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Dear Brothers and Sisters, I was talking with one of our confirmation students about the revelation to Zechariah that he would have a son. Zechariah didn’t believe it. Similar to Abram and Sarai, Zechariah did not believe this would happen at his advanced age. Because of his disbelief, Zechariah was struck mute until it was time for the naming of the baby. As well, after the annunciation, Joseph did not initially believe what Mary had told him, not until he had received a vision from God. It is reasonable as human beings to have doubt when we are told at almost one hundred years old that we are going to have a child or that our fiancé is pregnant with the Son of God. I mentioned that years ago I did power breaking and would break stacks of concrete patio blocks. I did this because apparently I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but more because I believed that when I would tell children and youth that I was going to break these blocks with my elbow they would not believe it. I would teach kids how to break a board because they didn’t believe they could do it. In the end they would see it happen and I would then challenge them to do what God had called them to do and be whom God has called them to be. If I can do that which you might think is not possible, if a frail human being can break twenty inches of concrete blocks with just an elbow how much more can the God of the universe do through that same person, through each one of us. God can cause children to be born to an elderly couple and the Son of God to be born from a virgin and can do in and through us whatever He desires. As we begin our financial stewardship campaign and at the same time look at what God has called us to as a congregation in mission we may think that we can’t. We can’t go into the community and change the despair and the poverty we find, we can’t make a difference in a world that desires darkness, we can’t afford what is needed to move our congregation forward in accomplishing what God has called us to do. All these things require more time, more effort, more money than we have. Yet, we know that God is the God of the impossible, God does what no one can do and through His people God does the miraculous. Are we able to increase our outreach to the community around us, to people who have lost their hope in Detroit just a couple of miles outside our doors and bring hope, light and life? Are we able to support and love the children in the foster care system so that they know God has not abandoned them nor have His people? Are we able to proclaim boldly the gospel to our neighbors so that not one person in all the Grosse Pointes has not heard nor has not been invited to join us in worship and mission? Are we able to reach across the ocean and demonstrate to the people of Africa that God’s reach knows no bounds? Are we able to even balance our budget while growing our mission? Not on our own. However, on the side of God, with the power that comes from the Holy Spirit, being disciples and making disciples all things are possible and yes, we can! YIC<>< Pastor Sean Jesus looked at them and said, “For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26


WORSHIP SCHEDULE: Sunday 9:30 a.m. (With Holy Communion ) 11:00 a.m. (Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays)


First English Ev. Lutheran Church 800 Vernier Road Grosse Pointe Woods, 48236-1530 Phone: 313.884.5040 Fax: 313.884.4460

Senior Pastor Rev. Sean R. Motley

Ed./Youth Coordinator Renata Conger Music Coordinator Bob Foster Director of Bell Choirs Christina Judson Facility Use Director Colleen Motley Pastors Emeritus Rev. Paul Keppler Rev. Dr. Walter A. Schmidt


Stewardship Information God has given us all different talents and abilities. We are blessed at First English to have so many wonderful and gifted people working together in ministry. We want to be able to connect members of the congregation with each other, with opportunities to use their gifts and with information on the variety of ministries that can be found here. We are asking all the members of First English to help us learn about your gifts and talents. We will have a computer station set up in the lounge, where you will be able to enter information about your talents, hobbies, vocation, and areas of interest in regards to the ministries of the church. It will only take a few minutes per person and we will have people present to guide you through. This information will help us to connect members with similar interests, develop new groups and new ministries, improve our communication and increase the opportunity for people to be involved in the many activities and ministries here. You may also fill out a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;time and talentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; sheet that will be in the Lounge and also the magazine rack in the hall. Please join us in deepening our connection with each other and strengthening the ministry share.


Council Minutes - No meeting in August OFFICERS - 2016 (Officers are members of the executive committee) **President – Roger Ulmer **Vice President—Jeff Gates **Secretary – Waynette Hostetler

**Treasurer – Pam Southard **Financial Secretary – John Nyquist

Boards & Council Members Church Properties **Gordon Bush, Dir. **Asst. Dir. - Open Mark Fett Jeff Gates Jim Nelson Ed Kenny Ted Bidigare Scott Bricker Jim Lieder Evangelism Director, Open Caryl Litzenberger Margot Kahl Renee Strobl June MacMichael Jim Barnes Social Action **Diann Ohman, Dir. **Penny Damore, Asst. Dir. Yvonne Winston Pat Thomas Shawn Vinson Kay Butler Berkesch Virginia Ditty Claudia Gram Pat Milne

Parish Education **Randie Kohler, Dir. Patrick Glynn Andrea Glynn Trevor Clor Cindy Jevons Amy McIntyre Fellowship **Sue Ulmer, Dir. **Carol Sauter, Asst. Dir. Karen Bezel Miranda Berkesch Alexandrea Annas Robbin Vitale Jackie Tambourine Stewardship & Finance **Tom Liebold, Asst. Dir. Curt Sylvester Dan Rustmann Craig Kohler Waynette Hostetler Sherrill Wolford Youth Ministry **Liz Nyquist, Co-Dir. **Heidi Feldman, Co-Dir. Eve Feldman John Nyquist Sandi Smith

Worship & Music **Jane Stevens, Dir. **Chris Judson, Asst. Dir Mark Fett Sandy Ford Dave Conger Yvonne Winston Kyle Clor Women of the Church **Waynette Hostetler, Pres. **Denotes member of the Church Council


Council Minutes SEPTEMBER, 2017 Roger Ulmer called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm. Pastor Jerry Elsholz offered the opening prayer. Pastor Jerry Elsholz, as a representative of the Southeast Synod, gave a presentation/film on the Rise Up Campaign a congregational vision for three years to raise donations and return them to the synod for their use. The council will discuss this matter later to decide our participation. SECRETARY REPORT Randie Kohler moved to accept the August, 2017 minutes. as corrected, John Nyquist seconded and the motion carried. TREASURE REPORT There were no financial reports as all the bank statements had not been received. FINANCIAL SECRETARY – John Nyquist reported he is behind with entering contributions. Sherrill Wolford offered to help with data entry. BOARD OF WORSHIP AND MUSIC – Jane Stevens moved to obtain $1500 from Music Enrichment account to pay for musicians for Reformation Sunday, John Nyquist seconded and the motion carried. Jane Stevens moved to obtain $600 from the Music Enrichment account to pay for Wizard of Oz play essentials, John Nyquist seconded and the motion carried. BOARD OF FELLOWSHIP – Sue Ulmer reported the Life Builder event on September 23, 2017 BOARD OF STEWARDSHIP AND FINANCE = Sherrill Wolford the board is beginning work on the budget. Board members are currently going through training for Stewardship for all Seasons. Consecration Sunday is November 5, 2017. BOARD OF PARISH EDUCATION – Randie Kohler reported preschool has 13 enrolled this year. Next project is Operation Christmas Child. On October 15 the Sunday School children are singing at the 9:30 am service. December19, 2017 is the Christmas pageant at the 11:00 a.m. service BOARD OF SOCIAL ACTION – no report BOARD OF CHURCH PROPERTY - no report BOARD OF EVANGELISM – no report BOARD OF YOUTH MINISTRY – no report PASTORS REPORT – Pastor Motley noted he will be away next week for bereavement leave. Renata Conger will cover the Adult Bible Study and acolyte training. Pastor Motley noted we have received new computer software. There sill be a computer terminal available of Sunday September 24, 2017 for entry of time and talents OLD BUSINESS – none NEW BUSINESS – Randie Kohler distributed Oktoberfest flyers and asked for volunteers to help with the event. Roger Ulmer reported we had received and accepted an offer on the Karlson home for $102,000, which after expenses we should clear $98,999 Roger Ulmer was thanked for all his work on this project Randie Kohler moved to adjourn, John Nyquist seconded and the motion carried. We closed with the Lords Prayer. Respectfully submitted, Waynette Hostetler 5

"Discover First English" This class is intended for those who would like to join our congregation, for members who want to renew their understanding of the teaching and ministry of the congregation, and for those who want to know the pastor in a more informal way. We will be having classes on October 15th & 22nd following the 11:00 a.m. Sunday worship service for all those interested in membership at First English Lutheran Church. Contact the church office at 313-884-5040 or Pastor Sean to sign up.


First English Lutheran Church….. …and the Women of the Church are pleased to present the


October 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the lounge. Refreshments will be served after. A short business meeting will be prior to the presentation.

Thank you to everyone who supported our “Music Sundae” on Music Sunday this summer to benefit foster care children. Thanks to your donations, we were able to send a $1000 check to Samaritas to go toward tuition/vocational training for deserving youth. We hope to make “Music Sundae” an annual event. After all, who can resist Ashby’s ice cream and multiple toppings on a summer Sunday? Make plans to satisfy your soul and sweet tooth and support foster children again on June 3, 2018. That’s one heavenly trifecta! The Board of Social Action


Charlotte Elizabeth Clor received the Sacrament of Holy Baptism on September 24, 2017. Her parents are Trevor and Kathryn (Kingsley) Clor . Welcome to the Lordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s family. Arden Jayne Vallee received the Sacrament of Holy Baptism on September 24, 2017. Her parents are Lawrence Scott Vallee and Mara (Millich) Vallee . Welcome to the Lordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s family.


THURSDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY The time has arrived and the study has begun. We will be examining our Lutheran faith and teachings using the material entitled Lutheranism 101. Each week will be looking at different aspects of our faith and our understanding of the Scriptures, the Confessions and the world around us. Come and join us for study, discussion, food and fellowship. The study is from 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. in the lounge on Thursday mornings. Come and join us for study, fellowship, food and fun. All are welcome.

WOMENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BIBLE STUDY Please check the calendar at

Grace Circle - Fourth Monday at 7:00 p.m. Peace Circle - First Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Faith Circle - First Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.


3rd Grade Bible Presentation Oct 29, 9:30am

Children’s Ministry Sunday School Has Begun! Sunday School is well underway but it would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers. When you encounter the following people, be sure to thank them for sharing their time and talents with the Children of First English: Dianna Atkins, Mia & RJ Cassar, Patrick & Andrea Glynn, Katie Link, Allie & Morgan McIntyre, and Nora & Kristen Smith. It is such a blessing to have these teachers. Thank you all!

What We’re Learning This Month Preschool through 5th grade students are exploring the story of Creation. God took care of the Children of Israel, just like He takes care of us! Join us each week at 9:30am to read the bible story, learn via fun activities, and practice the monthly song. We will sing “The Butterfly Song” on October 15th during early worship. We hope to see you there!

Middle & High School Ministry Youth-led Worship Recap Last month, 20 middle and high school youth led an amazing Youth-led Worship Service as a kick-off to Rally Day. The congregation joined in singing camp songs led by a praise band and energetic singers. Thank you to the participants—Jack Bidigare, Emma & Colin Burke, Dave Conger, Ian Donahue, Daniel Feldman, Luke Kohler, Laila & Elena Lane, Katie Link, Allie & Morgan McIntyre, John, Evan, & Elise Nyquist, Kate Pirker, Nora, Evan, & Kristen Smith, Carys Rees-Baker, and Dominic & Sophia Vitale— and thank you to the congregation for your continued support and gracious feedback.

Upcoming Events Oct 4, 6:00-8:30pm MCREST Dinner @ St. Mark Oct 9, 7:00pm Youth Trips Meeting Oct 14, 6:00-10:00pm Oktoberfest Oct 22, 10:30am-12:30pm Pumpkin Sale Nov 3, 6:30pm-midnight Late Night with Luther @ St. Paul 10

THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS We continue to receive your “Thrivent Choice Dollars” gifts! Thank you to all of our members who have directed their “Thrivent Choice Dollars” to support the mission and ministry of First English. Over $2,000.00 was donated last year to First English through this program. If you are a Thrivent policy holder you are eligible to also direct your support to First English. The rules have changed a bit in that now the gifting of the “Thrivent Choice Dollars” must be done annually. You can direct your gifts to First English by calling Thrivent at 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and state “Thrivent Choice” or on line at Again, thank you for your support; it is greatly appreciated!

Thrivent members. If you have not already done so, please check on your Choice Dollars account at or by calling 800- 847-4836 and allocate your dollars to First English. If you do it by August 31 Thrivent will add an additional $50 to your amount. If you have any questions or need help contact Mark Berkesch at 313-886-4866 (leave message) or

SCHEDULES & CONTACT NUMBERS Pastor Sean Motley can be contacted by e-mail at His day off is Friday and in an emergency can be contacted at (715) 297-9991. Facility Coordinator is Colleen Motley and can be reached at



First English Lutheran Preschool is accepting new students for the 2017-18 school year. Our preschool offers a caring, Christian setting to help parents prepare their three or four year old for their kindergarten and elementary years. Students will develop their social & intellectual abilities as well as a positive self-image. Our program includes*Art





*Bible lessons

*Beginning reading concepts *Physical development For further information, please contact our director, Emily Brenner-Stump at (517) 896-5604 or

the amount of $192.65 DOWN A BIT FROM LAST QUARTER!! If you have never signed up – please go to Kroger’s website and follow the prompts and AGAIN you no longer need to register every year…...ONCE AND DONE!!! You will need your Kroger card.

YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO RE-ENROLL EACH YEAR….SIGN UP ONCE AND YOU’RE DONE!!!! Please take the time to go online and sign-up with your Kroger card and make your donation designation to First English (#83535). It doesn’t cost you anything. Our fundraising efforts, by participating in the Kroger Community Rewards Program, have added up to significant money just by purchasing your weekly groceries! Our latest quarterly check (dated 9/5/2017)was in

Remember - It doesn’t cost YOU anything (It's A DONATION FROM Kroger)……..the only thing it costs you is a little time to register your card.


10/17: Jeremy Damore

10/1: Mark Balle Jr., Shirley Brush, Suzanne Swanson

10/18: John Marschner

10/2: Jill Bush, Brandon Gierman, Fred Palm, Hope Kadrich, Alexandrea Annas

10/19: John Blohm 10/20: Elizabeth Bertelsen, Daniel Feldman, Michele Nehls, Robert Stevens, Madison Vens

10/3: Gordon Bush Jr., Elizabeth Davey, Daniel Foster, Janis Jevons, Patrick Potter, Jennifer Rio

10/21: William Reardon

10/4: Paul Wilson

10/22: Cynthia Jevons, Kathryn Marschner, Hannah Sawdon

10/5: Melissa Hassig

10/23: Cheryl Aslakson, Kimberly Jevons, Linda Rozycki

10/6: Martin Bay, Jack DiCicco, Jessica LeDuc, Katherine Link, Jason Mears,

10/24: Diane Moskaluk, Susan Reck

10/7: Kristen Backlund, Haley Brush, Cheryl Fett, Amy Gutzman, Stephanie Liebold

10/25: Kathryn Foley, Nicholas Foley, Diann Ohman 10/26: David Foley, Randall Tambourine

10/8: Rebecca Flynn, Dawn Hogan, Samuel Kohler, Elise Nyquist, Geneva Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neil

10/27: Rose Bush, Jamie Moore, Gabriel Lawrence

10/9: Walter Augustyn, Shirley Bedard, Nona Busam, Robb Elwert, Cheryl Michoski, Emily Roorda, Joseph Vallee

10/28: Emma Hays, Judith Annâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;e 10/29: Ashley Nehls, Katherine Passamani, 10/30: Liam Duffey, Alexia Hassig, John Marshall

10/10: Rena Bloom, Jessica Hughes, Clare Tuuri

10/31: Lynne Wegner

10/11: Luke VanDyke 10/13: Gizelle Geha, Christopher Gellasch, Christopher Hassig, Keith Kurtz 10/14: Patrick Bloom, Rhonda Collins, John Slavko

If your birthday does not appear on this list and you would like it to, please contact the church office with your information in order to update our computer records. Thank You.


GREETERS 1-Oct 8-Oct 15-Oct 22-Oct 29-Oct

9:30 a.m. Bidigare family Bezel family Craig Kohler family Conn family Shirley Lamar

11:00 a.m. Penny Damore Cassar family Wegner sisters Beverly Jackson Smith family

LAY READERS 9:30 a.m. 1-Oct Jim Lieder 8-Oct Mike Garrisi 15-Oct Liz Nyquist 22-Oct Sue Ulmer 29-Oct J. Tambourine

11:00 a.m. Jane Stevens Sue Ulmer Joe Warnez Yvonne Winston Jayne Blohm


9:30 a.m. Team #10 Dan Rustmann Team #1 Mike Guest

11:00 a.m. Team #8 Charles Jackson Team #9 David Zwicker

COMMUNION ASSISTANT 9:30 a.m. 1-Oct Kahl/Tambourine Damore

11:00 a.m. Miller/Yake Foster

Team #2

Team #3


Mark Berkesch Team #6 Mark Balle Team #7 Ken Kohler

Mark Fett Team #5 Marion Team #10 Dan Rustmann

8-Oct 15-Oct 22-Oct 29-Oct

15-Oct 22-Oct

29-Oct ACOLYTES 9:30 a.m. 1-Oct Katerina Pirker 8-Oct 15-Oct 22-Oct 29-Oct

Kahl Damore/Lamar Southard Tambourine/Garrisi W. Ford Damore/Lamar Southard

Blohm/Judson M. Berkesch

11:00 a.m. Luke Kohler

Allie McIntyre

Justin Conn

Jack Bidigare Evan Smith Ian Donahue

Kylie McClendon Paul Wilson Katerina Pirker

Morgan McIntyre

Giana Fett

Evan Smith

Kylie McClendon

Luke Kohler

Garrisi/W. Ford

RJ Cassar

ALTAR GUILD Anna Unit: Karen Olson Lydia Unit: Pam Balle/Patty Jackson

COFFEE HOUR 1-Oct Fellowship 8-Oct Evangelism 15-Oct Social Action 22-Oct Grace Circle 29-Oct Church Properties COUNTERS 1-Oct 8-Oct 15-Oct 22-Oct 29-Oct

Team #1 Waynette Hostetler Team #2 Nancy Heaphy Team #3 Ruth Engle Team #4 Pat Milne Team #5 Jeff Gates

FRIENDLY 1-Oct 8-Oct 15-Oct 22-Oct

FRIENDLY CALLERS Waynette Hostetler Judy Leo Margot Kahl Mark Berkesch


Patty Foster


Sunday 9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 11:00 Worship Service 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal 7:00 GP Young Persons AA

9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 11:00 Worship Service 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal 7:00 GP Young Persons AA

9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 11:00 Worship Service 6:30 Board & Council Meetings 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal 7:00 GP Young Persons AA

9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 11:00 Worship Service 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal 7:00 GP Young Persons AA

9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 11:00 Worship Service 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal 7:00 GP Young Persons AA






Monday 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 3:30 Music Lessons 6:15 Sports

8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 3:30 Music Lessons 6:15 Sports 7:00 Youth Trips Mtg.

8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 3:30 Music Lessons 6:15 Sports

8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 3:30 Music Lessons 6:15 Sports







8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 3:30 Music Lessons 6:15 Sports 7:00 Grace Circle

Tuesday 3:00 Music Lessons 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Play Rehearsal 7:00 Peace Circle


10 10:30 Faith Circle 12:00 Red Cross Blood Drive 5:45 Exercise 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal 7:00 Bd. Of Church Property

17 3:00 Music Lessons 5:45 Exercise 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal

24 3:00 Music Lessons 5:45 Exercise 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal

31 3:00 Music Lessons 5:45 Exercise 6:30 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Rehearsal

Wednesday 4 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise Class 3:00 Music Lessons 5:30 Lord’s Co. Ringers 6:00 Lord’s Co. Singers 6:30 Confirmation Class MCREST Dinner 6:30 Youth Group

11 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise Class 3:00 Music Lessons 5:30 Lord’s Co. Ringers 6:00 Lord’s Co. Singers 6:30 Confirmation Class 6:30 Youth Group

18 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise Class 3:00 Music Lessons 5:30 Lord’s Co. Ringers 6:00 Lord’s Co. Singers 6:30 Confirmation Class 6:30 Youth Group

25 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise Class 3:00 Music Lessons 5:30 Lord’s Co. Ringers 6:00 Lord’s Co. Singers 6:30 Confirmation Class 6:30 Youth Group

Thursday 9:30 Bible Study 3:00 Music Lessons 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Good News Singers 8:15 Good News Ringers


12 9:30 Bible Study 10:00 Youth Treats at the Student Union 3:00 Music Lessons 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Good News Singers 8:15 Good News Ringers

19 9:30 Bible Study 10:00 Youth Treats at the Student Union 3:00 Music Lessons 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Good News Singers 8:15 Good News Ringers

26 9:30 Bible Study 10:00 Youth Treats at the Student Union 3:00 Music Lessons 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Good News Singers 8:15 Good News Ringers



3:00 Wedding





9:00 Oktoberfest Set-up 6:00 OKTOBERFEST

8:45 Preschool 9:00 Holy Yoga 7:00 8 for 4 (Blohm)

8:45 Preschool 9:00 Holy Yoga 9:00 Oktoberfest set-up


7:30 Council Meeting




8:45 Preschool 9:00 Holy Yoga

8:45 Preschool 9:00 Holy Yoga


CLEF October 2017