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room with a view june-august 2012 After many months spent experimenting with the photo media, handling different formats and different processes, small custom pin-holes and lightboxes, the project ended up taking the size of my own room. The installation permitted the viewer to have a 180 degrees view of the outside, as he was just standing at the atypical window under the arcades. The archetipal shape of the portici, represented in the (five) years in different ways through different cameras, now takes a live and exact shape projected onto the ceiling the room. Being the dry and hot weather of an italian summer, the street landscape results deserted and silent, interrupted from time to time by live crescendo of people passing by, announced from the distance by the approaching sound of the walk on the marble pavement. The live colors, blurred in live motion, joint by the real time sounds made perception tricked. The project kept running and monitoring the outside from june to august 2012, visible from the 9 am to 6pm, with peak of clarity at mid day.

“From the window. Left.” - 2009

“From the window. Roght.” - 2009

Room with a View  
Room with a View  

Bologna 2012