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Six Steps To Break Down The FE Exam and Pass it Like A Pro! Worried about your FE exam and not being able to clear it? Check the 6 golden steps you should follow to pass the exam like a pro. Use the scores to better your career prospects. 1. Make up your mind Understand why you need to write this exam. FE is the first step to get your professional working license as an engineer. Several academic programs around the United States also use the score as a tool for assessment. Therefore, whether you want to work or study further, your FE score is going to be of great help. 2. Choose the right discipline Choose the discipline you are going to write the exam in. Each discipline has a different test plan/topic pattern and choosing the right one is important. If you are sure about the field of engineering, you are going to work in, choose between the subjects. If you are unsure, opt for the general exam. 3. Know how to start Give yourself at least 3 months before the exam. Use this time to make a study plan, gather necessary materials to prepare with, take help if needed, and work hard. Only by making a detailed plan, can you start confidently and go through the preparation phase with the right focus. 4. Gather needed reference materials You can start with the free FE reference handbook that the NCEES website provides. However, this will not be enough if you really want to score well. FE review manual is a great way to prepare comprehensively. Such review manuals offer complete coverage of all topics, give detailed explanations of all knowledge areas to be covered, put together a list of all important equations, key words, figures and tables for easy reference. Such manuals are built around the FE reference handbook, but are more detailed, more explanatory and can help you study extensively. 5. Practice your way to the exam Practice regularly and that is the only way to make a difference in your scores. Get

hold of question banks, mock question papers and keep practicing as and when you finish a topic. Practicing helps you improve your speed and makes you better at solving different types of questions. Any good FE exam study guide will give you an option to solve from extensive questions and take mock examinations. All this, before the actual exam. This is a good way to up your scores and succeed. 6. Approach the exam right Do not start with trying to get a 100% of the questions right. You cannot do that. Start with topics that you are comfortable with. Do not waste time on problems that take more than 3 minutes to solve. This is a 6-hour exam and planning right will help you attempt more questions. Be confident and give it your best. Good luck.

Six Steps To Break Down The FE Exam and Pass it Like A Pro!