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A Guide for Contract Grading ENG 6210, Fall 2012

Your name: Pauline Felicia Baird This handout is designed to structure a discussion between you and your instructor regarding what you hope to learn this semester, how you hope to learn those things, and how you expect to be graded. Note: Of the four questions below, the first and last are probably most crucial in this case. What knowledge, skills, and values do you hope to acquire this semester? You may want to use the Course Description in this semester’s syllabus as a starting point, but you should think about adding your own specific outcomes. Here’s an opportunity to situate yourself in relation to course outcomes. I aspire to meet the following goal as stated in the course description: Demonstrate understanding of the discipline of rhetoric find my place in the discipline to enrich my scholarship produce artifacts of professionalism (VV, teaching philosophy and précis In addition, to seeking to gain a comprehensive view of the field of rhetoric, I want to find gaps between theory and practice of rhetoric and TESOL. More specifically, I wish to a) learn who are seminal classical and contemporary scholars b) what are their seminal works in the field c) how their works build or diverge from each other and their effects on the field d) begin to articulate my views based on what I learned e) create professional documents that scholars need (CV, conference proposal etc) f) speculate how I can best use this information in my course of study and professional life publications How do you hope to acquire this set of knowledge, skills, and values? How will you use the assignments to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values that you defined above? I will use the assignments to a) read around the assigned readings and annotate where possible b) assemble annotated bibliographies as I research b) mine the references for leads c) refine my CV and philosophy to reflect discipline consciousness d) better articulate my ideas of what rhetoric is, is regarded, and functions e) store all artifacts in a academic folder in online livebinder and/or Issuu for future reference What evidence will be presented to demonstrate that the objectives have been accomplished? Use the course assignments as a starting place. Through what set of artifacts will you demonstrate that you’ve met your outcomes? Assemble an academic journal in ISUU to show the following: Journal reviews with notes Organization Review with notes Proposal/panel Workshop with notes Study of doctoral Genres with notes Self-study & work habits - journal notes

Professional documents Conference with the teacher (Andrea) Meaningful class participation throughout the semester How will this evidence be evaluated? This is the key question. How should your instructor judge the evidence you submit? -

Reflective of the objectives of the course All assignment items are turned in / present in Self study journal Well- organized, coherent, thoughtful, shows Shows student’s attention to the heuristic In conferences verify the student is able to articulate learning experiences in keeping with the objectives and activities in class.

Grade contract  

Grade Contract - initial

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