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Free Alternate Sources of Energy

With the growing problems concerning global warming and climate changes, It is better to find alternate sources of energy.

Use of alternate sources for energy such as the sun, wind and magnetism has been present since years ago. It is used successfully by individuals but not for large consumption.

The cost of producing free energy is cheaper than produced energy. Examples of free energy are solar, water, wind, centrifugal force, radiant energy, heat, hydrogen and magnetism.

Use of wind energy and wind turbine generators is one of the most reliable forms of free/renewable energy.

Another form is solar energy. Photovoltaic cells will constitute the solar panels and will be responsible for the conversion of solar energy directly into electrical energy.

The problem with solar energy is the cost of installing solar panels since it is expensive and it can be affected by clouds and air pollution.

The use of heat energy has been used by Nikola Tesla before. He used heat from the air to generate mechanical energy and called the device “Self-acting engine�.

Another controversial factor that can be used as energy source is the sun’s and earth’s magnetic fields.

Further studies are made to discover more about the different components that can be used to produced eco-friendly, safe and free energy.

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Free Alternate Sources of Energy