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ave you ever put off doing something because you felt it was too big of a risk? I’m

sure we’ve all done it at some

point in life. With every chance we take there is a trade-off. We have to lose some-

thing in order to gain something else. And because of this trade-off we shy away from losing. I mean, let’s be real. No one wants to lose, right?

While losing can be painful, we must

realize this truth: In order to live a fulfilled life and walk in our God-given purpose, we have to be willing to take risks! And no matter how hard we try, we can never fully avoid risk.

Taking the chance to do something different requires effort, especially when the results are uncertain.

And it’s

tempting to believe that doing nothing the choice to launch my life coaching

business, I was terrified! I had so many questions running through my head.

take risks. So what steps can you take to get started?


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Do your best to gather as much information

as possible. Making yourself knowledge-

able will take some of the fear out of your next big step. But set a time limit too. It’s

easy to get stuck in the research phase, and

doing so will land you right back where you started. Scared and unhappy.

TAKE ACTION Make the call. Buy the book. Write the “To

Do” list and cross off the first item. Action creates forward movement. Once you get going, it’s easier to keep going. And, as you

keep moving, your fear will start to fade away.


is the safer choice. When I first made

lize your potential by having the courage to

• What if I make a mistake?


• What if I fail?

Taking a risk is a matter of perspective. If

TION: What risks have you

not the end.

avoiding these risks stopped

• What if I never get any customers? I definitely let negative self-talk get the best of me in the beginning. I was

you win, you will be stronger. If you lose,

you will be wiser. And even if you fail, it’s


How has

you from living a fulfilled life?

tempted to hold back because I was


staying where I was, I chose to get fo-

When you decide to take a step even when

best risks I ever took.

roughs puts it, “Leap and the net will ap-

put aside this week in order

is the highest act of faith, and I have person-


afraid that others just wouldn’t get it. But in a moment of truth, rather than

cused, trust God and move forward!

I can say today that it was one of the Fear of the unknown has stopped countless people – talented, intelli-

gent people full of potential – from ever making positive changes in their

lives. Don’t let yourself be one of those people. You can only discover and uti-

the outcome is uncertain, divine providence will move with you. Or as author John Burpear.” You must believe that what you need

will show up when you need it. This truth

How might your life be better if you could find the courage to act in spite of your fears? What limiting beliefs will you to act and set yourself up for

ally witnessed its power countless times in

my own life. 2 Corinthians 5:7 makes the point beautifully, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”| ELISIA


Elisia Magazine // Issue ONE  

Elisia Magazine is a bi-monthly digital lifestyle magazine that's driven by the content of a group of talented, focused Christian women. Fro...

Elisia Magazine // Issue ONE  

Elisia Magazine is a bi-monthly digital lifestyle magazine that's driven by the content of a group of talented, focused Christian women. Fro...