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A HIGHER ST This month I’m going to be focusing on positioning while pushing high ground, as well as when to make the call to push high ground in the first place. I chose this topic because I’ve noticed lately that players tend to not understand how to push high ground with an aegis – whether it be core or support. They also do not understand when you can, and cannot, go high ground. Just because you have an aegis, does not mean you go high ground. This is crucial – while coaching some unranked games for students I have heard numerous terrible high ground calls coming out from a teammate just simply because they have an aegis to expend, or simply because they feel like they have a lead. When to push high ground can be tricky. In general, you steer clear of high ground if they have ways to instantly gib the aegis, have absurd high ground defense, or if all 5 enemies are alive. Let’s say you guys win a fight, take the aegis, and go heal up. Now, let’s say the enemy’s team comp is Batrider+Elder Titan+more. It doesn’t even matter what the +more is, you most likely can’t. The majority of the time, here’s what’s going to happen: Elder Titan is going to stomp some players, and Bat will lasso a target under the tier 4s. Even the aegis. This will result in your team either diving to save him when he respawns, and likely losing the fight, or running back and sacrificing your carry. Batrider is an easy example – it’s clear to see why pushing into this hero is hard. What’s the solution then? The solution is to let them sit in their base, and keep farming, and go for pickoffs first. If the aegis expires, oh well. Get it again. Of course if you are 15k gold ahead, you can manage a push, but I’m talking about in games where you aren’t stomping the enemy team. Going high 4

BAT RIDER has been picked 79 times second only to Mirana at TI6 yet had only a winrate of 46%

ELDER TITAN has been picked 50 times at TI 6 and had a winrate of 64%



ground is a great way to throw the game. Off the top of my head, I can think of very few times when I’ve gone highground in a pub match when all 5 enemies were alive. In fact, the only games I can think of are Drow, Huskar, 5 slotted carry with aegis games, or if the enemy makes a mistake and is not in their base ready to defend. That being said, Reddit users tend to be vocal. If you are the one making calls, stop and ask yourself: “Why am I making this call… and is it correct?”. Just because you make a call, and it goes poorly because of someone’s poor play, does not validate the claim that the call was viable in the first place. Shot calling can take you a long way in MM, and if you’re the type of player that likes to make calls, they need to be spot on or you’re going to steer your team into a disaster. In fact, if you are a shot caller and you’re stuck at your MMR and feel as if you “always win your lane”, then I’d be willing to bet your calls are flat out terrible and you are leading your team into mid and late game losing situations more often than not. So let’s say you are ready to push high ground. One player is dead, you have an aegis, good to go. And let’s say the player dead is a core, so it looks extra juicy. 5

You and your team are on their front door, and right here you should be picturing exactly where everyone needs to stand. First, let’s ask what the enemy team is. Let’s say it’s: Slark, Shadow demon, Kunkka, Timbersaw, Queen of Pain. Queen of Pain is dead after a pickoff. The absolute first thing going through your head as a support player should be “Sentry ward. They have a Slark that may have or already has shadow blade”. You need sentry wards to push high ground versus invis heroes. If you don’t have some, you are recognizing this while you’re pushing and ferrying it out on the courier before you reach their base. It’s not acceptable to be pushing without a sentry ward versus Mirana, Slark, Riki, or any other hero with shadowblade. So, okay, you put a sentry. Now what’s the next key point you’re thinking about? It’s “does QoP have buyback”, or not, or do I not know? If she

does, you better be damn sure you’re in the BACK and do not get caught out by spells or a disable. If they time the engage with her buyback+tp, you will instantly die, and it will be your fault for being there in the first place. Not your cores fault for not stunning, not your other supports fault for not casting global silence. Be conscious of buyback potential, it will save you many teamwipes. The only final thing you have left to think about is standing in the back, and making sure you’re either saving your core or counter initiating with your spells. Now, if you are a core pushing high ground, you have a few more things to think about. First off, you need to do tower damage without tanking the tower for a huge amount of time. Your best bet is to push with creepwaves, then back off till the next creepwave arrives. If you feel as if you can tank the tower, your next objective is to make 6

sure you are controlling your temptation to dive their tier 4s to kill that support, and also ensuring that you are dodging as many skillshots and preserving as much health as you can. There’s no shame in attacking buildings and never engaging. If the enemy stands around and watches you in fear, okay, let them stand around. It honestly seems so simple, but it’s botched so many times. You need to play positionally and conservative, which requires conscious Dota 2 play. It requires you to think about the situation and not auto pilot the game. You should have a clear plan, like “If my Huskar gets echo stomped, I’m instantly disrupting him”, “The second this tide starts walking up I’m mashing my global silence”, or “I need to be really careful about getting lasso’d here. If my linken’s pops, waveform out immediately!”. Pushing high ground is about planning ahead, since you’re at the positional disadvantage. You need to be thinking one step ahead of the enemy team. With that, I leave you with two pictures exemplifying the positioning I’m talking about. Small note: (PPD doesn’t place a sentry because he can see slark top. He places 2 sentries immediately after he disappears assuming the TP back). Pics.





With the recent Dark Rift update, the majority of the Dota community was excited for the release of Underlord. He is a hero that has been teased for years, and the final hero to be ported from Defense of the Ancients. I, however, was more excited for another feature of the update – the new post-game summary screens. When Kevin ‘Purge’ Godec showed their power and beauty during his segments at The International, I became giddy with excitement for more powerful, meaningful statistics in the Dota client. Let me take you through what I find to be the most fascinating, useful, and downright cool features of the new post-game screens.

By PizzaDog


Before we get into these features, there is a quick caveat – the majority of these features are only available shortly after the game ends. If you close Dota or play an additional game, you will lose a lot of the additional features for a particular game. I will detail the base features of the update at the end of the article.

hero in the screen, so you don’t even have to go through the effort of scanning sideways from your player name in order to see how hard you carried (or, in my case, how hard I got carried). Easily see your victims and/or support items

After looking at how impressive your GPM was, you can even marvel in the specific number of times you killed each member of the enemy team. You really out-did yourself! Or, if you are of the support inclination, you can This is probably my favourite feature of the new finally see how much of your net worth you spent post-game summary. Simply clicking on a hero, including yourself, allows you to see their perfor- on wards that your carry would have commended mance in four different categories (support, push- you for had they ever looked at their minimap. ing, fighting, and farming). More interestingly, the screen also shows you how that player performed compared to their other games on that hero. This

Have you ever thought “Oh, I should report that guy – he was flaming me the entire game!”, but click through the winning screen too quickly? Rejoice! You can now report (or commend) players after the game is over. Simply click on the appropriate icon above their character.

is shown both by comparing their GPM, XPM, kills, deaths, and assists with previous games on that hero, and showing if they were better, worse, or the same. This performance is summarized by placing their performance on a scale showing how much better or worse this game was than their average. Now, you can truly see whether you had a good game or not.

Old stats, new look

The Scoreboard tab is home to all of the old statistics that you used to be able to see, with the addition of healing and building damage. The scoreboard also conveniently highlights your

LUL wut was that skill build?

The portion of the Scoreboard tab shows the skill builds of each hero. This information is useful in helping determine the most optimal skill build for a hero in any given game. Did you really need that extra point in stats early? Would it have been better to skip your ultimate for a level or two in order to maximize your farming capability? Browse over the skill builds and see where you can improve on for next game, or feel content in your perfect build.


Pretty Graphs!

Under the Graphs tab, there are brand-new graphs for Team XP and Net Worth, Player Net Worth, and Player Level. The Team XP and Net Worth looks very similar to the one that is visible in Dota TV when you watch a game, but it is nice to see that you can easily see the graph from your own games.

Look mom, I hit 9k!

The Player level graph is quite similar, and has an identical hiding mechanism. Whilst net worth is important, it can also be crucial to determine if you are progressing in levels at a good rate as well. This is particularly important for support players, as it can be more difficult to find levels if you are making unsuccessful rotations or spending a long time warding. Using the Player Level graph can help you determine whether you need to adjust your play to get levels more efficiently by stacking and pulling or making your ganks count.

The Player Net Worth graph is a little more cluttered, but it is easy to see which players controlled the farm game at any point in time. This graph also allows you to view or hide any combination of players. Only want to see the two offlane Orchid by 18 minutes? players? Simply hide the rest of the teams! Or, The Player Items graph has the deepest informayou can just see your net worth progression, by tion, but can also be the most confusing one. hiding every single other player.


When you read it correctly, you can see exactly what every player bought, and when they bought it. This can help you improve your item timings. It can also help you assess the effectiveness of your build in any particular game. Should you stop off for a mid-game item, or will it affect your late-game progression too much? Do you need that early-game item like Drums or Aquila, but are worried it will come too late to make a difference? The Player Items graph can help you make these decisions going forward. It can also help you laugh when your opponents make questionable build decisions. All of these features are, as mentioned earlier, only available shortly after the game. If you attempt to access these summary screens after playing additional games or closing and re-opening Dota. You lose the ability to see the graphs, skill builds, hero kills, and all-time player comparisons on

each hero. However, this summary screen is still a visual and statistical improvement on the previous one, without being too cluttered for people who just want to browse the basic facts about any particular game. Overall, the new post-game summary is a great improvement over what Dota 2 has had up until now. Whilst sites like DOTABUFF and still have greater functionality and more powerful statistics, the Dota 2 client is catching up. It is convenient to find a much deeper statistical picture of a game in the client directly once you have finished. After your next game, take a couple of minutes to explore. Information is a powerful resource in Dota, and the new post-game summary can certainly help you find strengths and weaknesses in your play in every game. Be sure to use it to its fullest potential, so that you can reach your own potential.



Game Analysis



ast issue I did not submit a MIAN, but now it’s back and better than ever because today we’re going to be focusing on armor! Armor is a huge area of the game which possesses many concepts in and of itself. There are so many questions to ask such as What is armor, what does it do, how does it function, what does one do to increase armor, Etc.?

To start off, armor is an attribute of every hero within the game. Not to be confused with attributes such as strength, agility, or intelligence, but it’s a trait that every hero in the game has. Armor is there for the specific purpose of decreasing the damage one takes from physical sources such as right clicks or abilities specifically labeled as physical damage dealing abilities. It also allows for people to take more damage from these sources assuming the armor is negative so armor’s main job is to change the damage multiplier that affects physical damage. There are three ways to increase armor and those are agility, items, and abilities. We will touch up on each. The one that is most innate to heroes is agility. Whenever referring to armor increased through agility, we are referring to main armor. The formula for main armor is base armor + (agility * (1/7)). You may see this and think to yourself “but if main armor is only affected by agi, why is base armor in the equation”. Well, simply put, all heroes start with a base armor. This armor is a non changing value in the game that only affects the main armor. Some heroes have huge base armor such as Dark seer and Ogre magi. This makes sense in terms of which heroes start with higher or lower values. Ogre’s ability to dominate lanes really requires him to possess this huge amount of tankiness. It’s the same with dark seer.


The other way to increase armor is through items and abilities. Whenever we see an item or ability directly add armor to a hero, it is indicated in green next to the main armor. This is called bonus armor. The essential difference is that illusions only benefit from main armor. However, it’s also important to note that some heroes’ abilities benefit mainly from agi or main armor such as Elder Titan’s Natural Order which only affects main armor and not bonus armor. Depending on what hero is involved, it may be better to purchase bonus armor over main armor and vice versa. Always read the scenario! Now comes some more concepts to help in understanding armor. The first of which is the damage multiplier. Remember how armor’s main job was to change this multiplier? Well, what the hell is it? Any unit receives a certain amount of damage when a physical attack or ability is used. This multiplier essentially says to the innate damage exerted “here’s how much of a percentage this will be affected by”. The way the game calculates that is Damage multiplier = 1 - 0.06 × armor ÷ (1 + (0.06 × |armor|)). So, the concept of the damage multiplier is very important due to knowing when it’s best to utilize heroes that reduce or increase armor or items that do the same. If an enemy possesses physical damage galore, you know what to do! The other important concept to understand is Efficient/ Effective HP(doesn’t matter what you call it, but know that different people use these terms interchangeably). EHP is the amount of physical damage a hero can take prior to dying. This is important to know as we must recognize that armor is just a means of being able to survive rather than what generates our ability to survive in the first place (which is of course health points). Remember that EHP only ever refers to physical and not magical or pure damage. It’s important to note that when calculating one’s EHP, the armor value counts for nothing when taking damage from a source of magic or pure damage so always take into account what you’re building in game when the scenario arrives. The formula for calculating EHP is Effective HP = Total HP ÷ Damage multiplier.

The last and final concept to understand is armor types. There are three different armor types depending on the unit one is viewing. The three armor types are hero, basic, and structure (there used to be 4, but it was changed in one of the recent patches). Each of these armor types will take different amounts of damage from the 4 attack damage types. The attack damage types are Hero, Basic, Piercing, and Siege. While we won’t discuss the disparity in how much damage each of these do to each, we can see what types of units fall under each of the armor types. Under hero falls Heroes, Necronomicon Archer and Warrior, Primal Split spirits, Warlock’s Golem, Familiar, and Roshan. Underneath structures fall only buildings and siege creeps while basic armor types holds everything not under those two from lane creeps to remote mines. While this concept is not as commonly known as the others, it has its own importance in regards to understanding why certain heroes make for good junglers and why certain heroes can push at an alarmingly fast rate. Now, we come to an end. Armor is one of the most important mechanics, but also one of the lengthier ones to speak about. Hopefully you can go into your games and use this to destroy your opponents. Remember to always use mechanics to your advantage!





Mautism? Really?

Besides all the unjustified flame, Travis “Maut” Bueno is without a doubt one of the best casters out there, very passionate, dedicated and has been improving a lot, let’s show some respect for our talents.

Alliance Disband


Go Singsing!

It’s great to see Singsing’s team Kaipi doing well, not only for the giant fan base he has but also for the competitive scene where new teams show growth, and there have been some good matches to watch.

Black is Back!

New team Faceless bring Dominik “Black” Reitmeier back into the competitive scene with Iceiceice, NutZ and xy-. Can’t wait to see Iceiceice and Black playing together, like the good old times!

So sad for the entire community to see such traditional team disbanding, I’m sure everybody will miss this great team. Thanks for all the amazing rat doto, push strats, dream coil memes, we’re forever grateful.

Players Retiring/Breaks

Not yet confirmed Clinton “Fear” Loomis will probably stop playing, Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg and Adrian “FATA-” Trinks already confirmed that both will take a break for the next months.

Arteezy Streaming on

I can finally update my rap playlist while watching some 9K player and destroying the enemy team with great plays.


This week’s taking a brief intermission from the Choose Your Own Adventure. Click here for the latest part, and click here for the beginning. In the meantime, enjoy some choice excerpts from Dota 2 fanfics - good, bad, and ugly.

Ninety percent of everything is crap.” -Sturgeon’s Law


The Good

The Bad

The Ancient’s Still

Falling in love with a Dota player

Shocking as it may sound, under troves of erotic slash-fiction and “what if dota to met leage of legend”(more on those later) is some actually readable and enjoyable storytelling. Most of it centers around slice of life-esque themes, but there are exceptions.

“What do the Brewmaster, Tusk and Bristleback have in common? An appreciation for the finer things in life. Namely, alcohol. Between battles, the trio meander off the beaten path and spend their time in a little pub they call their own. Other heroes visit, and sample the fine selection of booze the Ancient’s Still has to offer, while getting to know the owners a little better.” If you can get past the occasional awkward turn of phrase, The Ancient’s Still is surprisingly charming and chuckle-worthy. It uses enough pre-existing lore and characterization to feel familiar, but it doesn’t require poring through each ingame biography to make sense. It’s also pleasantly short; at three chapters, it keeps things moving and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Is it a Cold?

“Carl promptly congratulated Rubick for his undoubtedly stellar skills of deduction and very clearly, as to not be misunderstood, told him to leave. Also known as that one story in which Invoker has a cold and Rubick tries to help” It’s about as fluffy as it sounds, but it manages to simultaneously take vigorous liberties with Rubick and Invoker’s characterizations while staying true to their core personalities. If you’re looking for some goofy antics that don’t end in contrived romance, Is it a Cold? delivers.

Much like most things, most of the Dota 2 fanfiction isn’t good nor bad enough to enjoy. Instead, it’s just boring/incomprehensible enough. Naming and shaming these fanfics would be both a waste of time and most likely mocking children. However, there are some bizarre trends of note:

Classic love stories, playing out about as predictably as can be expected... except Dota is somehow central to the plot. Either the male protagonist is simultaneously trying to break into the eSports scene while winning the girl, or he just remarkably struggles to balance romance and video games. The biggest disappointment is that Dota-shoehorning hasn’t made its way into other genres, with detectives having to track down thieves while maintaining 6k MMR, or fleeing from a serial killer that hunts down Tinker pickers.

Lengthy, rambling poems

Poetry’s main strengths are its malleable form, musical nature, and brevity. Naturally, most Dota poems ignore at least two out of these three qualities, and instead focus on rhyming(?) anything Dota-related: “...Some people say I’m emo and tell me to go to hell But I ignore the b*ggers cos that’s what I do damn too well.” “...Deny your army to render them weak, Harass your foes to be wicked and sick.”


The Ugly

“[Author’s Note:] Fuck OD. That is all.”

Sometimes, it’s less about the execution and more the idea. Having a cast of over a hundred vibrant characters, there’s bound to be some... imaginative pairings.

“Nyx Assassin met the newcomer and instantly developed a liking toward her. Except, she is, in fact, a HE. But since when has gender ever stopped anyone in this war?”

“yes guess what there’s more Riki/Bloodseeker because god damn, no one else is going to write for this. Riki witnesses a little of Strygwyr’s culture, with some very special after-effects.”

“ “мои олени,” banehallow crooned softly, leaning in to press his forehead against karroch’s, affectionately bumping their noses.”

“The next thing you know, there’s a white-hot flash of searing pain, and the ground at your feet is scorched black. Distantly you hear Razor calling your name, and the air around you smells like burning.” “ “You will pay for this!” The Outworld Devourer tried to swat away the hands and the golems’ fists with his staff. However, one golem had other ideas.”

“A short Invoker x Antimage fic set in the environment of Meet ‘n’ Fuck Kingdom.” “Antimage was lying on his bed, fully nude save for a single tango convering his groin. A short quite escaped his supple lips, which were locked in a grin. “1v1 me nerd” ”






Lyralei the Windranger Lore



Once upon a time, in midnight, a sudden fateful storm came. The gust blew harshly wrecking the Western Forest. An unfortunate village, Zaru’Kina was destroyed by the storm casted by the wind herself. After the storm, the wind noticed that there was a lucky survivor; a redheaded baby wrapped in green cloth. Having been born on that day, she was crying helplessly. The wind unexpectedly took a liking to the baby. She deposited her in front of a house in neighboring village for the family to take care of her. From time to time she would come and see the girl from a far. The girl was named Lyralei, she turned out to be a strong, independent, and candor girl. Her favorite hobbies were archery and bow crafting; she was extremely good at it. Her other hobby was falconry, which she was terrible at. The falcons somewhat always seemed to hate her red hair.

Baby Lyralei helplessly crying on the ground the forest from any invasive species or foreign threats. Having spent so much time in the forest, Lyralei eventually meet someone who would later become a friend of her life.

Having a large sense of curiosity, Lyralei often hunted dangerous beasts in the woods alone even when she was still a little girl.

She was called Aiushtha, a half-human, half-stag dryads, more popularly known as the Enchantress. While Lyralei loves hunting beasts, Aiushtha loves making friends with them. Despite their difference, they become close friend and often hanged out together.

Even when her parents strongly warned her against doing it, again and again the rebel redhead kept on hunting. Lyralei loves the forest and often glided from the tree-to-tree utilizing the wind and her self-made cape.

As a forest traveller, Aiushtha shared a lot of stuffs about the world to Lyralei. Being a curious woman, she was excited of the thought of adventuring around the world. However her fond for Western Forest and her job stopped her from thinking about it too much.

The wind loves her; she protected the archer prodigy from all kinds of danger, which resulted of her being barely got hurt from all of her hunting. While Lyralei doesn’t realize the existence of the mighty wind herself, she subconsciously felt that a higher being was always protecting her.

The wind realized that keeping her in this forest will stunt her growth. She felt that she needed to push her into doing so.

When Lyralei became a teenager, she worked as the Western Forest’s ranger. Her job was to ward 25

One evening when Lyralei was away from her hut, she guided a lost ranger from a misty valley that was notorious for being a master thief to come to the Western Forest.

incident, the redhead ranger rushed to chase the culprit as fast as the wind. Managed to track her, the two of them confronted in a fierce archery battle.

The lost ranger found herself in Lyralei’s forest hut hoping to find any food and guide, instead she was impressed as she witnessed the beautifully crafted bow collections crafted by the redhead herself. Having a habit of stealing things she likes, she stole all of it.

The battle lasted for quite some time as both of them were experts on forest stealth. As shackles and gusts were thrown away by both rangers, they both recognized each other’s skill.

The wind then subliminally warned Lyralei that her possessions were stolen. Angered realizing the

Eventually, the lost ranger came at the top due to superior precision and attack speed. Before escaping, the lost ranger taunted the injured Lyralei. She coldly insulted her archery with a silent smug.

Lyralei facing a lost ranger 26

Triggered by this, ever since that day, Lyralei trained harder than ever. She only has one focus and that was to payback the insult she received. Every time she focused her arrow into something, she projected the face of the lost ranger as her target.

Apparently, Aiushtha had an idea of who and where the lost ranger is. They decided to head to the North where the lost ranger were hired as a mercenary by the Ancients. The wind smiled when her godchild went out of the forest. She wanted Lyralei to know more about the world outside of her own and perhaps‌ One day she would inherit her title from a very long time ago when she was still a mortal... her title as the Windranger.

A year has passed, Lyralei quit her job as the forest ranger and accompanied with her close friend, Aiushtha, she prepared herself to do an adventure outside the western forest.

Lyralei heading north with Aiushtha 27

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