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Mission Possible


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A Feel Good Future


“We all have feel good moments. Mine is being in the sea. Whether it’s swimming, surfing or sailing, either on my own or with family and friends, it’s exactly where I want to be. I was lucky enough to grow up by the coast and knew, early on, how important the sea was to my wellbeing. It has been the mainstay of my life.

Getting in the water allows me to challenge myself in a variety of conditions and, by being present in the moment, it gives me space to think – often influencing some of life’s big decisions. Like launching a purposeful brand, Feel Good drinks. I wanted to create a product that was responsible for its place in the world and would encourage us to think about life in a different way. I know that’s a lot to expect from a can of drink but stick with me. We all know how precarious our planet’s future is, how hard it is to protect and restore it, but we can have a positive impact. With each choice we can affect change and here at Feel Good we have the opportunity to support others with those choices too. That makes me very happy.” Ed Woolner – The Man Behind the Brand.

Every one of us can make a positive difference in the fight against climate change. We cannot ignore the damaging impact of global carbon emissions driven by our current system and the urgent need to help our Planet recover. It is not enough to put our trust in world leaders and rely on the scientists to find answers. Individuals can affect change! There is no time left to waste.


MISSION POSSIBLE Feel Good Drinks is a purpose driven brand on a mission to lead change within the drinks industry. We are on a journey to a low carbon future and we want you to join us. Read on to find out how we can all be a force for good.

Let’s help the world feel better, one sip at a time.

OUR CARBON JOURNEY In order to understand our carbon footprint we had to measure the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions through the three scopes of our business.

Understanding scopes 1 & 2 enable us to become :» CARBON NEUTRAL » CLIMATE POSITIVE Is this enough?? Do we need to work on reducing our impact too?




All the GHG emissions through services we control, including fuel combustion on site such as gas boilers and fleet vehicles.

The GHG emissions from the electricity purchased and used by us for things like lighting, running our computers and charging our phones.

This encompasses ALL GHG emissions in the production supply chain as well as the energy used to transport and recycle our products once they have been sold.




Scope 3 = we need to work on to become :» NET ZERO

let’s do this by 2030

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We worked with industry experts to measure and gain an independent, reliable view of our business and greenhouse gas emissions. They looked at the activity across 3 scopes of our business to measure our CARBON FOOTPRINT.

We faced facts. In 2020 our carbon emissions were calculated at 203 tonnes of CO2e. Despite the global pandemic, 2020 was a busy year for us as we launched Feel Good – so this felt like a good baseline for our business. Next we calculated our carbon footprint and developed an action plan to reduce our emissions; setting priorities and targets to work towards. This underpins our commitment to achieving NET ZERO by 2030 in line with SBTi guidelines.

Once we knew our baseline, we immediately offset our carbon footprint with high-quality carbon credits from Gold Standard certified projects including a Clean Water scheme and a climate positive portfolio working through our partners circular ecology. We know offsetting alone will not allow us to reach our goals, but it is a good place to start. This means, that for 2020, we became CARBON NEUTRAL. So far so good but we could go much further so we offset more than twice our 2020 GHG emissions. This equated to 497 tons of carbon offset and 1988 trees planted which makes us the UK’s first soft drink to become CLIMATE POSITIVE.


The most important step so far – the action! Every decision we make as a brand contributes to our ecological and social goals of seeking low carbon environmentally friendly alternatives to our existing processes. We are already working closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to tackle our sourcing and production “carbon hotspots”. We are at the beginning of a long term strategy to permanently reduce our impact on the planet. It is a huge but critical task on our journey to becoming NET ZERO by 2030.

SO FAR SO FEEL GOOD At Feel Good each decision we make is a big one because, before we think about the product, we think about the planet and the people. We are at the start of our sustainability journey and are constantly looking to improve our impact as we progress.

“Feel Good drinks have the vision and a genuine commitment to becoming a regenerative business and I am really glad to see the changes that they have already started to make. It is a pleasure working with Ed and the team supporting their transformational journey.” Marina Bradford, Bemari : Sustainable Procurement Consultant

Every time you open a can of Feel Good think of this;

497 tonnes

CO2e offset through gold standard certified projects

certification awarded

working together to close the gap on aluminium recycling

Our 2020 work with

63K cans

donated to food banks

750 rucksacks & sleeping bags donated to homeless people

7.5K cans

donated to NHS

TURNING THE TIDE It is a great start but how do we get to Net Zero? Talk is good but action is better. We know it’s not just about the carbon. With the analysis from our value chain and guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we formulated a plan. We would love to share it with you.

WE PLEDGE TO: Source ingredients closer to the UK.

Contribute 3% of sales to causes that help people and planet feel good.

Reduce our scope 3 emissions by 36% and carbon intensity per litre of our drinks by 50% by 2025, keeping our scopes 1 and 2 emissions at zero. Work with our logistics partners to transition to low emission transport (ie. electric vehicles) as quickly as technology allows.

Promote ‘BLUE CARBON’ – the power of marine ecosystems – to remove carbon from the atmosphere and improve UK coastal biodiversity and resilience through our work with environmental initiatives like Project Seagrass.

Share our experience and champion regenerative business to drive change from within by engaging our customers to raise awareness and promote lifestyles that benefit people and planet.

Work with our partners to lower the environmental footprint of our packaging by increasing the amount of recycled material used and ensure we are purchasing materials from renewable energy sources. We also want to decrease our food miles through out transportation network.

At the beating heart of Feel Good is a vow to give people a better choice about how they consume. That’s why we created the 3% for People & Planet Fund. We donate 3% of our sales to charities that support personal and planetary wellbeing. We facilitate #FeelGoodMoments in partnership with initiatives that align with our values of fostering communities, respecting the environment and aiding personal wellbeing. The best news is we can help more people as Feel Good grows. Every can sold helps to make a difference. The Feel Good team get involved too. Every year they each work 4 days at the charities we have partnered with on #DoGoodMoments. So far this year the 3% People & Planet fund has committed to donating over £10k to charity and we are excited to introduce you to the people we have been working with. We see this as an investment in our collective wellbeing that will ripple into many more #FeelGoodMoments.



THE WAVE is the first inland-surfing destination E ofL E F its kind, where people of all ages, backgrounds and D abilities can experience the joy of surfing L and its physical and mental health benefits.


Our Feel Good leader Ed, who has been surfing since he was 8 years old, is passionate about the power of blue health. He believes everyone should have access to this type of activity. It’s not just about surfing. It’s about getting back to nature, improving health and well-being, connecting with other people and having a lot of fun in the process! Feel Good will be working with The Wave on their forthcoming social impact programme to help those who would not have the opportunity to experience surfing, will spread the word about the benefits of blue health and run a series of events and competitions.


















We are delighted to be supporting Project Seagrass in their work to protect and restore seagrass ecosystems. Seagrasses are a marine plant found around the coast of the UK but recent research has shown the UK has lost up to 92% of its seagrass in the last century. We’re ex- cited to tell you more about seagrass and the work of Project Seagrass over the coming months - watch this space!”

“Authentic partnerships are important to us, and so we are genuinely looking forward to working with Feel Good Drinks towards a world in which seagrass meadows are thriving, abundant and well managed for people and planet.” DR RICHARD LILLEY, Co Founder & Director of Project Seagrass



Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation which recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals making a world of difference.



At Feel Good we are delighted to be part of this movement. We will be joining forces with Planet Mark to help educate and inspire people at events organised around G7 and COP26 We can all help the world feel better, one sip at a time.

Did you know metals recycle forever? It’s why our drinks are sold in cans, made with at least 75% recycled aluminium, taking 95% less energy to make. And the energy saved by recycling one can could power a TV for 4 hours! Plus they can go from our recycling bin to being back on the shelf in just 60 days. This is why Feel Good are right behind the inspiring Every Can Counts campaign - encouraging people to do the right thing with their empty cans through awareness as well as improving and promoting recycling facilities.



We want to understand our place in the world, as a brand that can support and create change. We want to be a business that gives far more than it takes and once we reach our goals, immediately sets new ones. Our partnerships with likeminded charities and initiatives aim to make a real difference. And we need your help too. We want to find out what makes people feel good and create more of these moments. While we hope to inspire and educate we know we also need to listen and learn. We have never felt better about the future.

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Feel Good Drinks Carbon Mission Possible  

Feel Good Drinks is a purpose-driven brand on a mission to lead change from within the drinks industry. Our ambitions may be big but we are...

Feel Good Drinks Carbon Mission Possible  

Feel Good Drinks is a purpose-driven brand on a mission to lead change from within the drinks industry. Our ambitions may be big but we are...


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