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am reminded of the parable of seven blind men examining different parts of an elephant and then giving their report to one another. Leg: “It’s like a pillar.”

Tail: “It’s like a rope.” Trunk: “It’s like a tree branch.” Ear: “It’s like a hand fan.” Belly: “It’s like a wall.” Tusk: “It’s like a pipe.”

Not unlike those blind men, health and nutrition experts all seem to come up with research to support their own theories. Objectivity is elusive. To confuse things even more, hot bodied celebrities and fitness gurus sell books, e-books and supplements assuring you that if you follow their plan you will finally get the results you seek. Truth be told, you can probably find a diet for anything you want to support. (I once came across The Drinking Man’s Diet. No lie! I haven’t found The

THEBIGPICTURE YOUR MINDSET IS ALL IMPORTANT. The best fitness results come from seeking health first. Let the hot body be a nice side effect. In fact, there are some impressive studies indicating that weight loss motivated by health and lifestyle factors far exceeds dieting just to lose body fat for its own sake. THROW OUT THE SCALE. One of my favorite authors, Jason Seib, has aptly written that the number on the scale is just that: a number. It will show one thing on earth, another on the moon, another underwater. The scale is just a number. Rely on measurements, body fat analysis and how your clothes fit.

ACTIVELY DE-STRESS YOUR LIFE. Get enough sleep, and go to a doctor that can evaluate your hormonal health. Stress and its accompanying cortisol production hampers the loss of body fat.

Cheeseburgers and French Fries Diet yet, but it’s probably out there.) I have researched nutrition and fitness to a fanatical extent for years, and the following tips represent the best information available based on the latest research and the most cutting edge science of today.


FIND A FORM OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY YOU ENJOY. I have my opinions about optimal exercise, which I will share in future issues. But, in general, the best exercise you can do is one you like enough to stick with. For most people, group exercise is best. I have had few clients that can motivate themselves to stick to a gym workout on their own, but they are exceptions. If you can afford personal training, that will provide the accountability that most people need without having to sweat in front of a room full of strangers. GET SOME SUN EVERY DAY IF YOU CAN. Most Americans are vitamin D deficient which leads to a number of degenerative diseases. Supplementation has not been shown to be as effective as sunshine. BUY YOUR FOOD ON THE OUTSIDE AISLES AT THE GROCERY STORE. Don’t eat it unless is grows in the ground or has a mother. Avoid processed foods like the plague. Skip the fast foods too.

Now, is this everything there is to know about health and nutrition? Of course not. But if you stick around, I’ll help you see the whole elephant.| ELISIA


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