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The Brand Story

ABOUT W. S Studio

Founded by three young fashion graduates, Mengxuan Zhang, Wenbo Wang and Yitian Sun, in 2014, W.S. Studio is a London based contemporary brand offering accessible urban couture with integrated internet based customisation service to fashion conscious female shoppers.

WHAT IS IN A NAME? W. S is an abbreviation meaning the surnames of two designers Wenbo Wang and Yitian Sun. The word ‘studio’ highlights the bespoke service of us. The logo is simply text-based with a typewriter print style in black and white colours.


Luxurious, warm, and personal ...

With a chic and innovative styling at its heart, W. S Studio embodies the individuality of modern women. Fashionable, cleverly cut pieces in carefully selected fabrics, colorful prints, and sophisticated detailing.

We are not just selling fashion, we offer the opportunity for women to build confidence and express themselves.

OUR STORY To fill the gap in the market for women who are tired with throughaway fast fashion yet dislike highly branded merchandises or too pragmatic to pay dear prices for luxury products, we created a brand that is more aspirational, more personal, better quality, less conspicuous, whilst maintaining high fashion credibility and accessibility.

We are a small team of passionate and talented people who find a real pleasure in fashion.


WHAT we do: Offer garments with individuality, fine quality and modern design style. WHO we do it for: Give individual attention and create sensory ‘digital personalisation’ shopping experience to modern female Internet shoppers. HOW we do what we do: Operate the business in a safe, environmentally friendly and economically optimum manner. Actively recruit diverse, innovative and skilled employers to achieve operational excellence.

Bring what inspires you to life by creating your unique design on our products.

W. S Studio allows you to personalise the exclusive garment for your perfect blend of colour and print

Our Customers

• Style conscious, innovative, confident, and independent. • Have more desires and thoughts on fashion products than others. • See experience as new luxury and look for something reflects their personalities. • View technology as an important part of daily lives and are willing to embrace new digital retail.

Future Vision To be the best contemporary bespoke e-tailer that embodies the individuality of modern women.

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