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Life in Sai Kung The Backyard of Hong Kong

GDCV1115 Understanding Photography 12250015 XIN Mengfei

Sai Kong ( 西貢 ) is in the east of New Territories. It is famous for it’s beautiful scenery and the peaceful countryside.

MTR: Choi Hung Station 彩虹站 Mini Bus: A1 to the terminus

It is honored as the backyard garden of Hong Kong.

Life moves slow here. Sunshine always. The smell of the sea make all of the people comfortable.

People here are living in a cozy way without pressure and competition. Just do what you like. Children are always with sincere smile. Maybe they just find what they really like to do.

Find it is boring to live in the city? Go to Sai Kung with your lover. Just for the time that stay with each other.

Maybe your dog is also a good choice.

You have no dog? Don't worry about it. The dogs there are so cute that can always make you smile.

The foreign uncle who seems to be a street artist actually has released several albums. Amazing!

The uncle is not the only foreigner who loves Sai Kung. Actually, on the streets of Sai Kung, we could see lots of foreigners enjoy here. Just like California!

Shops here are always unique. They are not the famous brands. No channel. No Hermes. However, the colorful homemade objects seem to be more warm without much distance.

Ice Cream Car, precious memory of our childhood!

Homemade advertisement with clear English and Chinese. The shop keeper is so considerate~

Colorful creative and energetic. Things sold there are so great. It may not be delicate enough, but it’s interesting ! Just the Sai Kung Style.

A lot of private ship keepers make money by transporting the tourists from Pier to the Islands.

Maybe you are tried of the sights of the pier. The small countries in the island my be your good choice. Seldom people still live in the islands. However, it is still a good place for sighting that could let you to see a different Hong Kong.

The beauty in the dilapidated houses.

Lots of the villagers in this village had moved out because the inconvenient transportation. Therefore, many houses are dilapidated here.

The house which is neglect now.

What really attractive is that the previous villagers use colors audaciously. They use their own inspiration of the color to create new objects.

Peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable. This is Sai Kung, a special place which is totally different from downtown that we are living in.

Reference: Paul Baldesare & C. Lodewick

Life in Sai Kung  

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