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How to save money when booking flight online? Be one of those few lucky people who save much every time they fly!

BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE The more chance that you will have of getting the cheapest seat possible if the sooner you book.

INCLUDES STAYING SATURDAY NIGHT Most companies offer discounts on prices for travel and surely including Saturday.

AVOID WEEKEND TRAVEL Travel from Monday to Thursday is much cheaper than on Friday and Sunday. Fly on days less popular.

AVOID TRAVEL TIME Don’t fly during holidays. Booking a plane ticket at reasonable prices in these days could be quite difficult.

DO NOT STAY MORE THAN A MONTH The longer you stay, the more percentage of the ticket you will pay.

EXTENDING SEARCH AT THE AIRPORT Try to arrive and leave from smaller nearby airports.

USE ONLINE TOOLS TO COMPARE FARES Save time by using different travel websites, comparing the various rates offered and choose accordingly.

Plan your trip ahead of time so that you can get the best deal available.

Tips for Online Flight Booking