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his Month was summer’s real

show of her face, she seemed to have been preoccupied or a bit confused of what the moths are, some mornings I still wonder if she might have the months a bit mixed as we still experience some August winds. This was surely a long month, and the end of year feeling has overcome us all. Although I have to say that some individuals are only beginning to alleviate the fact that their year is only starting now. seems like some of us only wake up when the festive season approaches. I would like to thank all the readers for the great feedback on last month’s issue, and also for the constructive criticism from some. November was one of the months I have learned so much, met so many new people and saw so many distracting disasters waiting to happen. To be very frank I met someone who not only taught me a lot about myself, but also reminded me where i was from , what the capabilities i had was worth, and

why sometimes just letting life be is more important than trying to fight through it all. Its like riding the waves of life. If you have ever tried swimming against an ocean current you will be able to understand where I am coming from.The interview with the Artists this month was a real experience, to see how opposites actually fit like a puzzle, I personally enjoyed their company, and the way they think, and see things so different from one another astonished me . Usually you would get artists who duo together, and find that they are one in the

same person, but even though that may be the situation they seem to disagree on so many stuff , and this always takes away the uniqueness of the duo, and even the passion behind what they do . Where these men I met, left me astonished with their ability to work as team together, how the one fills in the missing pieces that the one lacks and visa versa. What an experience. I decided to change how I do things, and went to one of their events to see what they are about? None the less, we all know that it’s not how I operate, but I had to experience these two in action together, weirdly said, that I actually crossed my own boundaries. To my astonishment, our previous DJ’s offered to join me in this venture, and I found that they have a sense for each other , and best of all they have some in sync sense to what the crowd wants and needs. What an experience....

Then last but not least, we would like to welcome Kobus Gouws to our team of Expert writers. Kobus will be in charge of the lifestyle section, and letters or requests can be forwarded to our email address for him to answer. Feel free to read his biography, and raise your opinions. Kobus was followed for a while by our FTVOM team, his writing, his social media status updates, you name it , we know it, and to us he is one of the best writers for the Magazine, he will motivate and keep you going through rough patches, he will help you with techniques of coping

with young adult hood , and push in the right direction . We hope you enjoy the last issue for


Biography Lifestyle Editor venue and no not in the venue. Never really lived in a place long enough at one time to actually call my home town but of all the places I’ve lived I like Potchefstroom the most and would be my ideal home town.

Kobus Gouws

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa 1984 November 7th on a sunny Wednesday morning or so I was told, I’m currently residing at Kiepersol Wedding and Events

Went to a couple of schools in my life-time, too many too mention but finished off at Jimmy Roos High School for Boys in the FreeState, further studies include Technical College Potchefstroom and North West University. I am currently a Manager and Foreman at Ferri Steel Furniture and dig the odd bartending job on weekends at

weddings. I also do information gathering and writing in my spare time for a public media company, and was recently very graciously asked on November 4th 2012 to become part of the F.T.V.O.M. team which I have noticeably accepted on November 25th 2012. I have blue green eyes, black hair and I am tall enough to stand on my own two feet yet too short to reach the top shelf sometimes, but then again who on earth is that tall? I would like to say I’m immaculately built but evolution has kept me on the safe side and decided to keep me in between obesity and anorexia. I believe in helping others to help you, for its great leaders and friends who are able to stand by even when not stood by. I embrace and accept all forms companionship in life no matter what religious, racial or gender background you may come from. I am an extremely curious and analytical person and question

absolutely everything if it is possible. Long walks on the beach would be great but I live on the main land far away from the big specs of water. In short that’s about it! Remember to always:



Photographer: Ruhan Ferreira

As the old French author François de la Rochefoucauld said and I quote: “The only thing in life that is constant is change." Change is what lets us grow and change into the unique individuals that we are, whether the change was made by choice or was forced upon us, it is what keeps us developing as people. But change is often very

difficult to deal with, even if the changes in life are ultimately for the better! I for instance love change and can’t help myself to be somewhat impulsive. But for most it seems to hard a concept to begin to feel

comfortable with. Change represents the finality or end to some Comfort that you have gotten comfortable with in life and can trigger all kinds of feelings from loss to abandonment. But those who welcome the new winds are able to see the potential in change and grab hold of it, and they are the better for it. Whether it is a positive or negative change, change always brings on adjustments in our lives. And most of us need support to get through these times from others.

yourself to a serious relationship or getting married, having children, entering a new career after the first one didn’t pan out, getting divorced, or the break-up of a significant relationship, the death of a loved one, moving to a new home, retiring, etc. These transitions, in psychological terms are known as "Phase of Life" issues. This basically means out with the old and in with the new.

In the course of our lives we experience many phases. Some of We all go through major life transitions these beginnings and endings are quite several times throughout our lives. sudden and unexpected, such as an And we need to accept these accident, death of a loved one, sudden inalienable truths. Growing old are one terminal illness, even the loss of a job. of those truths we all have to face. Other transitions are purposeful self There are certain obstacles in life that created choices to better ourselves we need to help us develop our own physically or mentally such as body sense of individuality that defines each building, weight loss, studying, self and every one of us with a unique debating on your own choice of persona. At times we struggle with personality traits, or a change in these transitions or stages in our lives, career. Regardless of whether your at other times we seem to glide transition is determined by external seemingly effortlessly on to the next factors or self-created, change can transition in our lives. Some examples leave you feeling unsettled. of later major life transitions positive Reverting from doing things as you and negative include discovering your always did to something utterly sexuality or gender identity, different requires a transitional period graduating from high school, college, as you let go of the old and embrace university, starting a job, committing

the new. Transition is the middle stage required for the evolution to occur. The “mediator” as I like to call it or as William Bridges pointed out in his book, Transitions, “Our life transitions are composed of an ending, a "neutral zone," and a new beginning. When a transition occurs, we need to give up our old definitions of the world, our old ways of doing things, and we are challenged by the process of "letting go." Quite often, this “mediator” feels unstable and that it might not work out at all. Your previous views and ways of living don’t work anymore, but the future lifestyle you have chosen isn’t in place just yet. Weariness, confusion about your own character falls in, and uncertainty about where your life is leading you now are among the many emotions that can be experienced. You might even put your own confidence at stake and wonder if it was worth all this as in most cases your inner-ego gets bruised.

“Nothing is impossible! The word itself says “I’m Possible!” Audrey Hepburn. But then again the success of your transition depends on the one conclusion that you have and need and that is your own determination or will power to see it through with a positive attitude. You have to be in a constant rational state of mind and know that your reactions and emotions to change are normal. Once a thought connects with a feeling an emotion can be identified. Even though you’d prefer to avoid this period of reconstruction in your life, it also provides an unparalleled opportunity for maturity to evolve along with your individuality, and a greater capacity for the acceptance of life. Here are some guidelines that have helped me in the past and hopefully help you through your transitional phases when it comes:

Step 1 Time

As often as possible, breathe deeply. Realize your transition. As soon as the change is imminent or you recognize what’s going on pause for a few minutes to assess the situation and try to keep your center of gravity, if you have patience it will be much easier than you expected it to be, if you don’t have patience I’d suggest you take some time to meditate each night or just go for a walk which has been

scientifically proven to help clear your mind and re-align your train of thought. You may feel uncomfortable during a phase in your transition, especially in giving up that which you had thought was YOUR way of life and to create new activities prematurely without giving ourselves the time to reflect on them may only serve to perpetuate our old way of life, thus letting the chance for change slip through our fingers.

Step 2 : Apply Impermanent Adjustments

Although some transitions are

friends out who will always be able to unsettling, hold on to parts of your life relate what you re going through. If which supply comfort and security. you lost your job find a temporary one When we feel relaxed and comfortable even if it’s something small in the we are able to handle the transition catering business such as bartending and the phases within it more or waitressing, just to keep the productively. If the transition involved finances flowing so that you can figure a break up from a relationship find out what direction you want and what comfort in the strong bonds of direction you feel you need your friendship between you and your career to go. And do not attempt to peers, there’s no need in shutting your make a temporary situation a permanent one just because you feel comfortable, keep in mind that it’s

only temporary and bigger and better roads lie ahead of you!

Step 3: Self Preservation

period. And again go for that twenty minute walk and forget the material world for once. Take in what nature provides and your body will appreciate the exercise too, realize life is precious and so is yours!

Step 4: Accepting and Molding

Remember just because things aren’t going the way you’re used to it doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your health. Take care of yourself during these transitional phases. Your mental and physical health is extremely important during these times. Meditation is something I find extremely helpful but if you don’t have the patience for it, indulge yourself with relaxing five minutes longer in the tub after a long day or going to bed an hour earlier, sleep is just as important in stressful times because this is where your sub consciousness takes over and helps you smooth out most concerns which you might not even have actively realized at that certain time

Even though not everyone wants to experience the complete halt of an old comfortable lifestyle, transitions is a natural everyday part of life. Your voyage may be more difficult than you had imagined, however trust that even though you may feel vulnerable at times, you can endure this and know that you can adjust to the transition

because you have the ability to shape and mold the path you are on. Although some transitions are unexpected, take it in your stride and make it your own. Remind yourself that as you look at the world in a new way, a new beginning will emerge.

Remember that you are unique in every way imaginable, stay positive to attract positivity in your life.

Step 5: Evolving and excelling

As you start to accept these new beginnings you will by your very own nature which is better known as evolution, start to excel and improve on your new found direction in life. Now this is where the fun and excitement usually begins, you might

even discover abilities you had all along but never had any use for it. This is what I have a compulsion to, being able to change, discovering new variations of yourself, even the air you breathe feels more revitalizing. Growing Older can feel so much like growing younger when you rediscover yourself!

A Pilots Life

Each individual believes in their own dreams and trusting their Elements. As pioneers in life, we are substantial individuals, who thrive on what is

Bigger, where the next challenge lies.. Have you ever thought of placing Your trust in the ability of a machine that defies human, something that functions only on what the person before you set it out to do, or only what the human mind has discovered to endeavour it as usable technology, leaving human hands bare in the moment of airborne sanity. The human mind is designed to establish an equation for most functions of technology, would you be able to function direction, longitude, or latitude by equation in an milky way of clouds and undefined direction. Have you ever walked into a dark Room, where you know where you need to go, but can’t see what is in front of

you, most of us find that feEling of helplessness, a fear and life defining moment, where there is a handful of people, who will not only calculate their way through the room, but will find their way and direction easily, finding the unknown and unseen a beauty on its own. You will never understand a person’s passion until you see life itself through their eyes. I only realised it , until I stood in the presence of someone like this, someone who thrives on the unseen beauty of life , which my eyes never really saw. We all see , but do we really note the astonishment that lurks around? I found so much inspiration from Such an individual , for not only who he is , but what he looks to achieve in life, this drove me to do some research , and I found more than what i was really hoping for. A Pilot’s life is not what we think it is. There is a passion with no name out there that I as individual never knew existed. Booking our domestic / international flights is easy , no hassle , no equations, no thinking is really done, we enter the airport, with no worries about what will be happening , the hostesses on the plane show you to

your seat, you hear the engiNes start

of life does nOt sustain itself on the

up , and you sit back for a few hours and get off, that is what we see as flying have ever sat , and think what the man /woman in the cockpit is really doing, 58 % of South Africans, think that a plane gets airborne by pulling a l lever , and lands on demand, by shoving the lever another way. Have you ever sat down next to a plane , looked at what capacity those engines run on , and the person in the Cockpit , does not only control that machine , with such elegance, and fluency . Like gliding over the waves of an airborne ocean. That person not only flies that machine , they turn to be one with the motion of the elements of nature. A pilot faces

ground, but on what the sky has to offer, seeing the world through a pilots eyes, changes your views, not only personally but physically as well. A pilot not only places his trust in the elements of nature, but combines it with the trust in what man has created as a travelling source, more intensely do they not only trust what other’s cant see, but the machine under them...V For many flying is a lifEtime adventure.

nature’s elements each Day of their

It's a multidimensional activity that you can enjoy on as many levels as suits your fancy from sightseeing to aircraft appreciation to aerobatics to travel to technical flying to history to earning a living and on and on. Along

lives, and the elements you face in

the way, YOU meet some great

your car or wAlking on the street, its

people and learn a bit about yourself. And best of all, you can do it!

elements we cannot conceive until we stand in their presence, they do Not think like us , they do not do like the rest of us . I met this pilot coincidentally and even though I thought I thought I knew a lot about life , I reaLised that whatever I knew , does not compare to what I was taught by this individual. The essence

Find a Good Instructor

Some students need more hours training in order to complete their Your local airport most likely has one license. The fact of the matter is that or more training outlets. These can be today's pilot needs to know and be a flight school, FBO ("fixed based able to do many things that it's not operator"), or maybe just some always possible to complete in the independent instructors. An minimum amount of hours stipulated, independent or freelance instructor though a conscientious student that would do your training at a licensed works hard independently and trains ATO. Experience counts, yes, but this relatively frequently (2-3 times a doesn't mean that you should discount week) can certainly keep his/her costs an enthusiastic fresh instructor. down. The flight school will structure a programme that is structured around you and training is done on a one on one basis

Minimum Flight Hours Costs When training under the CAA PPL, there is a CAA mandated minimum number of flight hours required of 45.

At the time of this writing, it costs approximately R1300 – R 1600 per

hour to rent an airplane. This includes the fuel and oil, and the time is only counted when the engine is on (so one hour really means one hour). Instructor rates typically vary from R200 - R400 per hour Usually included in the dual rate for the aircraft -- some places link this to the engine time, and some count all the clock time that you are with the instructor in making this determination. 45 hours x (1300 + 250) = R 58 500 Add another R5,000 - R10,000 for things that you'll have to buy along the way (like a headset), and you have a pretty rough idea of what it costs. Helicopters cost more. Is it a lot of money? Yes. Is it worth it? I think you know our answer! Introductory Flight Most or all flight training organizations will gladly offer You an introductory flight. An intro flight is usually around half an hour. This will give you a sense of what it is like to be up in the air in a training aircraft. On your very first flight, the instructor is likely to let you have the controls (with him/her keeping a close watch, of course). How hard is it?

Every pilot I have spoken to told me that flying was easier than they had anticipated. This quote maybe explains it best: "Nothing about flying is hard, except mastering the thousands of necessary easy things." Like anything worth doing, learning to fly takes some diligence and effort, but it can be done by virtually anybody from age 16 to 106. The Timeline The following timeline is written with airplanes in mind, and varies slightly for helicopters and other aircraft types. If you schedule 3 lessons a week, you're likely to fly 2 a week (because of weather and other issues), and will earn a Private Pilot license in 3-6 months. Each flying lesson will likely include between 1 and 1.5 hours of flying, although the "cross country" flights (flights that go 50 or more miles from your local airport) that you will do as part of your training will be a bit longer. Each flight lesson will generally contain a pre-flight and a post-flight briefing and discussion with your instructor, so bank on 3-3.5 hours as a conservative "car to car" benchmark.

The goal is to pass a combination flight and oral test, known as a "check ride" the Chief Flying Instructor at the flight school or a Grade II instructor appointed by him.

To be eligible to take a checkride, you must meet certain aeronautical experience requirements and have completed your written (knowledge) test. Much of your flying time will be spent on preparing for things that you will be tested on during your checkride. This includes standard manoeuvres and procedures that you will have to fly. All of the manoeuvres and requirements are standardized in a series of Exercises.

Solo Flight! Part of the aeronautical experience requirements includes some solo flight. That's right--no instructor. Just

you, an airplane, and the wild blue yonder. Of course, this is an exhilarating and anxious event, but people have safe first solos every day. Someday soon, maybe that could include you. Talking about "average" times to solo is misleading and counterproductive. Unfortunately, occasionally students seem to think that getting to solo is some sort of race. In practice, if you ever hear somebody bragging about how few hours they soloed in, then

you can almost be certain that they are only revealing their own lack of experience. Amongst experienced pilots, its understood that this number means absolutely nothing. The famous WW2 ace Chuck Yeager who broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 aircraft

took an inordinately long amount of time to solo. For airplanes, you will learn at least the following maneuvers and procedures during your training: normal takeoffs and landings, slow flight, stalls, turns, ground reference maneuvers, cross country planning and navigation, use of radios, use of navigational equipment, emergency procedures, aviation weather, aviation psychology and physiology, aircraft systems, aerodynamics, regulations, and more. The SACAA has laid out a sequence of exercises that you will gradually progress through. Once you have completed all the phases of training and are competent in all the sequences, you will be able to take your checkride.

You may be apprehensive about some of this training regimen until you actually do it and see that it’s really not that bad, and is intended to keep you safe! Everything that you will be taught has the goal of making you a safe and competent pilot. Safety is the watchword of aviation and is priority one.

Conclusions I hope I have provided you with a reasonable introduction to flying. To get more specifics, go down and visit the nice folks at your local airport - I'm sure they'll be more than happy to answer your questions and get you set up as necessary. 

Be sure to do your research before jumping into your flight training. Use a reliable source for this information and not marketing from flight schools. Online forums, asking pilots, visiting flight schools to ask about the experience of their instructors are a good way to find out about a school's reputation. Be sure to ask current students what they think of their training privately where they feel free to talk. Be sure to ask if they are flying as much/often as they had originally planned and if not, why not.

Don't be afraid to look for an instructor at a local airport rather than a big school. While a big school has a lot of advantages, remember that their instructors

are generally low-time recent grads from their program. On the other hand, you might find a retired airline captain, military aviator, or maybe just a life-long flying enthusiast with a lifetime of real-world flying experience to share with you instructing at a smaller, local airport. 

Think about joining a Flying/Gliding Club near you to build up your hours.

Although flying is a fun job, don't expect to make a lot of money at first.

A great place to start building time and experience is working as an instructor. Logging as much as 1,000 hours of flying per year in the process, which makes you a much more attractive pilot candidate for the passenger REGIONAL carriers. With many of the cargo operations, you'll fly every day and be home every night.

As an airline pilot, you will start as a first officer and work your way to captain.

Having the opportunity to enter training for upgrade from First Officer to Captain at an airline is based on seniority with the company rather than total flight time or experience. If you are unsuccessful in completing the airline's command training, you will be sent back to the right seat as a first officer, or your employment terminated, depending on the airline's policy. At many airlines you have a specific number of attempts allowed to attain captain, after which your employment may be terminated.

Join the Airforce. Airforce pilots often become airline pilots after they retire from the Airforce. While it might not cost you money you might need to stay with the Airforce a certain number of years.

Also, a high "wanting" to be a pilot will help you. Believe that you will become a pilot and you will.

If you are looking to start flying as a career or just as a hobby you would need to head off to your local airport

and visit one of the flying schools there. All flying schools need to be registered by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) . Flying schools are registered in terms of Part 141 as an ATO (Aviation Training Organisation) and are strictly monitored by the SACAA in terms of safety and to keep the standards at an extremely high level. Pilot.html



his month’s feature isn’t

really new and upcoming Dj’s, as I have seen what they do to their crowds. Even in the most unplanned set up, they can find a way to entertain their crowd. The interview was a really good life experience for me , in a way I was sitting blankly in front of the computer screen , trying to put the whole picture together, with no real prevail to success. These men fit like a puzzle, if you see them on the street; they differ like day and night, even in the interview I found it hard to believe that they actually find a mutual agreement in their music. So seeing them in action was my only way paper, all FTVOM has to say to this is Deadly DUO... of really understanding them. It’s like they enter another domain when they get behind the DJ box, almost a simple entity in dream world, something we cannot describe in words, it’s just a surreal experience, which no-one can really place on

Steve Black “My weakness is definitely my short temper, a real Italian temper and the fact that I am very impatient”


“I also have to add that I can get very emotionally sensitive sometimes, my heart is very big”

“I would like to establish a more stable career balance between my music making, and the production of my own tunes through set software” “This is more a long term goal, but it still stands as a goal, I would love the opportunity to produce a black and white album “ “... My own single on the south African top 20 charts” FAVOURITE SPORTS / HOBBIES? “I am half Italian, and cooking is one like a lifestyle to me, but I have to add Fly fishing and photography to the list” CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN? STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES? “I am a go getter, I accomplish everything I set my mind to, and will keep on trying, without quitting once”

“ Mostly I would like to do less commercial gigs , which will then allow me more time in the studio , and with other DJ’s who know the industry better that I do”

PERSONALITY ? “I am an extrovert. I am loud as it is in my genes. I’m a good listener and well mannered, and even if I have to say it myself, I’m very intellectual. I do get hyperactive in times too” WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS ? “Married, my own family, and a proud home owner, no doubt about that” WHAT DO YOU SEE AS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY? “Setting trends musically. And using our large network of friends to help contribute to causes I that are important to me”

DESCRIBE YOUR FEELING TOWARDS OPPOSITIONS ? “I always embrace and befriend people who would be considered as opposition, as im good at what I do and if that persimmon is my opposition they must be good at it too. I could learn from them” WHAT IS YOUR MUSIC STYLE AND WHY? “House music, it’s a music that you’d find me dancing to at a party due to the thick baselines and the wide variety of remixes “

WHAT DRIVES YOU IN LIFE? “Definitely my family and achieving my idea of what family life should be like”


“Better leaders that are more in touch with the public” WHAT WAS THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU? “This is actually a story all on its own. At the age of 18 I was held hostage for a month in Congo jungle by a child soldier”

DO YOU ENJOY ATTENTION OR LIKE YOUR ALONE TIME? “Both have their equal place in my life”

HOW DO YOU ADVERTISE YOURSELF? “Mostly Facebook, Handing out Demo Cd’s and promotional events” WHAT OTHER THAN MUSIC IS YOUR PASSION IN LIFE? “Food, Family, and my animals, although I have yet to own a teacup pig, one day I will “ WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE PASSION BEHIND YOUR MUSIC? “It reaches people over all races; ages, and languages, music has absolutely no Boundaries” WHY MUSIC? “I love entertaining and shaping music in such a way, to evoke emotion with the listener” WHAT IS YOUR LIFE QUOTE? “Live everyday like it’s your last”

WHAT WE SAY: Steve came forth very intellectual and business driven, but as you know, FTVOM does not do the whole business measure of a meeting, especially not with our DJ feature’s. He soon saw that I did not catch up with his measure, but somehow I

understood him, and the atmosphere loosened up. To us, in the duo he is for sure the thinker, the planner, and the encouragement, he is very independent and he has a sense of life that is absolute astonishing. Even though fame has came knocking on his front door, it does not seem to throw him off his game. He is down to earth, and has a very strong opinion, though he does not seem like the type of person that will force you to do something you really don’t want to do. His passion for music and food, hides his own little flaws, therefore I have to be silent on that part, as to my unfortunate critic side, I can’t really criticize. I got to know the other part of this man behind his music, even though the change in personality is big, its hidden by the wonder you get to meet, the professionalism and business features fade almost immediately, and it’s a complete turnaround, not for the worst , but even better that what you see on a day to day basis, he cares about his crowd , and finds their needs an absolute essential during the night, his popularity does not force his nose in the air, as he does not only perform for the crowd , but he spends time

with them . He is incredibly adaptable, during my time spent watching him, I was shocked by how quickly he can adapt himself to the type of person or fan he is talking to. It was a real pleasure getting to know this man, he knows what he wants in life, and knows exactly how to get there. WEBSITE LINKS • !/ • • Black

BLOG PAGES AND ANY OTHER INFORMATION . • ex.php/dj-s?pid=65&sid=311:SaxxyHouse•

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES? “I definitely see myself launching my own CD, and to Headline a Festival” ACHIEVEMENTS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS?

CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN? “My five year plan was to play at H2O, and I already did that, my next plan for 2013 is to produce my own music”

“I played H2O, Played Zambia (Lusaka, Victoria Falls), and Played alongside an International DJ (Pleasurekraft)” FAVOURITE SPORTS / HOBBIES? “Other than music, all motorsports, Golf, cooking, and relaxing with some movies” STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES? “Well my weakness is definitely my stubbornness and my immense short temper. My strengths I would say is that I can be very calm in some situations”

Craig White is sponsored by

Palladium & AKG



“I am a go getter, very bubbly and social, always keen to have a party, but “I find it crucial to have oppositions, as at the same time, my family is very it will only drive you to be better” important to me” WHAT IS YOUR MUSIC STYLE AND WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 WHY? YEARS? “Firstly it depends on the venue and “Playing internationally and having big the crowd, but my old time favourite is names DJ’s playing alongside me, and house, merely because it has such a last but not least I want my own Radio wide variety of directions it could go” show” DID YOU HAVE ANY PRIOR WHAT DO YOU SEE AS SOCIAL EXPERIENCE OR OTHER RESPONSIBILITY? QUALIFICATIONS? “To give back to the less fortunate, and help open doors for opportunities for them “

“No, the only experience I have is Life itself” WHAT DRIVES YOU IN LIFE? “Definitely my family, and to be a better person each day” WHAT BREAKS YOUR SPEED IN LIFE? “Being let down by people” IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING IN OUR COUNTRY /YOUR COUNTRY WHAT WOULD IT BE? “NO ETOLL and more equal rights for everyone” WHAT WAS THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU?

“Getting so sunburned that my friends either calls me a prawn or Craig “red”, and unfortunately this happens very often”

“This is what I do”

much, but when he said something, we all had a good laugh. He is definitely not on the same station as we were, but seems to return to earth every now and then. I found the shyness does not exist in his vocabulary, and he is very outspoken, open minded. During the event, I met another, his name was CRAIG WHITE, this guy turned from quiet to very bubbly, and very in tune with his crowd, a free spirit. The switch is phenomenal, as personally I have never come across something like this. Craig Mulder is a very hard cookie to crack, where Craig White, is someone you would want to be around most of your free time. I don’t know how to describe the shift to you guys, but the line between business and pleasure is well produced with him, he knows where to draw the line.


It was an absolute pleasure adding him to our DJ list.

HOW DO YOU ADVERTISE YOURSELF? “Mostly facebook and Twitter” WHAT DO YOU DO FOR YOUR COMMUNITY? “Playing at a lot of charities” WHY MUSIC? “It’s just who I am” ARE YOU MARRIED OR IN A RELATIONSHIP? “Nothing and not looking for anything at the moment” WHAT IS YOUR LIFE QUOTE?

Craig is an unwritten book to us, he has a very neutral attitude, but also stands to his opinions, during our interview we found that he is not only driven in life but it’s his way or the Highway. He is very impulsive, but his focus shifts a lot. He did not really say

Steve Black

Steve Black

Craig white

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Ingredients and directions! To begin.

I have felt like rolls were such a luxury... they took so long to mix, knead, rise, roll and rise...2 or 3 hours later... rolls that only last 10 minutes once everyone smells them! Seriously, these are so easy, I make them 2-3 times a week!

Preheat your oven to 400* In a bowl or mixer add these 4 ingredients: 1 3/4 Cup warm water 1/2 cup oil (I use canola) 1/4 cup granulated sugar 3 Tablespoons of dry active yeast (see

picture of what I use) Stir up that mixture and let it sit for 15 minutes. (see Pictures of yeast rising after just 1 minute, and at 15) It will rise right in your bowl! While this is rising, gather the remaining ingredients:

Step 2 Roll them out! Everyone likes their rolls rolled slightly different! You've got your basic dough, now roll them out!

Then add these 3 ingredients: 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of salt 5 1/2 to 6 cups of flour Mix. (I use the kitchenaid and the bread dough hook...mix it about 2 minutes) Easy right? (When I made these rolls in Utah, I needed about 5.5 cups of flour, in North Carolina I need 6 cups because of the humidity) The dough will still be slightly sticky.

I've like to do little balls about the size of a ping-pong ball. They make darling little sandwiches! let them rise on the pan for 10 minutes. Then Bake them 400* for 10 minutes

Step 3 EAT THEM! Makes about 40 rolls Now there is no excuse! You can have fresh rolls everyday! We love them so much, I haven't bought bread in months... my kids love little roll sandwiches! I usually double the recipe...might as well make a few days worth! Also you can freeze the dough and pull it out when you are ready to bake! I thaw it overnight in my fridge set it on the counter about 10 minutes before I am ready to roll out. Then roll, rise and bake!

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