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Hi Everyone! As you all know this is the month for Love as it is said, take time out of your day to remind your loved one that they are special too you , even if they aren’t really your own. I got familiar with a new movie on the scenes lately, it’s a kiddies movie though , but something struck me about this movie, and I cant seem to place it, the story revolves around the well being of our trees , but its shaped in such a way that even the faint hearted will be somewhat affected by it. Stunningly this story is focused on the kids and it astonished me that there are actually still Hollywood producers and writers with pure and healthy intentions out there , do yourself a favour this month and rent the movie The Lorax , you will not only have a good laugh, but you will share in the excitement and sense fullness of the story line and the outcome , it will really surprise you.

You will note that we have been absolutely blessed with a website domain , by Eugene Koekemoer, and have the luxury of hosting services and support , the team would like to thank him. We have received a lot of positive feedback for all our freelance writers, and we are proud to say that they are the spirit and passion behind the scenes, I would like to thank them in advance for their participation and the vibe they establish when things get rough. Its astonishing to note that there is so much talent out there, yet not enough support for the entrepreneurs of today. This month we laid out the DIY section for the month of FEB to help you create the best gift , whether its for yourself or for your loved one. We would suggest it to be rather something usable or useful as a gift , rather than a teddy bear or some chocolates, these ideas are fruitful and will serve a purpose to remind them of you.I surely hope you enjoy this month’s issue, take some time out to read our feature, Lady Lea will motivate you, her success is something we can all thrive upon.

Due to some changes in the last month we are on the lookout for either sponsors, angel investors or business venture capitalists, to run our magazine , we are in dyare need of finances , though we do have our loyal advertisers, these finances are used 3


What exactly are love and fear based emotions and how do we handle it or even recognize it?!? After some research I have found that there are two main groups of emotions that determine our reality and can obviously be broken down to be understood in a much simpler way. Fear-based emotions: fear, anger, stress, hate, pride, greed, blame, bitterness, hurt, judgment, misery, sadness, hopelessness, unhappiness, insecurity, lack of faith, lack of self-love, self-destruction, jealousy, competitiveness, control, frustration, selfishness, closeness, guilt, shame, doubt, uncertainty, and the list goes on. Love-based emotions: love, joy, faith, trust, inner strength, confidence, belief, happiness, caring, sharing, forgiveness, openness, passion, freedom, harmony,

honesty, beauty, compassion, self-love, self-appreciation, respect, acceptance, peace, balance between giving and receiving, understanding, and again this list goes on too. How do fear-based emotions affect our life? Fear-based emotions create a limitation, tightness, an inward pulling feeling (shrinking you). Fear-based emotions push the world away. Fear-based emotions invite isolation. Fear-based emotions create heaviness in you. 5

Fear-based emotions create a life full of pain and frustration. Fear-based emotions disconnect us from our true self.

These emotions stop us from growing in almost every aspect of our lives, what we need to do here in the first place is to realize or recognize that we have these emotions blocking our personal growth and start to seek the answers as to why we have these fears and how they affect us. Thus the process of change already begins and already changes how you view life in the present! How do love-based emotions affect our life?

Love-based emotions allow us to live in abundance. Love-based emotions connect us with our true self. Everything you are today is the sum total of all the feelings you have experienced all your life up to this moment. Try to surround yourself with friends that have a positive attitude towards life, and try to see circumstances in a positive light no matter how bleak they might appear to be. Remember positive thoughts attract positive thoughts, so ask the question positively and a positive solution will come to you.

Love-based emotions create bodily sensations of openness (expanding you). Love-based emotions invite the world in. Love-based emotions invite unity. Love-based emotions make the body and soul feel relaxed. Love-based emotions create lightness in you. 6

The most common reason for break-ups or a failed relationship is the pairing up of the most unlikely individuals who do not wish to stay together after certain duration. Dating is one of the most popular approaches to find the right partner although it many times can cause hurt and broken hearts. Not all relationships are made in heaven. Most analysts point out that people fail to understand the finer points of dating which may lead the individuals to concentrate more on the temporary attractions rather than realizing the importance of knowing the character of their date. The pain of a

bad relationship can be completely eliminated only by finding the new beginning. Listed below are few of the hints on overcoming bad relationship so you can move on and enter into a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Accept the Fact and Get Along Though it is easier said than put into practice, the ways to overcome the bad relationship begin with the acceptance that the particular chapter is over. Many tend to have unrealistic hopes that everything will fall back into place. Although it is never bad to hope, one must have a control of their emotions and leave no stone unturned to become normal once again. If things get out-ofhand, it will be a good option to consult with psychiatrist or take up relevant counselling. At all costs you’ll want to make amends with the person you broke it off with. Try not to have any ill feelings towards them as this can cause problems in future relationships. If you can remain respectful with one another it will pay off in the end. Keeping Oneself Occupied 7

It is the human nature that the lesser we think of any particular aspect, the chances of forgetting them is high. The simple ways to keep oneself busy by taking up new jobs or trying out the long-forgotten hobbies will surely mitigate the pain and gloominess of the affected person. Meeting friends or staying away from the place where one resided earlier will make much significant changes too. Take time when you’re in between relationships to invest in quality friendships. Do things you couldn't do when you were dating. Don’t allow any time for depression or accusation set in; get out and live life.

Finding New Relationships The thumb rule of a good relationship is that it is always good to confess and be prepared to accept the past revealed by the other person. There are several tips available online to guide the interested individuals to ask the right questions during the dating or in the beginning stages of a new relationship. Remember these question related to the relationship will be very crucial for beginning the new future life. Be confident and be sure to make not the mistakes done in the past relationships.


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Knowledge is power… only when held in the right mind…


five deadliest pandemics in our human history.

We all grew up in a safe, clean, and well protected environment, and I’m not referring to your home, I’m referring to the scientific safety regarding germs, viruses, and filth which our human eye cannot see. It’s inevitable to get the flu or a bladder infection but in the years before us they didn’t have any scientific or medical solution to fight most viruses or outbreaks of illnesses. It’s frightening to think back in time, and imagine how they lived, their lifestyles were much different than ours today, they didn’t have access to all the medical resources not to speak about the scientific research resources, therefore I can imagine all the home remedies they made use of , and what effect it actually had on their health. If you look into our history you will find either one of these

The very first pandemic recorded in history was described by Thucydides in 430 BC the Greeks put it in these words : “People in good health were all of a

sudden attacked by violent heats in the head, and redness and inflammation in the eyes, the inward parts, such as the throat or tongue, becoming bloody and emitting an unnatural and fetid breath." It was said that coughing, diahoria, Spasms and skin ulcers, only a hand full survived this without losing their fingers, sight and even genetalia from time to 12

time. Shockingly this disease that decimated ancient Athens has yet been identified or beaten.

If you were listening in Biology class you would know about the Antonine Plague in 165AD that was described and documented by a Greek physician as an Ancient Pandemic, though now thought to be smallpox, something we all are well aware of and which is currently very treatable. This Ancient Pandemic was brought to Rome by soldiers whom returned from Mesopotamia, it was named after Marcus Aurelius Anbtoninus, one of the Roman emperors who contracted the virus and passed. During this time the disease reached its height and killed some over 5000 People a day reported. By the time the disease ran its course some 15 years later, where it is documented that 5 million People have already passed on.

In 541 -542 AD the disease “The Plague of Justinian” broke out at a deadly rate in the Byzantine Empire. At the height of this outbreak it killed nearly 10000 people a day. This occurred just after Emperor Justininian took air in Constantinople. The disease has such a fierce death rate that the locals and mortiginures ran out of time to bury or dispose of the bodies that these where left in stacks out in the open. Nearing the end of the outbreak, more than half of the inhabitants of the city were dead, most historians believe this outbreak has decimated more that quarter of human population in the eastern Mediterranean. The culprit was the bubonic Plague , caused by the bacterium “Yersinia pestis” its documented as the first known bubonic plague pandemic in human history and claimed more than 200 million lives throughout the course of history.

After the Plague of Justinian, many outbreaks made their turns but non as severe as the Black Death in the 14th Century. While until today no one really 13

knows for certain where the disease came from though it was thought that soldiers and Merchants carried it over in the trading routes. The Black Death took a heavy toll on humanity in Europe; the fatalities were recorded at over 25 Million people or one fourth of the Entire population. Interesting to note that The Black death actually came forth in three forms the bubonic pneumonic and septicaemia plague. Firs the bubonic plague was the most common: people with this disease have buboes or enlarged lymphatic glands that turned black which was caused by the decaying and rotting of the skill while the person was still alive, without necessary treatment the plague killed about half of those infected within 3 to 7 days, while the pneumonia plague, droplets of aerosolised Y pestis bacteria are transmitted from human to human via coughing. If not treated within the first 24n Hours death was almost 100% certain within 2 to 4 days.

its name because at the time Spain wasn’t involved in the War and had not imposed wartime censorship, thus it received great press attention there.

During the last months of the world war 1 , a virulent and deadly flu virus was identified at Military camps in Kansas. Just months later the flu became a world wide pandemic in all continents. They named this deadly virus the Spanish Flu. When the flu pandemic passed, there was about 1 billion people or more to say half of the worlds populations contracted it. The Flu actually didn’t originate in Spain – it got 14


There is a saying “ You have felt no scorn like the wrath of a woman’s scorn”. History and the current has brought up society that woman are the soft and harmless beings of our humanity , the soft and sensitive woman figure we all know as our moms and the supportive and caring figure we all know as a wife. Its set in stone what you think of when you think woman. If you look into history you will find that there are some woman out there that were living proof , that even though our bodies may be different and we function differently we are all in the same if you look out our brain functionality. The following woman are proof that woman can be very cruel, most of the killers that are listed here had mainly financial motives, some really sick, and some just insane.

Darya Saltykova (1730-1801) a Russian noble woman , married into the famous Saltykova family. Darya was widowed by the of age of 26, with her husband’s death she graciously inherited a substantial estate where she lived with two you sons and a number of servants. Early complaints were ignored by police officials due to the due to the stature of the Saltykova family in the public eye, this 16

essentially leaded to punishment of the servants. Merely because of the great influence of Darya’s acquaintance with the high court and local officials and judges. Eventually the family members of the murdered woman were able to bring a petition before the empress Catherine II. Catherine decided to try Saltykova before the public in order to further her lawfulness initiative, in this interim Saltykova was arrested and her murder trial was open to the public. She was held by officials for 6 year while her case was deeply investigated , until she was found guilty of having killed 38 female servants by beating and torturing them to death . even though the case was substantially proved , Empress Catherine was very unsure about how to punish her or even if the case was really closed. The death penalty was abolished in Russia therefore the Empress needed the support of the nobility.

Saltykova was chained on a platform in Moscow for one hour with a sigh around her neck with the text “ this woman tortured and murder “ many of the locals came to look at her. Afterwards she was sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment in the basement of a convent in Moscow. Later she was buried with great delay, next to her relatives in the Monastery necropolis.

She was afterwards well spoken of for her distinctive fascination with torture. Her case stayed open for a few years after her death. According to forensic detectives, over a period of six to seven years she murdered by various tortures methods over 139 people. Its noted that only 3 of her victims were men , these number of victims included young girls between the ages of 10-12 years. Her methods had no specific explanation, as she would become furious for no apparent reason and react on those feelings of anger. She would throw logs at her servants girls when 17

she felt their cleaning methods did not fit her expectations. Then transported with a range , she would beat , whip and torture these girls and sometimes woman to death. She was a sadist and enjoyed physically abusing her servants. Therefore there were no specific method or distinctive signature to her killings to Saltyvoka it was mere outbreak of rage and indulging herself in the after effects of her actions during her fury of anger.

In later years the Moors murders came to aeir. They were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindly between July 1963 and October 1965 . The victims were five children aged between 10 and 17, it is noted that probability shows that at least four of these victims were

sexually assaulted. The body of the fourth victim has yet to be found till today , Keith Bennet is suspected of being buried at the same murder site as all the other victims , though no solid prove of the body has been found. Myra was released from imprisonment when she was sixty where Brady was declared criminally insane and declared to the public and the court that he would never want to be released and requested the hospital staff to please let him die.

The full extent of Brady and Hindley’s killing spree did not come to light until their confession in 1985, as both had until then maintained their innocence. Their first victim a 16 year old female and neighbour of the Hindley’s, 18

disappeared on her way to dance at the British Railways Club in Gorton. During that evening Brady declared to Hindley that he wanted to commit “the Perfect murder�. They drove around the local area and offer the Victim a lift. The victim was politely asked to help search for an expensive glove in the moors area , where after Brady arrived. Brady took the victim into the Moors, and returned without her , then took Hindly to the site where the victim was laying

dead , throat cut. Hindly noted that the victims clothes were undone and assumed from the time it took Brady to return to the van, that he sexually assaulted the victim. During this killing spree, most of the killings happened by the hand of Brady , even though Hindley was seen as the one of the cruellest woman in Britain, there was not much proof that she ever did the killings on her own, although it is noted that she had enjoyed watching the 19

killings happen and the sadistic thoughts she enjoyed for her own private reasons.



blooded South African would agree our love of sports is inherent to our nature. My main interests have always been any type of activity that involved balls and rules, strategy and coaching. My profiles across the social spectrum bares testament to this. Followed closely by my interest in Current Affairs, whether local or internationally. If an opinion is to be had about something then one would need not look any further.

Biography Paul Wesch Feel it, he is here! With as much excitement as the build up to the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup I’ve finally made my arrival. When the opportunity arose to contribute to a next generation online magazine I grabbed it with two hands, my mouth and help from my Australian Collie Dog named Chewbacca. A platform from which to share views, news, rants and raves, previews and reviews. For years I’ve been trolling social networking sites most relevantly Facebook and Twitter, expressing thoughts and feelings about anything that might cross my path. As any pure

Looking at trends, where they come from and why they are so popular is one of my hobbies. Whether it is pop-culture or just a pure entertainment phenomenon I delve into the history and future of it, and try and explain it to the reader to make it a bit more understandable and easier to interpret to others. I like to think of myself as a cowboy without a horse. Not going anywhere fast, just sitting in the saloon sharing my adventures of fortunes and misfortunes with fellow travellers over a glass of whiskey and a game of Texas Hold ’Em, whilst attentively listening to others to be able to share their stories at my next stop. Some of my favourites include any books by JRR Tolkien or George RR Martin, 80’s Rock Ballad music, movies like Remember the Titans, Love Actually and the Star Wars series and last but not the least my favourite restaurant Hooters (read Hotwings).And whatever you do, always remember that You Will Never Walk Alone. 22

Recently I had the opportunity to do the Oribi Gorge Swing situated just inland on the Hibiscus South Coast. Taking the plunge was one of the most exhilarating feelings that I’ve ever experienced. Even after a helter-skelter 8 hour drive to the destination I still had the mental stamina to take the plunge. As I was the last person to go for the day (due to inclement weather) I had time to prepare myself mentally for the moment. Strapped in a rather uncomfortable harness, ‘Lucky’ our instructor walked me through everything. After enough tension was wound into the guideline he would release me, where I have 3-seconds in the red-zone before he would push me, as happened to a friend before me much to everyone’s enjoyment. Being quite the big lad gravity was unkind to me, and I’m pretty sure I exerted about a ton of force onto the lines. Light rain drizzled down and thunder could be heard close by. With all the lines being conductors I started to worry, and when the motorized pulley struggled with my weight (I really

should get on that treadmill) the real thrill only started.

Nothing more awe-inspiring than being suspended 100 metres above the ground in a gorge with thunder, a waterfall and natures splendour all around you. If this was what Daredevils and Extreme Junkies get to experience on a regular basis then sign me up.


Obviously this sparked an interest into all the different types of extreme activities there are and how accessible/suitable they are for individuals.

I realized that although these two examples aren’t the most dangerous activities on the planet, the emotion and thrill it provokes from us is something quite remarkable. Taking the plunge, whether literally from the precipice off a cliff, or figuratively in a relationship is a thrill on its own. The adventurous spirit of human kind is quite an endearing prospect. For those who are of a more cautious nature, and like staying out of harms way are usually the ones that end up at the Lonely Hearts club. Looking back at 2012 I remember the one acronym that was trending globally for quite a long time. YOLO. For those that have been suffering from internetlessness, that stands for You Only Live Once. A mind set that you cannot regret the things you have not done.

I haven’t even started to search when I stumbled upon the most extreme activity of them all. It makes your heart palpitate, sweat breaking out across you’re whole body, lips get chaffed, your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth. And when you have to say “I do” it feels as if your stomach has been pulled inside out. Obviously I’m speaking of a wedding day. The most adventurous, extreme activity there is, consisting of months of planning, years of dedication and dead set perseverance. There is no red-zone then you get pushed scenario, only the thereand-then of the moment.


This ‘Hakuna Matata’-like philosophy is also useful in the dating scene, where ‘a morning of awkwardness is better than a night of loneliness’ nudge nudge wink wink. We shouldn’t let fear limit our potential. If there is no fear, then there will be no limits nor compromises. We would be masters of our own destinies, shapers of our own futures, and most importantly makers of our own coffee/beds. What do I take from this you may ask? Simple.

“Swinging down wet gorges is fun when done safely.” – Paul Wesch 25


With about 1200 fatalities during the December 2012 period alone we have to start looking at the road user culture in our country, the public transport system, and also the role of government in insuring the safety of its citizens.

As the holiday season came to an end, and everybody went back to their daily routines and way of life, we are left to scrutinise and analyse the aftermath of another bloody festive season on South African roads. As diverse as the cultures of the rainbow nation, so are the standards of our roads. From majestic mountain passes that would make Jeremy Clarkson giddy with excitement to trenches in roads that even donkey carts can’t cross, we sure have it all. But are the roads to blame for our high accident rate or are there more factors involved? Let’s find out.

Driving Cultures We’ve all heard about it, and I’m sure every municipality has them: Speedfreaks. Standing around a braai there’s always a guy or two boasting about how quickly they drove between two points, sometimes exaggerated but mostly not. They talk about the capacity of their engine and how they go about using it. About the maximum speeds they’ve reached and how they’ve been accident free since 2003. The mentality that time waits for no man, and that to sit in traffic is an injustice to their precious lives. They make up for any lost time by making their right foot a bit heavier, not realizing that there are thousands of other road users that feel the same. 27

Then there is the Circus acts, the guys who modify their cars so much that if not closely inspected could pass as Alien spaceships. They go through so much effort to enhance their performance but they don’t give an ounce of thought for other road users. A hobby for some, a way of life for others. But it is when these high performance vehicles start sharing the roads with other vehicles unable to predict its capabilities of breaking and acceleration that can cause accidents, especially in places with high volumes of traffic. Finally we get to the public transport system and that dreaded word: taxi. We’ve all experienced the way taxi drivers go about their business, their complete and utter disregard for traffic laws and other road users. Their vehicles not roadworthy and filled overcapacity, a ticking time bomb for an accident. The more people they carry the more money the driver makes. It is their livelihood at stake, and if they don’t perform they get replaced. So the extra pressure forces the driver’s hand to take unnecessary risks.

I reckon that’s why there is so little respect shown by taxi drivers for cyclists and roadrunners. They are seen as a nuisance rather than a fellow road user, because they mostly use the parts of the road taxi drivers need for quick stops to drop and load people or to illegally overtake when traffic starts piling up. The tragic death of Burry Stander (South African Mountain Bike Champion) early in January 2013 being testament to that.

And as if taxi’s weren’t the only danger, we get busses that travel long distances on dangerous roads that eventually end up in the scrap yard, and the passengers in the morgue. Most of these accidents that get investigated come down to driver error/fatigue. We could discuss the dangers on our roads until the cows come home, but talking won’t solve any of it. It is by doing that we can only hope to accomplish something, and this is where the government is failing it’s people. Licenses, drivers and PDP (Public Driving Permit), are too easily obtained, and also easily kept. I suggest that 28

Learners Licenses should only be issued at 18 years of age, and the drivers license at 20. This means that drivers will be more experienced once they start driving on their own. The PDP applications and test should be stricter and more rigorous, it should be seen as a trade (in which you can specialize) and not just as a driving position. Licenses should be revoked when drivers are in serious accidents, and only be reissued when driver passes another drivers test. All this might sound like time and money being wasted, but can you really put that ahead of your own safety. I see it as a way for government to create more jobs and take drastic measures towards road safety and culpability in SA. This also opens up a market for development in public transport as there will be more people in need of it. Our roads have become one of the top 5 topics used as ‘small talk’ amongst citizens, instead of people asking how the trip was they ask about the roads, and I reckon that’s a mindset that we need to change.


We as a society hate to be cheated on or to be taken advantage off, whether in business, sport or in a relationship. It is in our inherent nature to feel aggrieved when we are victimised by other individuals and therefore seek justice for it.

Take the whole Lance Armstrong debacle as an example. For years he has been portrayed as a champion of the people, a cancer survivor that ‘won’ the Tour de France for 7 consecutive times. He became probably the greatest inspirational/motivational icon in modern times with his Livestrong Foundation setting the benchmark for contributing to cancer research and aiding people who are fighting it.

Admirable to say the least, but when news broke that he was once again being investigated for ‘doping’ (the use of performance enhancing drugs) and that this time around there was damning evidence and testimony from fellow riders against him it was only a matter of time before this bubble burst. Armstrong came clean on the Oprah Winfrey show, admitting to these allegations, and the outrage against him was remarkable. Social networks were a buzz with people ranting and raving, people who believed him to be a champion were lied to for years on end, big business and individuals who sponsored Armstrong and made huge contributions to his foundation felt robbed.


With Lance’s reputation being torn to pieces by the wolves, the public were crying for justice. Will he get sentenced to prison for fraud? Will they receive reimbursements from the foundation? These are the same people who opened their hearts (and wallets) to donate to a cause which they felt so strongly about, now baying for blood.

Lances contributions weren’t only towards fighting cancer, but also towards cycling as a whole. He became the face of the sport, people got on to their bikes and cyclists were motivated to imitate his feats. Not only did he tarnish his own reputation but also this sport. Suddenly all professional cyclists came under scrutiny with allegations being thrown around and investigations launched. A sport loved by so many suddenly thrown into doubt and turmoil. And as these revelations came to light, people just became angrier and more

frustrated. It really is amazing the reach that one mans actions can have. But isn’t it about time we stopped hating and berating one individual. This has become borderline bullying, it’s safe to throw hurtful daggers when you are in the majority, but if the tables were turned how would you feel/react. He has been caught out and admitted to what some would call sin, and as I write this a call would be made on whether he will get prosecuted. We find delight in the misfortune of successful people; this is called ‘schadenfreude’ and is a very cruel emotion which society shares. We humans trust others not to hurt us, and when we get hurt we ask why. Isn’t it about time we also take a bit of responsibility in who we put this trust, even if it ends up getting misguided? We all have our own idea of forgiveness and whether it is earned or not, as for myself, I tend to follow Alexander Pope’s words: To err is human, to forgive divine. So let’s move forward and look to the future… a future which asks, who is the next hero to falter? Let the witch hunts begin.



GENERAL GOALS AND OBJECTIVES FOR 2013 Release an album and do a national tour. Do more studio production and release hit singles onto radio. Push Divas on Decks & Beat Boyz (my DJ agencies).

Relaxing at home with my family and friends, shopping, fishing, keeping fit. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS: 1) I am very loyal to my friends and family.

Be fit & healthy.

2) I am very strong mentally and physically.


3) If I want something I do what I can to make it happen... I don't give up easily.

I have released 17 albums into the market and played internationally.


Been rated in the top 1000 DJs in the world 3 years in a row... My best position being 368th in the world. FAVOURITE SPORTS / HOBBIES OTHER THAN YOUR MUSIC

1) I am very gullible and always see the best in people even when they lie to me and have bad intentions. 2) I am sometimes quite stubborn when I feel that I am right. 3) I have a lot of ideas and I try to achieve all of them at once, and 33

quickly... When sometimes I need to be more patient. CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN FROM WHERE YOU STARTED AND WHERE YOU ARE NOW A lot has happened in the 16 years that I've been a DJ. I don't think I could've ever imagined I'd come this far... Even though my goal is to be one of the top 100 DJs in the world. I’ll get there someday :) one day :) step by step :)

Oppositions and/or competition are healthy. It keeps you on your toes and makes you try harder. HOW MANY SHOW’S DO YOU DO AND ATTEND IN A MONTH Approximately 8-10 shows... Sometimes more, sometimes less :)

DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY OFF STAGE I am very calm, unless someone messes with my work or betrays me. I am always positive, stable and fair. I love having good clean fun and I enjoy being spontaneous. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS Making hit tracks, and touring the world with my family. WHAT DO YOU SEE AS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY


Being a good example to kids and people in general. Always being on your best behaviour in public. Help where you can and always be friendly and help the less fortunate.

People know me by my funky sound, although I play deep and electro, there is always that bounce that people associate me with. I like happy music... You'll never catch me playing anything dark.


WHEN AND HOW DID YOU START? I started in 1994 when I was 14. My brother DJ Morgan and I purchased 34

equipment and just messed around at home until we eventually offered the clubs free graveyard sets just to get established. DID YOU HAVE ANY PRIOR EXPERIENCE OR OTHER QUALIFICATIONS? No, I was still in school when I started DJing.

My baby boy was born a year ago. He is the light of my life! WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE FROM OTHER ARTISTS I am unique because I don't copy anyone, I do my own thing, I have my own style, sound and personality, and I am not afraid to be myself in every aspect of my life.

WHAT DRIVES YOU IN LIFE My passion drives me, also my family, love, music and I'm always striving to be positive and happy. WHAT BREAKS YOUR SPEED IN LIFE Negativity, carelessness, dishonest and dodgy people. IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING IN OUR COUNTRY /YOUR COUNTRY WHAT WOULD IT BE? It would be public the transport. There would be a lot less drinking and driving, accidents and road rage if at least 50% of the population could use public transport all day and night. WHAT IS YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS



Neither. Just because you’re famous doesn't mean you’re rich, and vice versa.

I believe in a God, I believe in guardians and angels guiding us, and I believe in karma.



It's when a lot of people know you for one specific thing that became a hit...

I am not very political at all.


Whether it's a song, a situation or a talent. People don’t really know the real you and often have unrealistic expectations of who they want u to be. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MUSIC AS AN EXPERTISE? Music chose me. I was born with it.

ARE YOU MARRIED OR IN A RELATIONSHIP Not married. Currently still single.

IF YOU HAD TO LEAD TEENAGERS OR YOUNG ADULTS WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FIRST PLAN OF ACTION ? Teach them how to respect themselves and one another... Make them visualize their ultimate life, and make them understand that they can achieve it by taking the first step towards it and continue on that path with their goal in mind. DO YOU ENJOY ATTENTION OR LIKE YOUR ALONE TIME? I enjoy both. There is a time and place for everything. WHAT WOULD YOU IMPROVE ABOUT YOURSELF ? I would improve on my music theory , my fitness, and production skills WEBSITE LINKS

PLEASE EXPLAIN TO THE READERS WHAT CHANNELS YOU FOLLOWED TO GET WHERE YOU ARE TODAY. I played for free, I practiced all the time, I was part of the furniture at my favourite music venues, I was persistent with what I wanted, I had my own records store, I stuck it out for 16 years so far, I was hard working and dedicated to my passion.





Send us your Demo:



moisture within to cause them to crack ... or even explode! Avoid this by making an inner ring of firebrick or use nonporous stone, like granite. Step 3: Add a Second Layer of Stone They should straddle the joints of the first layer. If a stone doesn't sit flat, add more sand under the skewed stone in the first course, then tap or wiggle it flat.

Warm up to the idea of a simple, stacked-stone fire pit with this easy project. Step 1: Mark the Area Mark a circular area in the yard big enough for a fire pit (4 to 5 feet is good). Cut out the sod and scrape out the first 2 inches of soil. Spread an inch of sand over the ground and rake it smooth, leveling the area where the fire pit will sit.

TIP Moving firewood from one area to another could invite unwanted pests such as the emerald ash borer into your community. The federal government and states with infestation problems have specific regulations to stop the spread of this havoc-wreaking hitchhiker. Play it safe. Visit to learn what's allowed in your area. Step 4: Finishing Touches After the stones are set, add a few inches of sand or gravel inside the pit to raise the level of the fire so it's easier to tend.

Step 2: Lay Your Blocks Working from the outer edge of your circle, lay blocks flat on the sand, then level. If the stones are tight against each other, leave small gaps for air vents. Move the stones as needed for even spacing.

TIP Porous materials—brick, concrete block, slate or sandstone—on their own can get hot enough for the expanding 41

Step 1: Gather Materials First, find a metal cooling rack with a square grid. Next, gather some twine, thin gauge wire, scissors, wire cutters and an assortment of small jars (we used glass baby food containers). Clean the jars thoroughly and remove any labels. Step 2: Make Handles for Jars Begin by adding a wire handle to each small jar. Loop thin gauge wire around the rim’s base two times. Use wire cutters to snip the wire, leaving about 1 inch at each end. Twist the ends tightly to secure in place, pressing excess wire against the jar rim. Repeat for each jar. Step 3: Add Handles to Jars

Cut several 6- to 8-inch sections of wire for the handles. On each jar, place one end of a wire section under the wrapped rim wire. Twist a small portion of wire around the rest to secure in place. Insert the other end of the wire on the opposite side and wrap the remaining small portion around the newly formed handle. Repeat to add handles to each jar. Step 4: Prepare Cooling Rack Prepare your cooling rack by securely tying several different lengths of twine randomly onto the grid. Then, cut four long, equal lengths of twine. Tie one at each corner of the cooling rack on the opposite side of the other lengths of 42

twine. Gather the four equal lengths of twine centered above the rack’s top, and make a square knot to secure in place. Leave a few inches glass jar chandelier of room between the knot and the rack. Now, you can place a hook or other hanging device under the knot. To attach your miniature jar lanterns, tie each of the different lengths of twine to a wire handle. Step 5: Fill Jars with Sand and Candles Fill each little jar about 1/3 full of clean sand, and place a tea light candle into the sand base of each. (Be sure to press the candles firmly into the base so they don’t move around!) Finally, hang your newly created chandelier from a tree limb or sturdy structure, and light the candles using a long-handled lighter or matchstick.



Step 1: Cut the Parts Use a circular saw to cut 1x4s to length, based on the desired size of your wall boxes. Our large box is 9 in. wide and 12 in. tall. Robert Reichenfeld[+]

Step 2: Build the Boxes Use wood glue and 4d finish nails to assemble the boxes. Cut 1/4-in. plywood to the required size and secure it to the back with glue and 1/2-in. brads. Robert Reichenfeld[+]

Step 3: Sand, Paint and Hang When the glue is dry, sand all surfaces, then prime and paint. To hang the boxes, secure two picture hanger brackets to the back, then hang your spice boxes on nails driven into the wall.


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