his incarceration, his spiritual life changed from near zero to a strong Christian believer which motivated him to share his message

on a larger stage. Along his life’s journey since turning his life around, Young has earned the title of “Street Preacher.” Eventually, Young worked with Tonya and Darren Myles with the well-known Baton Rouge faith based initiative, “Set Free Indeed.” Also, Young has put his musical talents to good use in his spiritual life by recording more music. “I really didn’t want to get into the type of music that I’m now doing, but that seems to be what appeals to the younger generation so whatever it takes to reach that generation, I’m willing to do. I call it “Holy HipHop” music,’’ Young acknowledged. “I know the consequences of the mistakes of my youth, and they were not good. If I can help other young people avoid those mistakes for which you are held accountable, I will have accomplished something worthwhile.” “So many of the young people of this generation are like I was; not able to read or write or have any useable skills to hold a job. In my construction business, the name Living Solutions Construction, LLC, not only reflects my approach to my customers, but also to my employees. I try to explain what we are doing on our construction jobs, how it all ties together for the finished product, and how we are held accountable for the quality of

our work.” Since launching his building construction business 2009, Young was able to secure a $500,000 loan through the Small Business Development Center at Southern University to develop a small housing project in Baker. In addition, Living Solutions Construction, LLC has landed construction contracts with the City of Opelousas and the City of Zachary. “The Louisiana Small Business Development Center has been a great help with my endeavors,’’ Young pointed out. “Not only have they helped us get our foot in the door on projects, but they have helped guide me in understanding the business side of construction and also how to grow your business. My goal is to continue to help my customers establish more value in their projects, and to obtain more properties myself so that someday in the future, I will be able to financially devote more time to my Christian ministry.’’ Writer’s note: It is interesting to see someone with as much passion, energy and enthusiasm for the work they are doing in pursuing their ultimate goals in life. Merrick Young certainly has a story to relate of twist and turns in life that are certainly ongoing problems in our present day society.

Info for St. Vincent de Paul Uniforms for Kids

We are now gearing up for school to start. St. Vincent de Paul Uniforms for Kids will be giving out uniforms again this year. You can pick up applications at Quad Area CAA at 12126 Liberty Street or call for other locations the uniforms will be available. The completed applications need to be turned into Quad Area no later than July 12 for the eligibility verification and then you will be called for an appointment. Please only pick up an application for your household. If you have other families living with you they will have to fill out separate applications.


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Angola Harvest Makes Large Home Grown Donation to Area Food Banks On July 1, Louisiana State Penitentiary made its second donation of vegetables to area food banks. On June 19, 2013, approximately 3,000 pounds of potatoes were donated to West and East Feliciana Parish food banks. An additional donation of 6,000 pounds of potatoes, cucumbers, and summer squash will be transported to East Feliciana this afternoon. Angola, home of the state’s maximum security prison, is known as the The Farm for having perhaps the richest farming soil in our state. Warden Cain has been quoted as saying, “we measure our top soil in feet rather than inches.” Over 5 million pounds of vegetables are grown on the grounds of the state’s largest prison and over 11,000 state inmates housed at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, Dixon Correctional Institute, Avoyelles Corrections Center, Elayn Hunt Correctional Center and the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women are fed each year from the harvests – saving tax payers from

the purchasing of canned vegetables. This year’s harvest has exceeded on-site prison warehouse space. The prison has been granted permission by the Department of Corrections to donate the perishable foods. We are fortunate to give where and when we can as we serve to ensure public safety to the citizens of our great State.



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Marston House Shows Its Colors for the Glorious Fourth By Mildred P. Worrell

Henry Marston (1794-1884) came to Louisiana in a year of war, 1812. He was the son and grandson of genuine, Revolutionary era Massachusetts’s patriots. His grandfather’s name – or maybe it was his own father’s; They were both named, “John Marston” – was the first inscribed on the sterling silver bowl commissioned by the “Sons of Liberty” to Paul Revere to honor an act of civil disobedience that led up to the American Revolution. Henry himself had met President George Washington when a child. He named his first Louisiana plantation, “Washington Place” in his hero’s honor. But 150 years ago this month, this very week, Marston, still a staunch believer in the nation his forefathers had helped to found, was a man of 69 years, a very successful banker and planter, a recognized power in the community of Clinton which he had helped to build into a center of commerce, an aging man whose world was menaced by another war, the War Between the States. Marston and his wife, Abbie Johnston, had three sons fighting for the Confederacy: Henry, Jr., Bulow Ward, and James Grey. Marston remained a Unionist, but he was also a slave owner. He opposed Secession, as did many in East Feliciana. He believed to the last that the Union could be preserved. Family lore has it that he even hung a U.S. flag from the balcony of Marston House, his bank and town residence, drawing the ire of a Confederate officer who was hastily withdrawing from the embattled town. For the war was close 150 years ago to that Greek revival, columned building on Bank St. The Siege of Port Hudson at the southwestern tip of East Feliciana Parish on the Missis-

sippi River had begun May 22, 1863. It would end on July 9, its 48 days of misery comprising the longest siege in US military history. July 4th would come to mean the beginning of the end of the hopes for Confederate victory. Vicksburg fell, Gettysburg was lost, and Port Hudson could do naught but surrender also. Marston lived close to the railroad station. The Clinton & Port Hudson Railroad, which he and other wealthy men had bankrolled, beginning in 1837, practically rolled up into his back yard. The “cars” had for some time been bringing the sick and wounded from skirmishes and outright battles around Port Hudson to the military hospital at Silliman Institute, the girls’ school that Marston had helped found, that was only a scant two blocks south of his home. The Marstons lived intimately with the War. Convalescent soldiers were welcomed into the Marston House and were housed in the bank office. Their graffiti can still be seen on its walls today. Thousands died at Port Hudson. Those who made it to Clinton and died were buried in a mass grave in the town cemetery directly to the west of Marston’s back door. The Marstons attended many funerals, no doubt all the time thinking of their sons and brothers fighting far away. 150 years later the venerable old building is undergoing another restoration. Soon paint and stucco will make almost new the exterior created by the Hardesty brothers and Marston in 1836 when the bank, a branch of the Union Bank of Louisiana, was established. The stately columns will be repaired, and will look like they did when Port Hudson fell. And Marston House will be an active part of Clinton’s community life again.

The south wall of Marston House was pressure washed this week to prepare it for painting. The original stucco, colored tan and scored to resemble granite blocks, can be seen under years of many coats of white paint. Repairs to the damaged areas of wall and the columns will be ongoing through the summer.

There is a tendency to gloss over the complexity of history. There is so doggone much of it for one thing. The need to simplify, to categorize, to sort and group the issues and the characters into coded entries and get on to the next decade, the next century. Few events in our national history are so complex, contain so many contradictory particles of fact as our Civil War. It rather defies all attempts to make it simple. 1863 was a terrible time around here and a terrible time for this nation, but Abbie and Little Miss Abbie and certainly the cook went out and fed the chickens. Abbie saved the family by raising – and picking – cotton out in the back acreage behind Marston House. She made two bales, we are told, and with the money she paid the taxes that year. And Mr. Henry looked out the west window of his office, past the grave-

yard, and pondered what had become of his country, what would become of his family, and were his boys still alive. It was said in the Marston family that you could hear the big naval guns at Port Hudson when the night was still. July 9, 1863, the guns stopped. Why Marston House? Why have many in Clinton struggled to “save and restore” it for so long? Because in the history of that one American Southern household are woven myriad threads of the people and events that shaped and made and threatened and injured and blessed and led and followed and healed and created our community. It still stands strong, and this week it will wear the red, white, and blue proudly on its balcony for Henry Marston, patriot. Its highest and best uses will be to educate, inform, encourage colloquy, and be a place of gathering for our community.

Silliman Institute Congratulates National Merit Scholar

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


4-H University, formerly known as Short Course, is a state wide conference for 4-H members in grades 8-12. This conference allows 4-H members to be a part of numerous individual and leadership activities. Members may attend Clover College or participate in team or individual contests. Many state contest winners receive trips to compete at a national level in various parts of the country. 4-H University was held to the campus of Louisiana State University, June 18-21, 2013. West Feliciana Parish 4-H’ers had the opportunity to participate in state wide competitions in various subject areas that range from public speaking to tractor driving. West Feliciana Parish 4-H’ers in attendance were: Toler Beauchamp, Hayden Charlet, Cameron Hughes, Sarah Nunnery, Brandon Oliveaux, and Reed Sturgeon. These 6 individuals formed two teams of three and competed in the Fishing Sports competition. This contest includes a written exam on fishing knowledge, as well as a casting component, and fish identification. Another part of the contest includes a practical application where the teams are allowed to showcase their skills of catching live fish in ponds on location the day of the contest. The team composed of Toler Beauchamp, Sarah Nunnery, and Reed Sturgeon placed 2nd overall in the state. This team has place 2nd in this competition for 3 consecutive years. Toler Beauchamp also received a blue ribbon and placed 8th high individual in the competition.

Silliman is proud to announce that one of its 2013 graduates, Payton Hayes Bruckmeier, has been named a National Merit Scholar. Payton graduated top of his class as valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA. He received both the math and the science awards at graduation. These awards are given to the student with the highest academic average for four years in math and in science. He was also awarded the Jostens’s Award for service to his school.Payton has been offered the following scholarships: TOPS, Missouri University of Science and Technology National Merit Scholar full tuition $52,000 (4years), University of Texas at Dallas National Merit Scholar full tuition (4 years), University of Chicago National Merit Scholar full tuition (4 years), University of Alabama National Merit Scholar full tuition (4 years), University of Oklahoma National Merit Scholar $98,000, New America University at Arizona National Merit Scholar $100,000 (4 years), Arizona State University National Merit Scholar $100,000 (4 years), and University of Mississippi National Merit Scholar $103,912 (4 years). In the fall Payton plans to attend Missouri University of Science and Technology, studying to be a Nuclear Engineer.

Dr. Tilley is accepting new patients of all ages.

Brandon Tilley, MD FA M I LY M E D I C I N E Dr. Tilley is located at Daniel Clinic, 5326 Oak Street, St. Francisville, LA 70775 Call 225-635-5848 for an appointment.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Davis Elected to Board of Directors for Guaranty Bank

Great Guaranty Bancshares announces the addition of a new member to its Board of Directors, Hall L. Davis IV. Mr. Davis was also elected to the Board of Directors for Guaranty Bank & Trust Company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Guaranty Bancshares. In making the announcement, Chairman of the Board, Henry Olinde, Jr. stated “we are pleased to have Hall Davis, IV as a director of Guaranty Bank & Trust Co. Mr. Davis brings considerable talent and prestige to our organization. He possesses the leadership and dedication that Guaranty Bank has come to be recognized for. I, along with the other members of the board, and the management and staff welcome Hall Davis to the Guaranty Bank family.” Hall Davis, IV was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is married to Cecile C. Davis, and has four children: Felicia Davis, (Attorney), Pamela Davis, (M.D.), Hall Davis, V, (NFL Player) and Erica Milton, (Clerical). Mr. Davis is a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner and owns and operates Hall Davis & Son Funeral Homes with locations in Port Allen, Baton Rouge and Plaquemine. Davis attended Commonwealth College and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mortuary Science and graduated with honors in 1975. Active in civic and professional activities, Mr. Davis is a Charter Mem-

ber of 100 Black Men-Metro Baton Rouge Chapter, National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, Past President, Louisiana Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, Past President of Baton Rouge Funeral Directors Association, Better Business Bureau Board of Directors, West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, Past President West Baton Rouge Council on Aging, Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission, Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow, and Boy Scouts of America Affiliation. Founder and served the community through efforts such as Hall’s Kids We Care and Sharing A Vision organizations. He serves as a Board Member of the YMCA. In a prepared statement, Mr. Davis commented, “It is an honor to be invited into such an excellent organization. I will work with my fellow Board members to continue Guaranty Bank’s current successful course, which is built upon a tradition of personal service to the communities we serve.” Guaranty Bank & Trust Company prides itself by delivering superior products with exceptional customer service, at competitive rates. The Board of Directors of the bank are; J. Levy Dabadie, Jr., Dr. Donald Doucet, John L. Ewing, Henry D.H. Olinde, Jr., J. Layne Orillion, J. Wade O’Neal III, F. Gregory Roy and Chad Soprano.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013



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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Calendar of Events Attention all youth baseball players ages 9-11 interested in playing tournament baseball: The Louisiana Legacy Baseball organization is hosting an open tryoutfor potential team members Tryout Information: Saturday, July 20th 8:00-10:00 a.m. Slaughter Baseball Field. What to wear and bring: Wear baseball gear. Bring baseball bat, glove, helmet, and hat. For more information, please contact Bianca W. Brown at (225) 288-7686. 6 week course. Call 570-8323 to register. First Baptist Zachary would like to invite you to “Mondays for the Master” this summer! We’re moving our Sunday night worship services to Monday nights at 7pm from July 8 through August 5 this year. Come for solid Biblical teaching and Spirit-filled Worship 7pm each night in the FBCZ Worship Center (4200 Main Street, Zachary, LA). July 8 Rev. Philip Robertson, Senior Pastor of Philadelphia Baptist Church in Deville, LA July 15 Dr. Fred Wolfe, Senior Pastor of Luke 4:18 Fellowship in Mobile, AL July 22

Dr. Ronald Meeks, Professor of Bible & Director of Church Relations at Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, MS July 29 Dr. Steve Horn, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Lafayette, LA August 5 Pastor Fred Luter, Jr., Senior Pastor of Franklin Ave. Baptist in New Orleans, LA and President of the SBC These teaching and worship events are free to the public (no reservations required). Childcare will be provided for children birth to age 4. For more info call the church office at 225.654.2755 DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP Tuesday, July 9, 2013 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Type 1 or Type 2? Old Hand or Newly Diagnosed? Maybe a friend or loved-one has Diabetes? Would you like to learn more about Diabetes, or reinforce what you already know? We welcome all who have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes including family, friends and any others in a supporting role. Lane Regional Medical Center 6300 Main Street

Zachary, LA Registration is NOT Required. For more information, contact Sherri Brady, RN 225-658-4583 Private Pesticide Applicator Class July 18th at the Capital Area Technical School, Folkes Campus Class will start at 2 PM and will last 3 to 4 hours Anyone who does not have a private applicator license and has the need to use restricted use pesticides is encouraged to attend Advanced preparation is strongly encouraged. Please inquire for details RSVP is required to attend The class is free of charge and refreshments will be provided by Tri-Parish Co-op For more information: Bobby Bingham 225-683-3101 Andre Brock 225-635-3614 abrock@agcenter.lsu.eduAARP Driver Safety Course at Lane RMC The AARP Driver Safety Course will be held at Lane Regional Medical Center on Tuesday, July 30, 2013, from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. This classroom refresher course

for drivers age 50 and older will help you learn the effects of aging on driving and how to adjust and remain safe on today’s roads. Most auto insurance companies provide a multiyear discount to course graduates. Class size is limited and registration is required. For more information, or to preregister, call 654-LANE (6545263). FREE LUNCH AND LEARN AT LANE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER “SELECTIVE HEARING . . . THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT” Selective Hearing is hosting a FREE Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, July 31, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary. The Lunch and Learn will include a demonstration of the latest in Bluetooth Technology Listening Devices. The session is FREE and includes a light lunch. Space is limited and reservations are required. Call (225) 243-6129 or (225) 2864032 to reserve your seat today!

There’s something to do every day in the Felicianas. From choir performances and rodeos to Main Street markets and special library programming for children, this area is rich in cultural and social activities. If you have an event you would like the public to know about, send and email to Space allowing, your event will be included for free in the Event Calendar section.

Feliciana Explorer July 9  
Feliciana Explorer July 9  

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