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it's ok not to be ok.

O.K || Dr. G Speaks

I would like to be real with you, ladies. Is that OK?


here have been times when people have asked how I was doing and I said, “Fine.” But I wasn’t. There

have been times in my life where I would hide the fact that I was going through some things. Well, 2013 was

an extremely difficult year, and I couldn’t hide anything, even if I wanted to. So, I leaned into it. I remember

being uncomfortable and telling family and friends that I wasn’t “good” at certain times, and they loved me just



the same. I remember telling my students that I wasn’t OK and that opened up great dialogue. I remember

sharing things that I felt were silly or “not big deals.” But they affected me. And, more importantly, it was all OK. Because I knew who was and is on the throne.

I see so many stressed, unhappy, healing, weary, overwhelmed people walking around like they have to put on a happy face. Well, guess what? If you are one of those people,

you are not alone.

Many of us act as if we are always doing great. As if we have it all together and don’t need help. We fake it. We fake it because we are afraid of others seeing that we

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