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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse? Find out who your spouse has been talking to.

When you ask your spouse about the phone calls or text messages they’ve been making, do they usually reply with a vague answer?

Do you notice that calls still occur a few time too often? Usually if they receive a call from their friend or someone important, it doesn’t happen at odd hours of the day.

Been constantly wondering about your spouses suspicious behavior around the house lately?

Want to catch a cheating spouse? The best thing to do is do a little bit of digging before getting all worked up.

Check their stories If your husband is telling you he’s out with his buddies, kindly ask him where they are going.

Make plans to call his friends at the specified time to check if they are at the location they said they were going to be.

Be creative and make up a story for calling at that time.

One tip is to get the girlfriends to make the calls or confirmations.

Check credit card bills. One of the big giveaways of unusual activity, is unusual spending.

Check spouses cell phone activities. Your significant other may have been making outbound calls or receiving calls from an unknown number.

If the number is unknown, then a telephone reverse lookup service will give you all the information you’ll need.

If you want to know if your spouse is truly having an affair, you need to be sure of her/his actions.

Use these tips as a starting point in determining if they are definite signs of cheating.

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Tips on How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Do you feel your spouse is having an affair with someone else? How will you catch them? Find out who your spouse is...

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