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ACCIDENTAL DEATH | Man and woman are found dead in a hot tub [3]

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Transit center: Steps toward safety Joint policing plan and classical music among weapons intended to reduce crime at FW hub

As part of a recent joint policing plan between Federal Way police, Sound Transit and King County Metro, the bustling Federal Way Transit Center will see regularly scheduled police patrols and more hours dedicated to protecting the public there. Below: A September shooting at the transit center is one of a handful of incidents that led to the joint policing plan.


Beginning next month, an agreement between local police, Sound Transit and King County Metro is expected to provide longterm heightened security at the Federal Way Transit Center. In the past, security at the transportation hub has been a complicated issue. The center is at 31621 23rd Ave. S. in Federal Way. Sound Transit owns the facility. King County Metro and Sound Transit operate SPECIAL there. Several high-profile cases, including homicides and assaults, have taken place at the transit center in recent years. The incidents, in part, spurred the joint policing agreement. “We want that place to be safe and stay safe,” Federal Way police Cmdr. Stan McCall said. Starting Nov. 2, Sound Transit police will be on duty at the center 50 hours a week, from 2 p.m. to midnight Monday through Friday. Staff with Securitas, the private security company contracted by Sound Transit, will remain on duty at all times and will also patrol the parking lot. “That’s a big jump from our previous staffing levels,” Sound Transit spokesman Bruce Gray said. “You’re going to see a stronger presence down there from now on.” Federal Way police will continue to frequent the center at random times throughout the weekdays. The force will also offer coverage on weekends. A six-person special operations team of primarily officers on bicycles and dual-sport


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Violent incidents spark action BY JACINDA HOWARD

Several of the items included in a new joint policing plan between Sound Transit, Federal Way police and King County Metro to provide more coverage at the Federal Way Transit Center are direct results of significant incidents that have taken place at the facility. This past April, a man was severely assaulted by a group of men at the transit center following an altercation between the victim and suspects. The victim suffered broken bones and his jaw was wired shut to allow it to heal. After the incident, Federal Way police announced they would utilize three cameras with direct-feed to the Safe City program to help decrease crime at the center. Police hoped to have the cameras active by June. Wiring and other electrical work prolonged the installation until Oct. 14, Cmdr. Stan McCall said. The upgrade of roughly 30 cameras to high-resolution models

was also in response to criminal activity at the transit center. The step-up in security was prompted by a January 2008 shooting at the transit center. A bystander, Darrel Miller, 38, was killed when a suspect shot at an acquaintance and missed, hitting Miller. Glenn C. Proctor, age 20 at the time, was identified by a witness as the shooter. He was apprehended and charged with second-degree murder. Existing video of the

shooting was of poor quality, but an electronics engineer proved in court that the person on tape was not Proctor, who was subsequently released from jail 11 months after his arrest. Jim Ferrell and other Federal Way City Council members strongly advocated for better cameras at the transit center. Not being able to serve justice because of a lack of sophisticated [ more VIOLENCE page 4]

H1N1 flu: Vaccines available BY KYRA LOW

Federal Way is one of four locations in King County that will have H1N1 vaccines available. On Wednesday, the Federal Way Public Health Center first started vaccinations for people with the highest risk for complications. The clinics opened at 8:30 a.m., and by 10:30 a.m., there were already 232 people vaccinated across the four sites, said Nicole Sadow-Hasenberg, spokeswoman for Public Health in Seattle and King County. The clinics are for those who do not have health insurance. The other locations are at the White Center Public Health Center, the Alder Square Public Health Center and the North Public Health Center. “We have the vaccine,” Sadow-Hasenberg said. “We are anticipating the clinics going on for months.” Currently, the clinics are for H1N1 (“swine flu”) vaccines, although most clinics do have the seasonal flu shot on hand, she said. “We are monitoring (our supply levels) all the time,” Sadow-Hasenberg said. “New supplies will arrive.” The clinics are opened for people up to age 64 who have significant health programs that put them at [ more FLU page 2 ]

[4] October 24, 2009

High-profile homicides Police also focus on downtown [ VIOLENCE from page 1]

downtown area on a longterm basis. The plan is an example technology is unacceptable, of what Federal Way police Ferrell said in April. do on a consistent basis in “What really spurred my their efforts to curb crime, interest is this homicide case went unsolved,” Ferrell said Steve Neal, interim said at the time. “We cannot deputy police chief. “In police work, we are have that happen again.” constantly evaluating, The costs for all the restructuring and recameras was covered evaluating,” he said. by a Homeland The high-profile SPECIAL Security grant events that hapobtained by Sound pened at the transit Transit. center make Federal More recently, Way appear as though 19-year-old De’Von it has a higher crime rate Winston-Parks was shot than it does, Hwang said. and killed in September Crime is lower than the by a known acquaintance public’s perception, he said. at the transit center. An Across the state, of cities on-duty Federal Way officer with populations of 50,000 was in the area, quickly applus, Federal Way has the prehended the shooter and fourth lowest index crime took into custody another rate. In Western Washingman who, at the time, was ton, it ranks second lowest identified as a probable in the same category. suspect. The transit center continThe shooting came shortues to be an area of concern ly after Federal Way police because it is a destination, scaled back on a summer initiative to have more pres- as opposed to other regional transit hubs in more ence downtown, at parks desolate locations, Hwang and along attractions such said. Riders specifically as the BPA trail. come to the Federal Way No serious incidents ocTransit Center as a means curred while the initiative of visiting The Commons was in place, interim police mall and other attractions, chief Andy Hwang said. he said. Several bus lines The joint plan introduces also end in Federal Way. a special unit to patrol the


[ TRANSIT from page 1] motorbikes will take on the task of fighting crime at the transit center, as well as in the downtown core, Federal Way police Cmdr. Chris Norman said. Bicycles and motorbikes allow more interaction with the public, he said. They are also more discreet and offer better maneuverability around the dense downtown area, Norman said. King County Metro police will conduct emphasis patrols and undercover operations at least once per month for six consecutive months. The cooperative policing agreement is a one-year pilot plan. “We’ve really come together, agreed to cooperate,” said Andy Hwang, Federal Way interim police chief.

Sound Transit and FW police The transit center opened in 2006. There has been cooperation between Sound Transit and Federal Way

A shooting death in September at the Federal Way Transit Center has helped fuel a debate over safety at the center. Sound Transit and the Federal Way police have teamed up with a joint policing plan. FILE PHOTO to patrol the center, but never has such a concrete plan been in place to detail the days and times each of the agencies will provide policing, Hwang said. The former plan consisted of random and frequent patrols by both agencies, he said. Sound Transit contracted with the private company Securitas to provide security at the transit center when it first opened, Gray said. It also worked closely with Federal Way police. This is the model Sound Transit has adopted at all its transit centers, he said. In spring 2008, Sound Transit gave Federal Way police one-time funding to cover overtime pay

for extra patrols to assist security staff at the center, Gray said. This past April, Sound Transit created its own police force, comprised of contracted King County Sheriff deputies, to cover several of the regional transportation hubs it operates, including Federal Way’s facility. Securitas staff remain in place. Federal Way continues periodic patrols of the center. Sound Transit police regularly frequent the center, Gray said. The agency does not give the specific days and times the agency’s police are on duty, he said. The ambiguity of when Sound Transit patrols will be present makes it difficult for Federal Way to provide

a consistent presence at the transit center, Federal Way police officers said. Sound Transit has not provided Federal Way a schedule of its patrols, McCall said. “We never really knew when (Sound Transit police) would be there or not,” Norman said. Once the joint policing plan kicks in, the police agency on duty at the time will handle all minor criminal issues and complaints. In any significant event, such as a shooting or stabbing, Federal Way officers will respond and take charge of the investigation, McCall said. Other features of the policing plan include: The installation of high-resolution cameras, the playing of classical music over a loud speaker system, signs and stickers indicating the presence of police and video surveillance, a portable radio for Sound Transit police to directly contact Federal Way police, and access by Federal Way police to the substation on the transportation platform, where patrons wait for buses. Federal Way is the only city Sound Transit has engaged with in a joint policing plan to cover a transportation center: “We are seeing we’re needing to do more in Federal Way,” Gray said.

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