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Tips for Effective Social Media Optimisation Social media optimisation, commonly abbreviated as SMO, is the use of social media websites and communities for publicity generation, for improved brand awareness or to simply drive traffic into a website. SMO is done to promote brands, products, services, and events, but also for ORM (online reputation management). SMO is advantageous in that you will get targeted Web traffic. There are several tips that will increase your SMO campaign’s chances of success. Diversify your SMO campaign to as many social media sites as possible. Some of the major social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. This increases visibility. Work on your linkability. Ensure that your website is not ‘static’ since regular updates lead to higher traffic and consequently greater linkability. You could increase linkability by adding a blog to your site, by writing thought pieces and white papers, and by aggregating the content you already have into an attractive format. Make bookmarking and tagging easy. Include the ReTweet button in Web pages. Have a list of tags that are relevant in your pages. Remind visitors to share what they see or read. Use badges and widgets affectively. Widgets like Facebook’s Social Graph enables people get your content and to share it. You can learn a lot from what NBA’s website is doing. Just ensure that the content being shared is branded. Although badges do not have the same ‘Get and share’ functionality, the embed code in images will ensure that visitors end up in your site. Attracting as many visitors as possible is important in SMO, but more important is ensuring that the visitors are registering. You should therefore include an option for visitors to sign-in for added benefits. This leads to lower bounce rate. The registration form should be short and to the point. Social commenting will help your SMO campaign. You could encourage visitors to share comments using such programs as Gigya, Echo, and Disqus. The Facebook ‘Like’ button and the Google+ ‘+1’ button come in handy since, as an example, people will think an item that has many likes is worth buying. You should always be a resource to your users, even if you do not see how it will benefit you. If you are a resource that people trust, this will help in link building since you will be seen as an authority. Reward users who are helpful and valuable. This will encourage them to do even more for you. The reward could be non-monetary such as a thank you email. Do not just create a community – ensure you participate. Participating helps your social media optimization campaign since you will better understand the needs of the community. Referenced sites:


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