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Saturday 30th July 2009


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KILLER STABS YOUNG GIRL Saturday 30th July 2009

Killer Shan Khan arrives in court with PC Qayoom

How many more lives will go? Another victim who was stabbed on the streets of Birmingham, the King’s Heath High Street was found to be the fifth victim found dead in the last two months. Seventeen year old Sarah Mohamed was found dead in a pool of blood in an alley way found by a woman with her child. Speaking outside one of the shops, Mrs Jane Watson said “this is another tragic event that has occurred in this day and age and this is intolerable, I really feel for the parents and hope that the killer is caught and should be given a long punishment.” The assault had taken place yesterday night at half nine at night when Sarah had loaded herself of the bus 50 and was walking home through an alley way where apparently the killer known as Shanker Khan aged 18 (left) stabbed

her for no reason. Sarah’s family were absolutely petrified and disgusted at the way a victim of stabbing had reached their doorsteps. Sarah’s mother quoted “i cant believe this has reached our doorsteps, she didnt deserve this, we all need to get together and fight crime until its history.” The police shall further investigate the murder that took place and will consider the punishment. One of the police spokesman quoted, “ we understand what the family is going through and it absolutley is not a nice feeling, and we shall solve this case as soon as possible and we shall punish the killer. The cases of stabbing have been increasing in the UK, having the largest knife crime in Europe. More on Page 2

LIBRARY FINALLY OPEN LOCAL RESIDENTS MARCH FOR PEACE TO ALL PUBLIC MEMBERS The new library has been opened in the massive Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham. The library was planned for atleast three years to be constructed which features six very big floors which holds all the books together with computers for educational purposes. The local governtment held a celebration last night in rememberance of the large library which attratcs many different minorities. “Alot of work has been put

in this very large and complex building and we hope further that it will last for many years to come.” The building shall be called Central Library because of its appearence in the middle of town. One of the local resident said, “i am happy with the way the government has handled with this situation because this library is very big therefore will hold a lot of students who will come and learn. It is something that

should be built mostly everywhere, not necesserily big but enough to fit students. It also means that children can keep of the streets and can come here and educate themselves.” The library was supposed to be built last year but was delayed because more floors were supposed to be added, origionally there were supposed to be four floors but another two were added. People are now hoping education is going to be taken more seriously. More on page 3

Local residents from Hall Green, Birmingham set out a protest against knife crime. Many people joined them on the way from many different areas to show their concern about how they feel about knife crime. There was at least a three hundred turn out starting from Littlecote Road all the way Foney Lane where protestors with flags and banners burned and also shouted out loud conveying their message. Many banners such as “kill knife crime,” “we dont

want knifes no more” and “dont stay silent” were held my residents. Police also petrolled on the streets to make sure the protest was acted upon without any damage caused. The local MP stated, “the protest shows us MP’s that people are really against the knife crime and we will do everything to make sure knife crime decreases as days go by.” The public all hope that by protesting, knife crime wil finally stop. More on page 3

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