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Dear Brothers and Sisters, You may have noticed a change in the entry to the church building. As mentioned at our annual meeting, we are installing a new electric door lock system that will provide us with better security and confidence in how our building is being accessed and used and will increase the safety of our members, preschool and staff. Inside this issue: ...from Pastor Sean


Worship Schedule Chili Cook-off


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Council Notes


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I believe that most of us fall into the category of wanting to make the church as accessible as possible and at the same time being realistic that there is evil in the world and the church is not immune to this. I believe that as we implement this new system and patiently and gracefully recognize that there will be bumps in the road that we will overcome together it will be a benefit to everyone. As well, I want to thank you on behalf of the staff of who are often here at early and late hours when few if anyone is present and the added security is appreciated. Security in our worldly affairs is something that we greatly desire, yet day after day we see how insecure the world around us is and how frail life can be. We realize that the security we seek is not found in the world nor in the most sophisticated defense systems or most complex locks. True security, knowing that we belong to someone or something that will never be taken away, will never change that we are accepted even when we make mistakes or feel that we don’t’ belong is only found in the one who walked the road of sacrifice, death and resurrection.


As we approach Lent, with new locks on the door, we are reminded that God has opened the door for us to salvation and has truly secured our future and our present by His merciful and gracious love. We have been redeemed and the redemption that has come through Christ means the kingdom is secured for us forever.

Bd. Of Fellowship


Notes from RENATA


Thrivent Facility Use info


Preschool Kroger Rewards


May you know when you rise in the morning and sleep through the night that the God of our salvation holds you in His arms and there is nothing that can take this away. Your life is secure in the Savior of the nations, Jesus Christ.

February Birthdays


Yours In Christ<><

Serving in February


Pastor Sean February Calendar




WORSHIP SCHEDULE: Sunday 9:30 a.m. (With Holy Communion ) 11:00 a.m. (Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays) Wednesday’s - Lenten schedule beginning Feb. 14th 11:00 a.m. Service with lunch to follow 7:00 p.m. Service with dinner preceding at 5:45 p.m.

First English Ev. Lutheran Church 800 Vernier Road Grosse Pointe Woods, 48236-1530 Phone: 313.884.5040 Fax: 313.884.4460

Senior Pastor Rev. Sean R. Motley

Ed./Youth Coordinator Renata Conger Music Coordinator Bob Foster Director of Bell Choirs

Christina Judson Facility Use Director Colleen Motley Pastors Emeritus Rev. Paul Keppler Rev. Dr. Walter A. Schmidt

If you have anything to donate as a silent auction item for the Chili Cook-off please let Jeff Gates know ( or (586) 771-8482). 2

"Discover First English" This class is intended for those who would like to join our congregation, for members who want to renew their understanding of the teaching and ministry of the congregation, and for those who want to know the pastor in a more informal way. We will be having classes beginning February 25, 2018, following the 11:00 a.m. Sunday worship service for all those interested in membership at First English Lutheran Church. Contact the church office at 313-884-5040 or Pastor Sean to sign up.

The 125th Anniversary of First English is only two years away! Now's the time to start planning. Anybody interested in being on the planning committee please contact either Jeff Gates ( or Mark Berkesch at (313) 886-4866 or, we would like to get started as soon as possible. In the meantime, even if you don't want to be on the committee, please search for church related photographs or memorabilia. Most items can probably be scanned and returned to you.

The price of a niche is $1,800.00 plus the cost of the urn, the engraving of the marble front and shipping. The niche holds two urns. If you are interested in purchasing a companion niche, please contact the church office. 3

OFFICERS - 2018 (Officers are members of the executive committee) **President – Jeff Gates **Vice President—Mark Berkesch **Secretary – Claudette Momenee **Treasurer – John Nyquist

**Financial Secretary - Pamela Southard Boards & Council Members Church Properties **Scott Bricker, Dir. **Jim Lieder, Asst. Dir. Mark Fett Jeff Gates Jim Nelson Ed Kenny Ted Bidigare Scott Bricker Gordon Bush Evangelism Director, Open Caryl Litzenberger Margot Kahl Renee Strobl June MacMichael Jim Barnes Social Action **Diann Ohman, Dir. **Penny Damore, Asst. Dir. Yvonne Winston Pat Thomas Shawn Vinson Kay Butler Berkesch Virginia Ditty Claudia Gram Pat Milne

Parish Education **Randie Kohler, Dir. Patrick Glynn Andrea Glynn Trevor Clor Cindy Jevons Amy McIntyre Fellowship **Sue Ulmer, Dir. **Carol Sauter, Asst. Dir. Karen Bezel Miranda Berkesch Alexandrea Annas Robbin Vitale Jackie Tambourine Stewardship & Finance **Dan Rustmann, Co-Dir. **Tom Liebold, Co-Dir. Curt Sylvester Craig Kohler Waynette Hostetler John Nyquist Pamela Southard Sherrill Wolford Youth Ministry **Liz Nyquist, Co-Dir. **Heidi Feldman, Co-Dir. Eve Feldman John Nyquist Sandi Smith Worship & Music **Kyle Clor, Co-Dir. **Yvonne Winston, Co-Dir. **Dianna Atkins, Asst. Dir Mark Fett Sandy Ford Bob Foster Chris Judson Pat Palm Jane Stevens Women of the Church **Waynette Hostetler, Pres. **Denotes member of the Church Council


Council Minutes January 21, 2018 Mark Berkesch called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm. Pastor Motley offered the opening prayer. Pastor Motley distributed copies of a new council meeting format with a goal of completing meetings by 8:45 pm. Meetings will include: Devotions and Mission Fulfillment and Board reports. For better communications each board is requested to send their board meeting minutes to Pastor Motley, who will then forward them to all boards. There was a reminder that all events should be on the church-wide calendar located on wall in the office. SECRETARY REPORT – Sue Ulmer motioned to table the acceptance of the previous council minutes, Kyle Clor 2nd, and the motion carried. TREASURER REPORT – John Nyquist presented the December 2017 report, and motioned to accept the report, Pam Southard 2nd and the motion carried. FINANCIAL SECRETARY – Pam Southard, no report at this time, she is currently reviewing the records. BOARD OF STEWARDSHIP & FINANCE –Tom Liebold, in the process of defining the establishment of an Endowment Fund, also possibly planning another drive for a mortgage pay down. BOARD OF CHURCH PROPERTY – Scott Bricker, Tree trimming will begin next week; Parking lot improvements will be scheduled at the end of June. BOARD OF EVANGELISM – no report. BOARD OF SOCIAL ACTION – Penney Damore, January 31, 5:30 pm will bag lunches for Central Methodist Church; February 18 ‘Good Gifts Sale’ to provide animals, supporting Lutheran World Relief. BOARD OF FELLOWSHIP – Sue Ulmer, Lenten dinner for 2/14 still needs a group to prepare a serve; Need volunteers for another cleaning & organizing session on February 17, 9:00 am for closest in lounge, and Luther center kitchen; ‘COME & KNIT’ group will meet on February 13 & 20, 7:00 pm in Fellowship kitchen; starting ‘FOURTH TUES BOOK CLUB’ on February 27, 7:00 pm. BOARD OF PARISH EDUCATION – no report BOARD OF YOUTH MINISTRY – Liz Nyquist, Fund raising continues for the National Gathering; January 26 & 27 will be a Boys Retreat at the church; organizing care packages for college students. BOARD OF WORSHIP & MUSIC – Kyle Clor; February 21 will be doing a refresher of duties for the Ushers; will also be reviewing/refining the usher schedules; Kyle Clor motioned to allow $1600 for musicians on Easter Sunday, Waynette Hostetler 2nd and the motion carried. WOMEN OF THE CHURCH – Waynette Hostetler, had a meeting January 21, it was decided to have more than just 2 events during the year; it was also noted better communications are needed between group’s in their scheduling of events. PASTOR’S REPORT – Pastor Motley, will be leading the Boy’s Retreat, Jan 26 & 27; New door access is currently being installed. OLD BUSINESS – Pastor Motley reported progress is being made on the organ repair & re- installation. NEW BUSINESS – Progress in being made for a new event coordinator. Progress is continuing for making a conference room with shelving that could be used for the different Board’s and Circle’s storage. Kyle Clor motioned to create a committee to plan a 125th Anniversary celebration, Scott Bricker 2nd, and the motion carried. Waynette Hostetler motioned to close the meeting, Tom Liebold 2nd and the motion carried. We closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 8:47 pm. Respectfully submitted: Claudette Momenee


Build a Barnyard for Lent Are you going to give up something for Lent? The Board of Social Action is asking you to do something more buzz-worthy. Yes, we are talking $20 to purchase honeybees – beeswax can be transformed into soap, candles and honey to create a small sustainable business. Or donate $10 for 10 chicks – a protein-rich meal and steady income at the market. Think about adding a rooster for $15 and help the farm grow! Maybe piglets ($30 a piglet) are more your style. You can even purchase half a cow for $50! These animals are all part of ELCA’s good gifts to combat hunger in 83 countries. Our goal is to collect enough funds for animals, tools and seeds for three family farms ($2145). We will have sheets available with prices for various animals if you want to specify how to spend your donation. Our drive begins the Sunday before Ash Wednesday and ends at Easter. If you still want to give up chocolate or cheese or wine for Lent, that’s great. But, please, go a step further. Use the money you saved to help us build a global barnyard and help families escape hunger…for good. Thank you from the Board of Social Action


How to ensure we have a healthy Supply Room Let me introduce myself - my name is Jackie Tambourine and I am on the Board of Fellowship. It is currently my responsibility to keep the pantry stocked, but I need your help. (Just a side note, I am a little OCD when it comes to being organized.) I have attempted to clean out the pantry but there is a lot of stuff stored in there that I have no idea who it belongs to. If your circle or board may have something stored in there, please take a look. If you do have something, please put it in a plastic storage container and mark it. If I can't find an owner or owners, I will put something out in the December or January CLEF listing what is in there. If no one steps up, I will then donate, repurpose or throw out. Also, if you have an upcoming event and require a lot of utensils, plates, cups, etc. please send me an email ( with the date, what you need and the quantity. I will pull what you need and let you know where it's at. Lastly, if you do take something out of the pantry and it looks like we are running short, there is a list of supplies posted. Please mark what's needed and either give to Sue or put it on her desk. The two of us will then place an order. By doing this, it will eliminate scrambling to get supplies. Thank you and have a blessed day. Jackie

Faith Circle Annual Valentine Salad Luncheon & Card Party Tuesday, February 13, 2018 12:00 p.m.

Donation $12.00

(Reservations required)

Table Prizes Enjoy a smorgasbord of salads for lunch. Enjoy an afternoon playing cards or just come for lunch. Contact Chris Judson 313-886-4914 7

THURSDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY We are finishing up the book of Genesis and will soon be engaging in a new foray into theological excitement. Which means we will be having a wonderful time growing in fellowship, hearing the Word of God, discussing and sharing and enjoying good Lutheran coffee and treats. Come and join us on Thursday mornings from 9:30a.m. until 11:00 a.m. All are welcome.

WOMENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BIBLE STUDY Please check the calendar at

Grace Circle - Fourth Monday at 7:00 p.m. Peace Circle - First Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Faith Circle - First Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Check the calendar at 8

News from the Board of Fellowship…. COME KNIT WITH US! Have a knitting project you’re working on? Want to learn how to knit? On Tuesdays, February 13 and 20, at 7 p.m. ALL are welcomed (both experienced and novice knitters) to an evening of knitting, sipping, and chatting. We’ll be meeting in the Fellowship Hall kitchen. Please sign up on the Fellowship bulletin board so we know how much tea and hot chocolate to have ready. For those who want to learn to knit a scarf, the necessary supplies will be listed on the bulletin board. Thanks to Penny Damore for helping all us newbies! You’ve heard of TMP (“Tuesday Means Pizza”), well TMB (Tuesdays Mean Books) is just around the corner! Yes, we’re finally starting a book club at First English. Titled “FOURTH TUESDAY BOOK CLUB”, we’ll be meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the lounge to discuss a book of your choice. Our first read is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Wonder tells the story of Auggie, a tough, sweet 10year-old boy born with distorted facial features - a “craniofacial difference” caused by an anomaly in his DNA. Winner of numerous awards and a 2017 film adaptation, this book should generate some lively discussion. See you on the fourth Tuesday, February 27th, in the lounge at 7:00!

Feb. 14 Feb. 21 Feb. 28 Mar.7 Mar. 14 Mar. 21

Lent begins February 14! 11:00 a.m. morning worship will be held at our church for both First English and St. Paul members. Lunch will be served at First English following the morning worship service. Suppers begin at 5:45 PM to accommodate table discussions. Worship follows at 7:00 PM. Thanks to all who have signed up for a meal! Please fill in the poster in the lounge to indicate your menu items. LUNCH SUPPER Faith Circle Fellowship/Choir St. Paul Peace Circle Grace Circle Nat’l Gathering Team St. Paul Middle School families Bd. Of Parish Ed. Altar Guild St. Paul Social Action/Worship & Music

Another cleaning/organizing day…Saturday, February 17, 9:00 a.m. With so many positive comments on the newly cleaned and organized lounge kitchen, the Merry Maids (and Men) of FELC will again convene to continue working in the lounge and Luther Center kitchen. Bring your coffee, pail and rags for another fun morning working together. Planning a church event? Please contact Jackie Tambourine (from our board) at to assemble the supplies needed, including flatware and paper products. Give Jackie at least a week’s notice please. Thanks!


N O T E S F R O M R E N ATA Sunday School

Confirmation & Youth Group

Bring Your Offering

Lenten Dinner & Jail Bail

Children should bring an offering every week to Sunday School. This will go towards purchasing farm animals through Lutheran World Relief. Every little bit counts, so encourage your little ones to contribute to this loving cause.

What We’re Learning This Month

Preschool and Elementary students will learn about “The Widow’s Offering,” where they’ll learn that we may not have much to offer, but we should humbly give all that we can. Join us each week at 9:30am as kids read from the bible, learn new songs, and participate in fun learning activities.

Kids sing at early worship: Feb 4 & Feb 25

Renata Attends the “E” From January 26-30, Renata will attend the Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza, a conference for those ministering to children, youth, and family. This year’s Extravaganza will be held in Houston, Texas, which is the location of this summer’s National Youth Gathering. She will receive new training and ideas that will enrich the parish

High School Youth will host their 7th annual Spaghetti Dinner & Jail Bail on Wednesday, March 28, at 5:45pm. It’s $1 to put someone in jail and $5 to be bailed out; you can purchase a “get out of jail” card for $20. Bring your friends and have some fun! All proceeds go toward the upcoming trip to the National Youth Gathering.

Empties for Empty Bellies Middle and High School Youth will be raising funds to combat world hunger during the 30-Hour Famine this March. Please bring in your rinsed bottles and cans and leave them in the Gathering Area. All proceeds will go directly to World Vision.

Important Dates Feb 3, 11:00am-1:00pm HS Sub-Making Party Feb 4, 10:00am-12:30pm Sub Pick-up Feb 8, 10:30am-12:30pm Treats at the GPN Union Feb 26, 7:30-8:15am Bibles & Bagels Feb 28, 5:45-7:00 Spaghetti Dinner & Jail Bail

Left to Right: Daniel Feldman, Mia Cassar, Emily Dalian, Eve Feldman, Joey Bejin, Aleks Powers, Renata, Katie Link, Nora Smith, Haley Rozycki, Laila Lane, and Kristen Smith at the Michigan Youth Gathering 2017.

Feb 21: no Confirmation/Youth Group 10

THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS We continue to receive your “Thrivent Choice Dollars” gifts! Thank you to all of our members who have directed their “Thrivent Choice Dollars” to support the mission and ministry of First English. Over $2,000.00 was donated last year to First English through this program. If you are a Thrivent policy holder you are eligible to also direct your support to First English. The rules have changed a bit in that now the gifting of the “Thrivent Choice Dollars” must be done annually. You can direct your gifts to First English by calling Thrivent at 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and state

REMINDER - It’s time to reserve your facility use dates for the 2018 calendar. PLEASE, remember that ALL groups MUST let Colleen know about any event. Colleen Motley is the facility use coordinator… If you have something that needs to be put on the calendar, please let her know ASAP. Please, send her a short e-mail asking her to reserve your date, time, location, name of the event and what group or person is responsible.

SCHEDULES & CONTACT NUMBERS Pastor Sean Motley can be contacted by e-mail at His day off is Friday and in an emergency can be contacted at (715) 297-9991. Facility Coordinator is Colleen Motley and can be reached at



First English Lutheran Preschool is accepting new students for the 2018-19 school year. Our preschool offers a caring, Christian setting to help parents prepare their three or four year old for their kindergarten and elementary years. Students will develop their social & intellectual abilities as well as a positive self-image. Our program includes*Art





*Bible lessons

*Beginning reading concepts *Physical development For further information, please contact our director, Emily Brenner-Stump at (517) 896-5604 or

the amount of $168.18 DOWN A BIT FROM LAST QUARTER!! If you have never signed up – please go to Kroger’s website and follow the prompts and AGAIN you no longer need to register every year…...ONCE AND DONE!!! You will need your Kroger card.

YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO RE-ENROLL EACH YEAR….SIGN UP ONCE AND YOU’RE DONE!!!! Please take the time to go online and sign-up with your Kroger card and make your donation designation to First English (#83535). It doesn’t cost you anything. Our fundraising efforts, by participating in the Kroger Community Rewards Program, have added up to significant money just by purchasing your weekly groceries! Our latest quarterly check (dated 12/5/2017)was in

Remember - It doesn’t cost YOU anything (It's A DONATION FROM Kroger)……..the only thing it costs you is a little time to register your card.


2/1: Michael Garrisi, Amy Olson, Mark Pilon 2/3: Scott Stojsih, Laura Bloom

2/18: Dominic Ouvry

2/4: Heather Gilbert

2/19: Grace Campbell, Ian Sieben, Amanda Telegadas

2/5: Scott Henderson,

2/20: William Ritchie, Daniel Setchell

Lisa Ritchie

2/21: Nicholas Andary, Rachel Gierman, Corinne Knight

2/6: Judy Freund, Janet Loehr,

Jacqueline Tambourine

2/22: Kristina Dinverno, Eric Schreiber, 2/8: Christine DinVerno, Jennifer Ulmer Burgandy Hosbein, Robert Hubbard, Meredith Longley 2/23: Cheryl Ford 2/24: Heather Brush, Edward Geha,

2/9: Cindy Engle

Jack Kohler, Janet Nicol,

2/10: John Conn, Kelsey Roy 2/11: Glenn Moskaluk, Jimmy Schoensee, Samantha Stevens 2/12: Morgan Nelson 2/13: Joseph Clor, Summer Ouvry, Brad Reed, Daniel Walz 2/14: Ethan Hays, Craig Henderson, Charles Jackson, Adam Southard, Jacqueline Stein, Sybil Thomas, Jim Barnes 2/16: John Buda III, Barbara Simon 2/17: Brianne Langlois, Charles Marchetti, Nancy McCarthy, James Smith


Randie Kohler 2/25: Robb Breckenridge, Paula Kircos 2/27: James Ditty, Gary Ford 2/28: Cheryl Berkesch, Elisabeth Rondon, Heather Kadrich Nanette Sonneman- Whitcroft


9:30 a.m.

11:00 a.m.

4-Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb 25-Feb

Pirker family Bezel family McClendon family McIntyre family

Penny Damore Wilson family Wegner sisters Beverly Jackson


9:30 a.m. Team #1 Mike Guest Team #3 Mark Fett Team #6 Mark Balle Team #1 Mike Guest

11:00 a.m. Team #2 Mark Berkesch Team #4 John Donahue Team #7 David Zwicker Team #2 Mark Berkesch

11-Feb 18-Feb 25-Feb

ACOLYTES 4-Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb 25-Feb

9:30 a.m. Evan Smith Ian Donahue Jack Bidigare Luke Kohler



4-Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb 25-Feb

Waynette Hostetler Judy Leo Margot Kahl Mark Berkesch

Wed. LENT 14-Feb 21-Feb 28-Feb

USHER #5 McClendon #8 Jackson 3# Fett

11:00 a.m. R J Cassar Morgan McIntyre Justin Conn Paul Wilson

ACOLYTE Paul Wilson Katerina Pirker Evan Smith

ALTAR GUILD ALTAR GUILD Anna Unit: Carol Mackenzie/Audrey Johnson Lydia Unit: Leslie Nelson/Heidi Feldman

LAY READERS 4-Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb 25-Feb

9:30 a.m. Sue Ulmer Mike Garrisi Jackie Tambourine Liz Nyquist

COMMUNION ASSIST 9:30 a.m. 4-Feb Jackie Tambourine Penny Damore Shirley Lamar 11-Feb Mike Garrisi Wayne Ford Penny Damore 18-Feb Jackie Tambourine Wayne Ford Pam Southard 18-Feb Shirley Lamar Pam Southard Margot Kahl

11:00 a.m. Jayne Blohm Mark Fett Patty Foster Cindy Jevons

11:00 a.m. Marti Miller Rosemary Yake Patty Foster

Gary Ford Sandy Ford Rosemary Yake

COFFEE HOUR 4-Feb Evangelism 11-Feb Youth Ministry 18-Feb Peace Circle 25-Feb Fellowship COUNTERS COUNTERS 4-Feb Team #5 Jeff Gates 11-Feb Team #6 Kyle Clor 18-Feb Team #7 Pam Southard 25-Feb Team #1 Waynette Hostetler

SUNDAY SCHOOL 4-Feb Nora, Kristen, Katie 11-Feb Mia & RJ 18-Feb Morgan & Allie 25-Feb Patrick & Andrea



9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 10:00 Youth - Sub Pick-up 11:00 Worship Service 7:00 GP Young Persons AA

9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 11:00 Worship Service 7:00 GP Young Persons AA





9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 11:00 Worship Service 6:30 Board & Council Meetings 7:00 GP Young Persons AA

9:30 Worship Service 9:30 Sunday School 11:00 Worship Service 7:00 GP Young Persons AA


8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 3:30 Music Lessons

8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 3:30 Music Lessons

8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 3:30 Music Lessons





26 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise 12:30 Red Cross Blood Drive 3:30 Music Lessons 7:00 Grace Circle



8:00 - 10:00am Monday-Friday the gym is open for walking

9:00 First Friends 10:00 GPN Pizza lunch 10:30 Faith Circle 3:00 Music Lessons 5:00 Sports 5:45 Exercise 7:00 Peace Circle




9:00 First Friends 12:00 Valentine Lunch + Cards 3:00 Music Lessons 5:00 Sports 5:45 Exercise 7:00 Bd. Of Church Property

9:00 First Friends 3:30 Music Lessons 5:00 Sports 5:45 Exercise

9:00 First Friends 10:00 GPN Pizza Lunch 3:30 Music Lessons 5:00 Sports 5:45 Exercise


8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise Class 3:00 Music Lessons 5:30 Lord’s Co. Ringers 6:00 Lord’s Co. Singers 6:30 Confirmation Class 6:30 Youth Group 8:30 Sports


14 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise Class 10:30 ASH WED. WORSHIP + LUNCH - First English 3:00 Music Lessons 5:30 Lord’s Co. Ringers 6:00 Lord’s Co. Singers 6:00 Lenten Dinner 7:00 Ash Wed. Lenten Worship 8:30 Sports

21 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise Class 10:30 LENTEN WORSHIP + LUNCH - First English 3:00 Music Lessons 5:30 Lord’s Co. Ringers 6:00 Lord’s Co. Singers 6:00 Lenten Dinner 7:00 Ash Wed. Lenten Worship 8:30 Sports

28 8:45 Preschool 9:30 Exercise Class 10:30 LENTEN WORSHIP + LUNCH - First English 3:00 Music Lessons 5:30 Lord’s Co. Ringers 6:00 Lord’s Co. Singers 6:00 Lenten Dinner 7:00 Ash Wed. Lenten Worship 8:30 Sports

Thursday 9:30 Bible Study 3:00 Music Lessons 3:30 Sports 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Good News Singers 8:15 Good News Ringers

9:30 Bible Study 3:00 Music Lessons 3:30 Sports 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Good News Singers 8:15 Good News Ringers

9:30 Bible Study 3:00 Music Lessons 5:00 Sports 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Good News Singers 8:15 Good News Ringers

9:30 Bible Study 3:00 Music Lessons 5:00 Sports 5:45 Exercise 6:30 Good News Singers 8:15 Good News Ringers










8:45 Preschool 9:00 Holy Yoga 7:00 8 for 4 (Blohm)

8:45 Preschool 9:00 Holy Yoga

8:45 Preschool 9:00 Holy Yoga

8:45 Preschool 9:00 Holy Yoga




11:00 Youth Sub making

6:00 Chili Cook-off




CLEF February 2018  
CLEF February 2018