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er Office

“To live life fully and compassionately with an open mind and heart and with a certainty that my contributions will always leave circumstances better than they were before.”

In order to reach this point, I had to ask myself the following questions:

1. What impact do I want to have along my professional journey? 2. What qualities do I want my name to always be associated with?

refine your personal brand. Don’t wait – start pursuing your professional purpose now!

Cultivation and Empowerment Opportunity (CEO): Develop your personal brand statement and then try it on for

size. Say it out loud to five people in your trusted circle and allow them to give you feedback. Does it fit? Are you missing some-

thing that they see as important to your brand? And above all,

does it reflect God’s purpose and your personal journey? When it does, embrace it and begin living it! MEMO: Meet me here in The Corner Office as we continue to navigate the corporate life while fulfilling our spiritual purpose.

3. What are my core values? 4. What are my personal goals and how do they align with God’s purpose for me? Answering these questions for yourself will help you define and| ELISIA


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