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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


EXPLORER 4104 Main Street Zachary, LA 70791

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Superintendent Milton Engages Students

On behalf of the West Feliciana Parish School Board, Supervisors, Administrators, Faculty and Staff, I would like to welcome everyone back to school! As we approach the coming school year, I am reminded of something I read on the origin of the phrase gung ho. Originally a Chinese phrase meaning work together, it was adopted as a training slogan by the U. S. Marines in 1942. In modern terms, we now use it to mean extremely enthusiastic. The phrase gung ho encompasses how I feel about the coming school year. I am extremely enthusiastic about working with a group of dedicated professionals to empower a new generation of learners. I know our principals and teachers are excited to nurture our students’ academic and personal growth as well. Most importantly, though, is the idea that we will work together to accomplish our goals in the coming year. Our district leaders, school leaders, and teachers began working last school year to prepare for the year ahead, and they continued their efforts over the summer to develop powerful and engaging curriculum tools. This will equip our students with the skills they need to be successful. Over the next year, we will work together to implement strategic initiatives in literacy and mathematics instruction in order to ensure success for all. We have so much to be enthusiastic about: • We are an “A” school district. • We are an AdvancED Accredited District with 28 Powerful Practices noted. • We are recipients of the SRCL (Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy) Grant. • Our Seniors earned 2.5 million dollars in college scholarships last year. • West Feliciana Middle School is an Apple Distinguished School. • Mr. Necaise, Principal of West Feliciana Middle School, is the 2013 Principal of the Year for the Louisiana Association of School Principals, as well as LA Computer Using Educator of the Year for LACUE. • Bains Elementary students were recognized on a national level in the 2013 Junior American Citizen Contest as well as the National Youth Leadership Council. • Bains Lower is first in the state in Kindergarten readiness. We are thrilled that you have entrusted your children and their education to us. We are committed to ensuring our students reach their full potential, and we look forward to working together to make a positive difference in the lives of your children. Sincerely, Hollis Milton, Superintendent West Feliciana Parish Schools

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Superintendent Lewis Prepares for High Achievement Dear Community Partners, East Feliciana is ready to embark on another year of achievement. Last year was filled with numerous educational victories for our parish. We would like to thank our administrators, teachers, and support workers for embracing the challenge to meet the needs of our students. Their hard work resulted in our district being ranked 2nd in the state for student growth in grades 3-8. Our community is regaining its confidence in the public school system. We must continue the momentum during the upcoming school year and produce the best educational opportunities for the children of our district. Our school board members understand the challenges and have continued to support the administration’s recommendations for improvement. We encourage everyone to support our strategic plan which continues to address three major areas—academics, finance and the community. This model has proven to be successful in its early stages, but we must continue to make tough decisions for continued growth and improvement. As we approach the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards, administrators, teacher leaders, and other district personnel have been working to revamp curriculum in order to address the rigor required. The new curriculum and instructional program is more rigorous for students, so we anticipate some challenging transitions during the first semester as students adjust to the new standards and a rigorous curriculum. We will also continue working to secure the materials and technology required to successfully implement the new curriculum. Our district’s focus on literacy will continue, and to assist with the transition to Common Core State Standards we need greater parental involvement and collaboration with schools. I encourage parents to continue reading with their children and placing an emphasis of reading and writing in the home. The first day of school for students is Monday, August 12, 2013. We look forward to seeing all students on the first day of school as we continue Creating Louisiana’s Premier School District…One Student at a Time! Sincerely, Henderson Lewis, Jr., Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools East Feliciana Parish Public Schools

9933 Plank Rd • Clinton

7666 Highway 61 • St. Francisville

13533 Hooper Road • Baton Rouge


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4H Campers Return to West Feliciana to Improve Service Camp Grant Walker is located centrally in Pollock, LA and has been the venue for 4-H Campers since 1935. It has numerous activities to offer 4-H’ers in grades 4th6th that attend camp there in the summer. Youth participate in educational and recreational activities during camp. Some examples of educational activities include SET (Science Engineering and Technology), Food and Fitness, Dramatic Arts and Outdoor Skills. Samples of recreational activities available for youth were canoeing, kayaking, swimming, archery, and arts and crafts. There were 66 4-H members from West Feliciana Parish in attendance at 4-H Camp during the week of July 8-12, 2013. Female campers were lead and chaperoned by West Feliciana 4-H Agent Meredith DeLee, along with Adult Volunteer Sarah Crankshaw, and Junior Counselor Sarah Nunnery. Male campers were attended by 4-H Agent Andre Brock and Junior Counselor Toler Beauchamp.

Above: Callie DeLee practing archery (Hunter Safety Kids) Back Row- Kam Noble, Haley Oliveaux, Madison Pollet, Riley. Below: Girls at the creek – Marsha Savage, Riley Charlet, Carly Giannoble, Lauren Mendenall

Above: Boys at creek- Ethan Rabalais, Kam Noble, Harrison Lewellyan, right: Kayaking in the pond- Dalton Schilling, Tyler Ernest

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Angola Prison Continues to be Economic Engine for Felicianas By James Ronald Skains

“We like to have visitors coming to Angola,’’ Warden Burl Cain, in an exclusive interview told the Feliciana Explorer. “Our weekend Rodeos in October and the one weekend in April draw a lot of people to St. Francisville. Motels fill up; restaurants and gas stations are very busy during those weekends. Some people complain about the traffic, but the amount of money coming into the town is significant.” Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP) currently employs 1,200 correctional officers and staff at Angola. The budget appropriated to operate Angola for the current year is $119 million, down from recent years of $135 million. Angola cultivates many acres of crops out of the total land base of 18,000 acres. “Since opening our Penitentiary Museum in late 1998, our daily visitors have increased significantly,’’ Cain related. “We are the destination of a number of tour groups. Also, our prison ministry brings in a lot of people that pass through West Feliciana Parish that usually stop and contribute some money to the local economy.” “We have several outside Prison Ministries that visit Angola on a regular basis several times a month. We like very much for these groups to come back for visits. In 1995, the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOTBS) established a school at Angola. This program has been more successful in bringing peace and harmony to Angola than we ever dreamed possible. The Seminary has trained numerous inmate preachers.”

Pictured Above: Burl Cain (left) with Sheriff Randy Seal of Washington Parish (right)

“I like to see inmate preachers in the pulpit because they can relate to the other inmates like nobody else. Out of the 5,200 inmates, I would estimate that 2,000 inmates have become born again believers in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ since arriving at Angola. It is truly a shame that young men have to come to prison to be taught the difference between immorality and morality,’’ Warden Cain explained. “Everyone should learn the difference between immorality and morality at an early age from their parents. That is where I learned the difference and that I was going to be held accountable for my actions. That is what we try and teach, among other things here at

Angola, is the difference between immorality and morality, that people are held accountable for their actions and that it is better to give than to take.’’ Education is a primary focus of LSP’s rehabilitative efforts. All offenders, regardless of custody status, are offered the opportunity to participate in the STEP (Steps Toward Educational Progress) Program. Offenders who achieve acceptable levels in the STEP Program are then eligible for participation in Adult Basic Education and GED Program. Other educational programs offered include the on-site vocational school, a school funded by the Louisiana Technical College, which provides instruction in horticulture, welding, culinary arts, auto

mechanics, body and fender repair, carpentry, graphic arts, and instruction in golf course construction and maintenance. “We currently have seven chapels at Angola and are in the process of building another. Our chapels usually have inmate congregations of about 200 each. I tell the inmates that the Chapels are an island of freedom. Inside the Chapels, the focus is on God and the spiritual way of life and the inmates are free to worship as they see fit. However, when they step out of the Chapel, they are once again an inmate, subject to all the rules and regulations of the prison system. They also know very clearly that rights can be taken away from them for missbehavior.” The NOBTS offers an Associate in Christian Ministry degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry degree. NOBTS gives credit for a one-year certification program that is taught by LSP offender graduates under the supervision of the Center Director. The NOTBS has given offenders a chance to educate themselves and grow spiritually. This program has promoted and restored hope to all areas of the prison, as graduates encourage fellow offenders to enroll. “We also have a number of movies and documentaries filmed at Angola. There have been numerous books written about Angola and specific inmates. All this kind of activity brings people to West Feliciana Parish,’’ Warden Cain pointed out. “Our LouiSee ANGOLA on page 6

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Lane Foundation Announces Capital Campaign

The Lane Regional Medical Center Foundation has announced its goal to raise $500,000 - $1 million for its Cancer Services capital campaign. More than $300,000 already has been donated or pledged to support Lane Foundation’s project, a $4.5 million Radiation Oncology Center. Lane Regional has partnered with Baton Rouge General and radiation oncologists William Russell, MD and Andrew Lauve, MD to open the state-of-the-art Center on Lane’s campus in January 2014. Lane’s commitment to the project is $1 million which will go towards purchasing a new Linear AcceleraTheresa Payment tor and providing cancer treatment services. The Linear Accelerator delivering high-energy x-rays to the uses external beam radiation to treat patient’s tumor, pinpointed to deall parts and organs of the body by stroy the cancer cells while sparing


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siana Justice Hall of Fame, located in our Museum, also brings in a steady flow of traffic. I think the Hall of Fame helps spotlight some of the things that we do right here at Angola. We can’t get too many visitors here at Angola.’’ Rather than a typical, walled prison, LSP has six fenced housing areas with the remaining acreage devoted to farming. The majority of offenders work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the farming operations. The primary crops grown for sale by Prison Enterprises are corn, soybeans, and corn. Approximately 1 million pounds of vegetables, tomatoes, cabbage, okra, watermelon, strawberries, onions, beans and peppers are processed annually at LSP. Also, the prison system maintains a beef herd of 1,500 and a horse population of approximately 250 that are used in daily farming operations. Although Angola has progressed from a violent unruly prison to a model prison of rehabilitation, peace and harmony of the prison for the most part, and an efficiently run system, Warden Cain has come under intense national scrutiny and criticism for exposing the

National Merritt Semifinalist

ect has been especially impressive with more than $150,000 donated or pledged by Lane employees and auxiliary members. “We are pleased to see such a generous outpouring of support coming from our staff members and volunteers, as well as from so many individuals, families and businesses.” said Randy Olson, Lane CEO. “This is a long-term investment the communities we serve will benefit from for generations to come.” For additional information about the Radiation Oncology Center, or to make a donation to the LaneRMC Foundation’s Cancer Services campaign, please contact Theresa Payment at (225)658-6699, tpayment@ or visit

prison population to the Christian way of life. “All inmates have a choice of which direction they want to go in their life here at Angola. They can forego any and all Christian education and other activities if they so choose. But once inmates see the difference that Christ has made in the lives of other inmates, they want to experience that hope and enjoyment of the Christian way of life which can be attained in any setting, including a prison,’’ Warden Cain concluded. Writer’s note: 18 years ago, prison experts considered Louisiana’s Angola Prison as the very worst prison system in America. It also gobbled up huge amounts of taxpayer money each year. Then along came a youthful 50 year old Burl Cain, armed not with a lot of degrees or expensive studies on how to make a prison system work better; but with a simple rule book written some 2,000 years ago but much maligned today. With this simple rulebook and a Christian attitude, Cain’s Angola has become the “showcase prison” in America for prisoner rehabilitation, a guidebook for efficient use of taxpayer money and for its large practicing Christian inmate community.

The Advocate Star of Stars

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National Merit Scholar

surrounding normal tissue. The campaign, guided by a newly formed Development Board of volunteers and local leaders, has received tremendous community support with more than 300 individuals, businesses and organizations making donations and pledges in the first few months. “People throughout the region are contributing to the campaign because they see the impact the Radiation Oncology Center will have on the community,” says LaneRMC Foundation Director Theresa Payment. “Those battling cancer will no longer have to travel elsewhere to receive life-saving treatment and being able to stay close to home will make things much easier for them and their loved ones.” Internal support for the proj-

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Technology in Classrooms

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“Silliman…a place you enter to learn and leave to achieve.” Grades PreK – 12th College Preparatory Curriculum/Dual Enrollment Classes Low Student/Teacher Ratio Approved by the State of Louisiana and accredited by the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools  Well-developed Athletic Program  “A quality education is our commitment to you and the families we serve.”

 Silliman Institute does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion or national ethnic origin. Post Office Box 946 • Clinton, LA 70722 • 225-683-5383 •

The East Feliciana Council on Aging held its annual picnic this year at Avondale Boy Scout Camp. They had a Fish Fry with all the trimmings. Everyone played Bingo and there were door prizes for all in attendance.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Calendar of Events The Feliciana Chapter of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at LSU is looking for all persons fifty years of age and over who seek to enrich their lives, meet new people, and continue their education. This local Chapter encompasses West and East Feliciana and Pointe Coupee and is an outreach program of LSU Continuing Education. The membership year starts July 1 and the membership fee is $40, which is tax deductible. Both educational and fun classes are held throughout the year in both St. Francisville and New Roads. No exams, no grades, just informal enrichment with a healthy dose of making new friends. In addition to the classroom oportunities there are several Coffees each year with a speaker and social time, Field Trips to unique local places, and monthly (September to May) Nature Walks with expert birders and naturalists. All this is guaranteed to keep you learning, moving and meeting interesting people. Something for everyone! These are some of the up-coming classes for the Fall starting in mid-September: Italian Cooking, Quilting, Yoga, Spanish for Beginners and Intermediates, Home Gardening, Beginning French, Square Dancing, Bird Identification, Louisiana Creole Language Through Folklore, Remarkable But Not So Famous Presidents, Channeling The Muse. Instructors are experts in their field. There is a nominal class fee. Sign up early as class size is limited. Join OLLI now online or over the

discount to course graduates. Class size is limited and registration is required. For more information, or to pre-register, call 654-LANE (654-5263).

phone so you can sign up for the fall classes, Field Trips and Nature Walks. Call 224-578-2500 from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday or go to www.outreach.lsu. edu/olli.

4032 to reserve your seat today! West Feliciana Soccer Registration Continues Through August 30 Sports Coordinator will divide teams & contact coaches September 3&4 League play begins September 28Nov 16 League play ends November 16 $60 per child registration fee 4-8 year olds will play all games on Saturdays at WFSP 10 & Up of age will play all games on Saturdays some at WFSP, Zachary Area Soccer & West Baton Rouge Soccer

Public information forum Wednesday July 31, 2013 at 6 p.m. Fire Protection District No. 1 Administration and Training Center 9892 West Feliciana Parkway Fire Protection District No. 1 of West Feliciana will host an informational forum on proposed Fire Protection and Fire Prevention ordinances for West Feliciana Parish. The forum will provide an in-depth overview of 13 proposed ordinances that the Fire Protection District is asking the Police Jury to consider and provide ample time for discussion and public feedback.

First Baptist Zachary would like to invite you to “Mondays for the Master” this summer! We’re moving our Sunday night worship services to Monday nights at 7pm from July 8 through August 5 this year. Come for solid Biblical teaching and Spirit-filled Worship 7pm each night in the FBCZ Worship Center (4200 Main Street, Zachary, LA). July 29 Dr. Steve Horn, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Lafayette, LA August 5 Pastor Fred Luter, Jr., Senior Pastor of Franklin Ave. Baptist in New Orleans, LA and President of the SBC These teaching and worship events are free to the public (no reservations required). Childcare will be provided for children birth to age 4. For more info call the church office at 225.654.2755

Youth Flag Football Registration Ends - August 30th Teams to be divided Sept. 3 & 4th Uniforms (jersey & belts) given to coaches September 23-27th League play begins September 29th League play ends November 17 $60 per child registration fee For more information www.wfprec. org or the Park office @ 225-7848447

FREE LUNCH AND LEARN AT LANE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER “SELECTIVE HEARING . . . THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT” Selective Hearing is hosting a FREE Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, July 31, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary. The Lunch and Learn will include a demonstration of the latest in Bluetooth Technology Listening Devices. The session is FREE and includes a light lunch. Space is limited and reservations are required. Call (225) 243-6129 or (225) 286-

The AARP Driver Safety Course will be held at Lane Regional Medical Center on Tuesday, July 30, 2013, from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. This classroom refresher course for drivers age 50 and older will help you learn the effects of aging on driving and how to adjust and remain safe on today’s roads. Most auto insurance companies provide a multiyear

FALL ADULT SOFTBALL COED League Online Registration Registration is now open for Fall League :) League Games will be played on Sundays starting at 3 p.m. 6 weeks of games Sept. 15, 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13, 20 End of Season Tournament play will begin at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27 $250 per team

There’s something to do every day in the Felicianas. From choir performances and rodeos to Main Street markets and special library programming for children, this area is rich in cultural and social activities. If you have an event you would like the public to know about, send and email to Space allowing, your event will be included for free in the Event Calendar section.

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Feliciana Explorer July 30  

July 30, 2013 • Vol. 8, No. 31

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