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Colonisation By the end of the exhibition we plan on presenting our final piece in the form of a documentary video. To do this we agreed that we will need to video everything that we did. By the end of the exhibition and by the time we plan on putting together our documentary we hoped that our exhibition, with a need of a better phrase, goes down quite badly. We want the general public to be fairly shocked by what they’ve seen (but not too shocked that it causes a public outcry) which will push them to find out more about the issues surrounding our world at the moment and not simply going by what their local media tells them. We find now that too many people are generalized to a certain category, especially with the newspaper’s they buy. How is a Guardian reader any different from a Financial Times reader? Other than the information he takes in from that specific newspaper and (sometimes) keeps to himself. We would want people to research their own information and, using this example, branch out and read a variety of newspapers instead of pigeonholing themselves to a single view. Alongside this we hoped to bring to light the culture of signing anything without knowing fully what you have signed. As an example, an Artist, Joshua Raffell put on an exhibition of patchwork puppets which masturbate. Joshua never intended to insult or offend however we found that many people came in and started operating the mechanics that allow the puppet to wank, only to be offended afterwards. Read before you sign… But not before our exhibition date! 9


Ahmad Ali Chris Hayes Jemma Gedney Josh Walz Kraig Phillips


1. Heresy 2. Casting 3. 4. Asceticism 5. Execution 6. Emblem 7. Crafting & Conjoring 8. Brytenwealda 9. Colonisation











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Here is what we read. Remember a lot the papers mentioned have similar viewpoints and if most people are only reading one particular paper, we are being subjected to a very one sided grilling of information. The chart above gives information on the current newspaper’s purchased most in the UK between 2009 & 2011. 8






Crafting & Conjoring Graphic Design - Identity & branding - Posters - Badges ans stickers - Flyers - Booklets - propaganda material (battle plans etc) - News prints Photography - Documenting the process - Documenting the event - Propaganda photography Location - Finding a Venue Video - Promo Video - Presidential speeches - Snippets for Television - Cinematography & video assistance - Technical and wiring Web - Main website - Emails (Celebrity endorsement, politicians) - Presentation Blog Crafting and Labour - Giant woodworks - TV collection - Hand made items - Capes





We wanted to create an exhibition that was more of an experience than simply tacking images to wall from previous work that we’ve done.

The crusades are coming

To begin, we looked at ways we could question what the general public do without paying much attention and trying, in some way, to highlight this issue.


We ran this alongside an issue that too many people these days, do not want to talk about, or know enough to talk about conflicts happening in the middle east. So by using public negligence and the idea that people will sign almost anything with little information we decided to stage a modern day, public crusade.


The crusade, on the face of it, will be a fascist imperial march back to what was considered, the ‘Holy Land’ to reclaim it back. The exhibition is to be completely ironic so we get to take advantage of the publics arrogance. With propaganda posters, celebrity endorsement, iconography and info-graphics we plan to stage a recruitment office environment where people can sign up to our march, or simply find out more of this joyous cause!


This is our proposed logo. Created using a Perpetua Titling typeface and incorporating our logo. This is our second phase poster which will be screen-printed and posted around our local area, popular tourist destinations and the university.



Casting Step 1 - Strong iconography Step 2 - Imperialistic typeface Step 3 - Minimal style We start off with iconography, we wanted our logo to have a certain cult look behind it. This, in turn, would create a certain amount of suspense and hysteria behind what the logo means. Using stickers, badges, flyers and posters we could gain some interest around both University and London ready for our next stage.

For the exhibition We decided to transform a gallery space into a recruitment centre to try and sign people up to our cause. The room will be full of “propaganda” material to convince people to do so.

The step after this was to give the public a little more information but not too much. The first stage was simply our logo, now we added the text “The crusades are coming… MM.X.II” to it. Keeping it minimal and small.

Here’s what we intend to include in the room, - A large variety of posters made using different mediums - Televisions playing proponga videos - Drapes and flags bearing logo’s - A selection of media (such as news prints) containing propaganda - A table consisting of battle plans - A main desk including petition intended to be signed - A section of Propaganda based photography - Projection (with sound) of edited presidential speeches - Subliminal messaging posted through out - Recession based photography - Seating arrangements - Robes (to be worn) - Small desk at entry (to stamp each attendee)

The stage after this would be a full fledged poster with information regarding where and when they can find us. Running alongside the main idea we plan to get celebrity endorsement, which we hope would give the public a thumbs up thats it’s actually okay, it’s not that bad really! We also plan on exhibiting up return letter’s from BNP member’s as well as current MP’s telling us that our cause is a worthy one. This we plan on doing by writing a pretty vague letter to them, not really outlining our exact reasons for doing so. The typeface we plan on using is ‘Perpetua Titling’. We wanted a strong imperialistic typeface which gave a real medieval impression but looked highly modernized, we were thinking down the route of stereotypically Roman (during the height of the Roman Empire).




“More people die of peanut allergies in Israel that from rocket attacks from Hamas� 3

Are we glorifying this fact? Death on any side is tragic, however in late 2008/ early 2009 Israel launched a full scale military attack on the Gaza strip with the excuse of stoping rocket fire from Hamas. This conflict claimed an estimated 1400+ lives in Gaza (Mostly Civilian, an exact number is not given) and 13 Israeli deaths (4 from friendly fire). Facts like the one mentioned before are everywhere, maybe not on your television screens or on the mainstream news outlets on line, but they are there. The problem is they just dont care... So over 1000+ families will never get justice for the killing of their loved ones (Most of whom were innocent).


Imperium Booklet  

Booklet to accomodate an exhibition

Imperium Booklet  

Booklet to accomodate an exhibition