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Feelux Lighting is built on a foundation of pure commitment to the fine, time-tested concepts of Korean manufacturing. Taking its cues from companies such as Hyundai and Samsung, Feelux researches, designs, engineers and manufactures products in an environment that’s focused on each and ever y detail.

During the past two decades, we’ve made our goal clear: to introduce fixtures and technologies that lead the lighting industry. Our vision is to inspire the minds of the worldwide lighting community as we take the process of illumination to the next, unanticipated level.

Feelux Stands Apart From the Rest We consider even the smallest design element significant. Renowned for worldwide patents, Feelux products are some of the most advanced, viable and energy-efficient electronic ballast and lighting systems on the market. The standards at our globally-located, state-of - the-art facilities ensure that anything we research, design, engineer or manufacture reaches new heights in the international lighting design community.

We’re More Than a Lighting Fixture Company It is uncommon today to find a company that actually makes what it sells... a company that stands behind every detail. At Feelux, we manufacture all of our components to function uniformly and seamlessly. This expertise is our guarantee that whichever fixture you specify, our lighting products will work perfectly in conjunction and have consistent lighting effects. Feelux has been listening. We’ve taken input from specifiers everywhere, and our research, design, engineering and manufacturing standards have brought distinctive, industry-altering fixtures and systems to discerning architects and designers worldwide.

Because of our successful position as a leader in the Asian and European markets, Feelux’s expertise is much sought-after. We bring a strength to the North American venue that few companies can offer. But the most impor tant difference that sets Feelux apar t is its commitment to crossing cultural boundaries in the quest to improve daily life. We’ve under taken research that increases not only our professional understanding, but has also given us knowledge that can enhance each and ever y day. From studies that demonstrate how lighting hues shift our moods, to statistics on the effects of lighting over-saturation, Feelux is there at the forefront, constantly assessing how illumination and culture intersect.

Decades of History

Noh, Si Chung CEO

Beauty and Utility. Tradition and Innovation. Form and Function. Feelux... Quality that is Unsurpassed.

The Feelux Global Network

With nine offices in four countries, Feelux is responsive to the issues of this dynamic industr y. With a reach that spans from our Korean headquar ter s, to research, development, manufacturing and sales facilities in the U.S. and Asia, Feelux is ready to address any project, anywhere.

Research & Development

Feelux is Committed to Bringing You the Most Advanced, Reliable and Energy-Efficient Lighting Products Available to the Market

Staffed with industr y-leading professionals, our centers for research, development and production are hubs of constant creative activity. From innovative engineers and trend-setting designer s to our visionar y management, the entire Feelux team is a highly trained unit, always searching for new ways to illuminate lives.

Signature Product Lines SlimLine: Bring the drama of seamless illumination to curves and coves with the Feelux T5 SlimLine. Daisy-chain this award-winning product and socket shadowing will never be a problem! You’ll save money on installation time and energy usage will be at maximum efficiency when the SlimLine is compared to staggered florescent strips and cold cathode.

DimSlimLine Add a sexy ambiance to your next installation with the DimSlimLine T5, our dimmable SlimLine. Curves and coves will be seamlessly illuminated with a clean, fluorescent glow and absolutely no socket shadows.

SlimLamp After decades of top-quality performance known only through private labels, the SlimLamp standard T5 can now be purchased directly from Feelux. It’s the best choice for under-cabinet applications where low-profile, inconspicuous lighting is a must.The SlimLamp is highly efficient with a built-in electronic ballast, low-heat output, modular connecting systems and interchangeable lengths that create long, continuous flows of fluorescent light for any tight space.

DimSlimLamp Under-cabinet and millwork lighting effects take on new dimensions with the DimSlimLamp, the dimmable version of our standard T5. With a unique low-profile and low-heat output, DimSlimLamps can be linked together for any inconspicuous application.

SlimLamp LED Feelux continues to evolve and innovate with the announcement of its new LED line. With the same formatting, connections and wiring as our fluorescent line, existing Feelux systems can be quickly replaced with any of our LED products. New applications will be installed correctly right from the outset with an LED system that’s backed by the exacting design and engineering standards that have made Feelux the trusted industry leader that it is today.

Diva 2 Our brand new, slender fixture fits almost anywhere and is perfect for showcases and retail cabinet displays. It’s a little light that packs a big punch and is easy to install with a quick connection system.

Lighting Design That’s Artful, Imaginative, Interpretive, & Mood Enhancing.

Enjoy Natural Light in Any Interior Space Sun-In-Home authentically mimics the mood and color of natural light in its progression from dawn through midday, and then on to dusk. Created by CEO Mr. Si Chung Noh, Feelux Lighting’s Sun-in-Home system br ings feelings of well being into any environment, just by flipping a switch. Capture the best moments of the day, moments when you feel your most energetic, productive, peaceful or contemplative.

Environments Have Different Personalities Where Moods Shift with the Details And no detail is more important than the light that floods the spaces where we spend so much of our time. Being indoors shouldn’t rule out the possibility of enjoying beautiful, natural light. Imagine capturing how you feel at sunrise, as if anything were possible for the new day. Those extra office hours would be almost tolerable with bright daylight streaming into the window. Wouldn’t sales soar if your boutique was bathed in warm, comforting light? Need an energy boost when you have to “ burn the midnight oil” ?

Come Explore The Wonders

Feelux Lighting Museum and Edison Lighting School Located at our Korean headquarters, this fabulous setting presents the role that light has played in human evolution and diversity. The state-of-the-art, 90,000 sq. ft. complex hosts industry events, displays permanent and special collections and creates a place of discovery and education. Irreplaceable pieces of world history such as ancient oil lamps, historic gaslights and Thomas Edison’s first light bulb are all here on display. See the rare, the strange, the fantastic range of illuminations that have brought civilization to where it is today. From simple candlesticks to the most advanced fiber optics and LEDs, this space is for the exchange of ideas. Indeed, it’s a cultural meeting point.

The Feelux Hotel and Dream of Tomorrow Studio It’s attracted professionals and amateurs from far and wide since 2008. With technical seminars for designers and engineers, training programs for customers and employees, and educational classes and exhibits for students, the Dream of Tomorrow Studio and Feelux Hotel have helped bridge the gap in the culture of lighting. Our centerpiece Lighting Experience Center and multi-media auditorium draw visitors into space-specific illuminated environments. Lighting options for hospitals, classrooms, restaurants, book stores, grocery stores and boutiques are recreated with informative, hands-on displays.

Thank you for taking a moment to view the new Feelux corporate brochure. As you search for just the right product, be assured that Feelux is committed to providing its customers with innovative solutions and service that are second to none. Our history and experience make us the preferred manufacturer to architects and designers worldwide. And to preserve that reputation, we promise that every Feelux product will exceed your expectations. This is The Culture of Feelux Lighting.

U.S. Office: Feelux Lighting, Inc. 2875 North Berkeley Lake Rd. NW, Suite 17 Duluth, GA 30096 Phone: 678-668-7005 Fax: 678-668-7006 Toll Free : 800-983-3346

Feelux. Change Your Lights. Change Your Life  

Utility and Beauty. Tradition and Innovation. Form and Function. These are the Concepts that allow Feelux to bring you products of unsurpass...