Design Inspirations by Caesarstone

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Letter from the Editors FranklinTill are delighted to have been invited by Caesarstone to edit and design this first issue of Design Inspirations. As a creative trend consultancy we are continually working to find new ways of bringing research and insight to life in the form of exhibitions, events and publications. Extensive research is the basis of all our work. We are continually tapping into our global directory of creatives and visionaries to seek out work that feels fresh and relevant. As visual trend analysts we explore and unpack these findings, translating vital information into carefully edited packages of design inspiration. At FranklinTill, we don’t believe in reporting flash-in-the-pan seasonal trends. We don’t believe trends simply disappear and make room for new trends, but that movements gather momentum and evolve, manifesting in different ways as they move from the periphery toward the mainstream. Neither do we believe in mimicking the work of great designers in an attempt to be on-trend. We aim to draw attention to those who are the driving force behind emerging design movements and celebrate their inspirational creativity and innovation. Providing a wealth of inspiration and insight, Design Inspirations showcases five key emerging interior design trends. Through careful curation of key lifestyle and product imagery, we identify the design cues, materials, finishes and colour palettes that form these significant design movements, highlighting the context and influences behind the trend. Within these design trends we have curated a selection of Caesarstone surfaces to compliment each colour palette. We aim to inspire you and show you how to apply, use and combine these beautiful stones in the right proportions together with complementary materials and colours. In the colour and material forecasting arena, Caesarstone has been the perfect collaborator for FranklinTill. We have delved into their collections, visited their factories, and watched their product development team at work. Over the next 76 pages we show you a carefully curated selection of Caesarstone surfaces that will inspire you to create a contemporary environment that will stand the test of time. --Kate Franklin, co-founder, FranklinTill Caroline Till, co-founder, FranklinTill


Caesarstone - 5000 London Grey