Page 1 Provides Free Information with the Best Prices and Deals for the Smart Shoppers in the UAE is a reliable and reputable destination for smart consumers. They provide detailed information on products and stores that let customers make wise buying decisions that ultimately save them more money. Consumers can also be influencers by just sharing their experiences on products and stores they know about so that the circle of helping one another purchase smarter keeps growing bigger. Consumers who want to buy a laptop, camera, mobile phone or any other gadget in UAE, can get valuable information on the right brand, store, and price from's crisp and precise write-ups. The Senior Editor at recently said, "You want to stick around a bit longer if you want to buy a laptop, Smartphone, home appliance or any other gadget in UAE but don't know where to start? We will point you in the right direction. Our brief write-ups will give you all the information you need to make a wise buying decision that will most definitely save you money. What's New has the latest product news in the UAE. Quick Reads provides product info in capsule form, and Cool Tips is the go-to section on buying the right products and using them in the right way." has a very useful feature for serious buyers. The feature is Price Comparison; the website allows consumers compare prices at different online stores in the UAE on various products. It, therefore, helps users choose the stores that offer the best value for money. helps consumers keep up with the hottest product deals in Dubai as they save money on purchases. They also provide product reviews from real users and expert editors. The Senior Editor further stated, "We let you express your opinion about products. We have product reviews from both real users and expert editors. The actual users share their experiences after buying or using a particular product, thus helping you take a wiser buying decision. Why can't we just do the product reviews ourselves? You may be asking. We can. However, we are consumer-oriented. Getting first-hand information from another consumer like you makes the information we provide relatable and real. We do this to assure you that we are not biased on any product or store." has a panel of expert editors who provide detailed reviews after critically analyzing the products. The expert editors and real users provide knowledge on the products, thus helping consumers make smarter purchasing decisions. With the release of the new iPhone 7 many consumers rushed to to get Apple iPhone price in Dubai; they were not disappointed. About features store ratings from real users and market intelligence experts in the UAE. The ratings are pegged on the users' experiences during shopping. Various parameters such as service, price, ambiance, range and credibility are just some of the pointers uses for the store rating. They conduct the ratings on both online and offline stores; this benefits consumers looking for Dubai online shop. Contact Details Address: 806, 8th Floor, Single Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box-39190, Dubai, UAE Website:

Feedbaac com provides free information with the best prices and deals for the smart shoppers in the features store ratings from real users and market intelligence experts in the UAE. The ratings are pegged on the users' experie...

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