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Free Publishing of Your Book

If you have just written a book, you might want to have it published for free. Yes, FREE!

There are companies who will analyze your manuscript and if it is good they will publish it for free.

Publish America Inc. is one company that publishes free if they like your manuscript. They will just have royalty fees. will help you since they will list your book in a directory for anyone to read.

Independent bookstores can help. Give free copies and ask if you can host an author event.

Marketing is important. Try to use blogs, Social networks, Craigslist or the Book Sense Access Program.

Prepare press release, flyers & synopsis to possible questions on your biography.

Have your book reviewed by newspapers, magazines or in the internet.

Try to use the service of an agent. You won’t pay him but he will get a percentage of your royalty fee.

Give effort in submitting your manuscript because you’ll never know if someone will be interested in publishing it for free.

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Free Publishing of Your Book