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Exckusive: Interview with Wayne on whats next in his career

Government cuts costs on the new college campus Unveiling the biggest shake-up of Government spending

Chancellor George Osborne claimed the £81bn of cuts would be spread out fairly to be tolerated by everyone.

“We Offer A Large Verity Of EVERYTHINK”

By Felice Swaby

It had concluded that

the wealthiest half of graduates would be superior under the government’s plan, compared to the other half taken from the independent review. It had assumed the £21,000 earning per house hold at which students will have to start paying the funds back was according to 2012 prices. There have been various riots and demonstrations over the country which has voiced the frustration of the general public and not just students over the new fee rises.

By Felice Swaby

“A to t a l o f £ 9 4 0 m i s b e i n g c u t f r o m the b u d g e t f o r t e a c h i n g , b u i l d i n g s and r e s e a r c h ” for the next academic year with a 12.6% cut. This will affect the new development of the local James Watt College which hoped to start building an extension in summer 2011. Council’s budgets are to be cut by 28% over the next four years this has a great impact on Great Barr as it sees its future investment plans not being able to be funded. Figures published today show that just a handful of university/ college’s will see a rise in cash in terms of their facilities. The throwing out of Building Schools for the Future (BSF) projects re- form act, across the region means councils have lost millions of pounds formulating plans which will be unable to take place.

Rows grow over student fees rises

Pictured: James Watt Campus, Great Barr

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Husband arrested for wifes suspected ‘Honour killing’ Sameena khan, 27, a primary school teacher from Great Barr Birmingham, was strangled in September 2009 and her body buried in a suitcase in Handsworth, Birmingham. Mohammed Macow, 28, received a minimum jail sentance of 22 years respectively. The victim’s father Hassan Khan was jailed for life for her murder in 2010. Macow and Khan - who were also found guilty of burying Miss Khan’s body. They conspired to kidnap her ‘suspected lover’ Tarick Sulemani and threatening to kill him - who then fled to Iraq after the murder. Judge Aaron Barker, the Common Sergeant of Birmingham, told them: “This was a barbaric and callous crime to

By Felice Swaby erased.” He told Khan: “You was a willing participants in what was an agonising death and a deliberately disrespectful disposal.In a letter handed to police weeks before she died, Miss Khan had named Khan and Macow as men “ready and willing to do the job of killing me”. Amnesty International UK director Joana Davidson said: “This has been a truly shocking case and it’s been extremely important that justice has been seen to be done over the appalling murder of Sameena Khan.“Today’s conviction sends out the key message that so-called ‘honour’ killings will not be tolerated either in Britain or Iraq.”

Murderd: Sameena Khan

Killer: Mahammed Macow

Why Brum teeth are getting whiter By Felice Swaby As a nation we are forever being told our mouth furniture can’t hold a candle to the Hollywood smile. But now dentists say that, despite everyone watching their wallets, more

opting for “smile makeovers”. The trend may be fuelled by people

seeking to copy celebs, after seeing A-list stars flashing their pearly whites. But instead of forking out a fortune on dental treatment, folk are choosing a cheaper method - dubbed

David and sons

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“The Brum Smile”. Dr Robert Newman, from UltraSmile Dentistry in Erdington, Birmingham, says: “We have all sorts of people coming in asking to have a whiting treatment. more then we’ve ever had.”

Local jewellery shop robbery Two men with handguns threatened staff at Graff jewellers on dayas road on 6 September before taking 43 items. Jewellery worth an estimated £500,000 was stolen in a raid in 2010 when two Serbs armed with a revolver held up staff. CCTV images of the two men have been released to the public asking anyone with any knowledge of the men to come forward.

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