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FELD HOMMES Media Data 2009

FELD HommEs is not just another uninspired product of an uninspired global player based on uninspired market research.



Number 252 in a series of DIESEL “how to...” guides to successful living. For more information call Diesel Deutschland 0211 418560

What makes us unique?

FELD HommEs was created with perseverance, professionalism and passion. And with a sense of fun. The result is an exceptional publication of exceptionally high quality, with an exceptional personality.

Deutschland 5,00 € / Österreich 5,00 € / Schweiz 7.50 sfr /



Es gibt noch Brüste, wie Gott sie schuf!

In Bayern lernen US-Soldaten, wie man in Afghanistan kämpft.




Wie immer: alles, was man diese Saison tragen kann – und muss.

Drei Männer der Weltliteratur, die das Meer herausfordern.

Dickkopf, Model, Schauspieler: Jamie Dornan im Interview.

Nachmachen verboten: ein ganzes Heft über echte Menschen.

Herbst 07

FELD HommEs is like its readers: Intelligent and inquisitive, entertaining, independent, respected and, on occasion, outspoken. FELD HommEs looks at the world from fresh and unconventional perspectives. With verve. And with a strong sense of curiosity. FELD HommEs sets new standards in design and editorial content. Nationally and internationally, its graphics and photography redefi ne the boundaries of the possible. FELD HommEs features editorial content that’s relevant to our target group. our readers are smart people in positions of responsibility, and our magazine speaks to them on their intellectual level. U4-U1_Echt_Cover_450x285.indd 1-2

FELD HommEs is glossy – but not superficial.

Rücken 6,5 mm

20.08.2007 16:54:56 Uhr



Deutschland 5,00 € / Österreich 5,00 € / Schweiz 7.50 sfr /

Who do we attract?


Our readers are educated, discerning consumers – they know what they want. And what they don’t want. So we don’t insult their intelligence, or attempt to push ideas – or products – down their throats.




Der erfolgreiche Rapper über große Hosen, Elternabende und Dynamit

Die Wahrheit über Hardcore, oder: „Was wir von Porno lernen können“

Worauf Leute verzichten, die sich ein X auf die Hand tätowieren



Wie man mit krummen Beinen 2 x Fußballweltmeister werden kann

Festliches zum Schenken, Behalten, Anziehen, Vor- und Nachlesen

Extrablatt: ein ganzes Heft (fast) ohne Bilder

Winter 07

Rival magazines may be aimed at mindless machos or pretentious yuppies – but not FELD HommEs. Our audience is normal, amicable, down-to-earth men. But not just. Because women, too, will fi nd plenty to interest them in FELD HommEs. And it attracts readers with a professional interest in magazines (advertisers, photographers, designers, stylists, fashion experts, etc.).


Our core target group is predominantly men with a keen interest in a wide range of current aff airs, in culture, and in striking, opulent visual images. Many of them, but by no means all, are creatives. Our readers do not self-consciously set out to be, but ultimately are, trend setters and opinion leaders. U4-U1_X_Cover_446.5x285.indd 1-2

15.11.2007 15:27:28 Uhr

What topics do we address? Each issue of FELD HommEs has a central overarching theme. Th is ties together the following topics, covered on approx. 220 pages: Fashion Th ree to four photo spreads, each with an average of ten pages Politics, business and society At least three articles/photo spreads (approx. 30 pages in total) Art and culture One to two articles/photo spreads (approx. 20 pages in total) Girls Two to three photo spreads (approx. 20 pages in total) Other topics People, sport, technology, cars, gadgets, travel

Deutschland 5,00 € / Österreich 5,00 € / Schweiz 7.50 sfr /




Spielmacher Jan Rosenthal ist eins der größten Talente der Bundesliga

Nordkorea zeigt Touristen eine tolle Show, aber nichts von der Realität

Profi-Gamer Johnathan Wendel ballert für Millionen



Sportklamotten, die Sie trotz Niederlage zum Sieger machen

Wir zeigen jetzt schon die besten Outfits für Olympia 3000

Jetzt wird’s ernst: ein ganzes Heft über Gewinner und Verlierer

Frühjahr 08

Deadlines and other important information Issues Spring Autumn

Technical data

Call +49 (0)40 881697-60 for advertising copy deadlines and central themes of upcoming issues.

Advertising rates Pages 2/1 page 1/1 page 1/2 page (portrait or landscape)

6,000.00 4,000.00 2,000.00

Multi-page advertising spreads 4/1 page 6/1 page (no further discounts for multiple insertions)

12,000.00 16,000.00

Cover ads The inside front cover is only available with the third page as an opening spread. Opening spread 12,000.00 Inside back cover 5,000.00 Back cover 7,500.00 Discounts apply for multiple insertions in consecutive issues. Two issues Three issues Four issues Circulation:

10 percent 15 percent 20 percent

Please call publishing house for further information. € 8.00

Cover price:


We quote rates for bound inserts, loose inserts and tip-ins on request. We require exact details of size and number of pages, format and weight. If possible, please provide a sample. All prices given in euros plus applicable VAT. Valid as of January 1, 2009

Bleed Bleed: 4 mm Allow an additional 5 mm within trim size for logos or important text/images. Gutter in net page format for double-page spread: 4 mm Spacing of text from trim edges and binding edge: 13 mm in the type area Printing process 4/4 color according to the Euroscale for sheetfed offset printing Printed at 200 LPI (80 screen) Maximum ink coverage: ISO Offset 320% Paper Editorial content: White gloss paper Cover: 200g/m 2 wood-free, white gloss paper Front cover: Fully coated with UV varnish Binding Perfect binding

Advertising copy deadline Advertising copy should only be sent in PDF format according to the X3 standard, and as a true-color proof according to the Euroscale standard (profile: ISOcoated_V2.icc). Please send each page of two-page advertisements as a separate file. Send advertising copy to: Appel Grafik Anzeigen FELD Hommes Alter Wall 55 20457 Hamburg Germany

ISDN: +49 (0)40 65 6855-50/51 User name: feldanzeigen Password: feldanzeigen

Please contact Markus Lenz to arrange sending files via ISDN and FTP (, Tel.:+49 (0)40 656855-28)

Other special forms of advertising We aim to make FELD Hommes an out-of-the-ordinary magazine. And that’s why we feature out-of-the-ordinary, attentiongrabbing advertisements. We’ll help you promote your brand in an unconventional way: With a denim cover for a brand of jeans, for instance, or an advertisement geared to the central theme. Just talk to us. Together, we’ll find a creative answer. But we’re not just experts in conventional forms of advertise­ ments. You also benefit from our extensive experience in advertorials and lifestyle topics:

1/1 page: 220 x 285 mm

2/1 page: 440 x 285 mm

1/2 page landscape: 220 x 142 mm

1/2 page portrait: 105 x 285 mm

By means of advertorials, the FELD Hommes editorial team will put your brand center stage. We’ll design and develop (for example, photos) advertorials for one or more of your unique products. We’ll create a concept, offer layout suggestions and provide a quote according to your requirements. Rates are agreed on a case-to-case basis.

Contact – publishing house FELD Verlag Alter Wall 55 20457 Hamburg Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)40 656855-49 Fax: +49 (0)40 656855-17

Contact – editorial team FELD Verlag Brandstwiete 46 20457 Hamburg Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)40 881697-60 Fax: +49 (0)40 881697-82

FELD HOMMES MediaData 2009