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The best wine tasting assessments are done when the “TASTING FIELD� has been neutralized and comparisons can be reached by evaluating one wine against another.

The tasters are not allowed to see the label or the shape of the bottle.

The strong effects of expectancy and powers of suggestion on perception have long been established with scientific research.

The most famous instance of blind wine tasting came out of a 1976 “Judgment of Paris� wine competition, where French judges blind tested wines from California and France.

Tastings are meant to identify differences between similar wines are known as HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL wine tasting.

HORIZONTAL TASTING wines are all from the same vintage but are from different wineries. It helps emphasize differences in winery styles.


from one particular winery but from different vintages, are tasted, thus testing differences in various vintages of a vineyard.

Tasters used to describes a selection of wines between 3 and 8 glasses.

Wine flights can combine the use of other tasting techniques, such as “blind” tasting and “horizontal” or “vertical” tasting.

There are several tools available to HELP with the wine tasting process, no matter which STYLE of wine tasting is done.

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Reveal Wine Tasting Approaches Find out more about the different wine tasting approaches that will help you understand more about wine tasting.

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