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Welcome to your magazine Imagine you’re lost in the middle of the Arizona desert. You haven’t had a bite to eat or a sip of water in three days. After seven miles of walking, you find a water well. And when you look down into the well, it begins to rain. You’re so happy tears build up. That’s F.U. F.U. is that refreshing first drop water, it’s what your life has been missing and what your life cannot live without. The desert that you were waking in is all the bullshit. It’s all the past drama that has held you down. It’s dirt, the grime, the funk. It’s the negative oversexed distasteful violent hold that society has us in. Join me in this righteous rebellion, where we say what we feel, we feel what we say and change what we do. F.U. is a middle finger. F.U. is power. F.U. is a movement. F.U. is not revenge, F.U. is not hurtful. F.U. is not urban. F.U. is not any box you’re trying to categorize in. It’s about understanding, loving and trusting the most important person - and that’s U! Let these pages be a guide to letting go of the bad times and saying hello to the good times, filled with laughter, joy and company. With this magazine, you can love yourself and say F.U. to the non-believers and join with people who care about the same issues you do. F.U. is about U, because it’s From U, made especially For U. And this month, we’re saying F.U.:

Black History Month

What’s Inside? The Black History Month Issue - Four More Years: Barack Obama - Black Girls Run - Helping Haiti - The Essential Twist: 7 Things to do in a Public Shooting - Gun Control - Cover model Mariah Thomas from Queens, NY - Art from Alec Monopoly - Sundance Film Festival -Tampa Music: Atwaters - Juicy sex and relationships stories

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Staff List: Editor: Toni Carter Business Director: Nadine Smith Contributors: Morgan Collins, Chelsea Wilder Photographers: Andrew Miline

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Fed up: Speak Ya Mind

BLack History Month “It needs to be celebrated every day. We should have a parade or something, or at least bring back old episodes of Soul Train.” - Mariah McKenzie model “February comes and goes, we’re celebrating in the moment. ” - Toni Carey co-founder of Black Girls Run

“Black History Month is cool, but it’s become repetitive. It should be more, we need to learn our history to build our future.” -Andrew Atwaters rapper


Bald & Beautiful Exclusive Q&A With Cover Model: Mariah MCkenzie

Interview with cover girl Mariah Thomas from Queens, NY Photographer: Josh Sailor



his bald headed beauty hails from Queens, NY. Her edgy, punk, rebellious look is so F.U. that we had to make her our cover model. We searched all over the U.S.A to find a model that is the epitome of F.U. and we found her relaxing on a park bench in New York City. Although she is just 19 years old, she’s put herself in a position to change the game for young models and black models all over the world. Her good-natured upbeat attitude is what the game is missing. She likes to eat, she likes to laugh, a hard worker and far from stuck up. And, she loves scully’s and Givenchy scarves. Be on the lookout for Mariah because she is everywhere and she knows every one. Last month she was hanging out with the likes of Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am at the presidential inauguration. Her swag is presidential, her presence is undeniable and she’s got about a million teeth, so her smile lights up the room. Check her out: F.U. presents it’s first ever cover model, the next big thing: Mariah Thomas.

Q&A: Q: A:

What’s the coolest thing about being a model? Travelling the world for the sake of taking beautiful pictures.


All that traveling means a bunch of different types of foods… that means a whole lot of eating. What does that mean for your waistline, Ms. Model?


I know I should be focused and keep my image up to par, but it’s going to be hard not to pig out.

Q: A:

What’s your favorite food? Salmon

Q: Favorite designer? A: Givenchy, their stuff is so edgy, new and hip. Q: Future goals? A: Honestly, I want to take it as far as possible, do as many covers as possible. I

want to be on Teen Vogue before my teens are over. I’ve been reading Teen Vogue my whole life.

Q: Most memorable experience as a model?


Closing a show for a Toronto line. I was so nervous about letting too much of my personality out and being perfect, but once I just let go, they thought I was cool and let me close their show, which is an awesome honor.

Photographer: Jeff Wenzel



What’s your favorite part of a photo shoot? What’s your least favorite part?


My favorite part is the process, the hair, the makeup, the wardrobe and connecting with other people. I’m as interested in their craft as much as they’re interested in mine. My least favorite part is the end of the day. I never want it to end. It may be tiring, but once I leave I’m thinking about the next time I get to do it again.


What’s your life motto? What rule do you always make sure to live by?

A: Mariah goes white-face for a controversial Barbie Girl shoot, featured on our cover.

@M_Mckenzie @M_Mckenzie


My stubborn father taught me that “You can do anything that you put your mind to” and my own motto is “dominate it completely,” I have to be confident. I walk into a room full of girls who might be taller than me, prettier than me. I have to remember that everyone is perfect in their own way and forget about them.


You’re the model featured in the Black History Issue, so I have to ask, what does Black History Month mean to you?


I’m a little sad how it’s presented now. When I was growing up, I feel like people did more to celebrate. Black History Month is a big part of me. I was raised to remember it, being a black woman. I think about all the people who came and paved the way before me. It’s a month to think of the positive people in the black community. I love being black and it needs to be celebrated every day. We should have a parade or something, or at least bring back old episodes of Soul Train.


We in Miami B!TCX S

uper cool brand Del Toro makes it debut in Miami’s artsy Wynwood district. The luxury loafer company is know for it’s comfy and pricey slippers, slides and sneakers. Del Toro also makes super creative hightops and oxfords with tribal prints that we can’t get enough of. The tribal prints and bright colors are everything that you need this spring season, whether for a casual night out to the movies or shopping at your favorite local boutique. There’s a style for everyone, whether it’s pink tie die or skulls and crossbones, Del Toro’s will take you where ever you need to go in style.

Del Toro tribal hightops

Del Toro Miami

Del Toro neon polka dot slides and hightops for men and women.

About the brand Del Toro is a shoe fashion brand created by Matthew Chevellard. Del Toro’s have been caught on the feet of D. Wade, Kayne West and Swizz Beatz, just to name a few. Chevellard’s ability to get celebrities to wear his brand is evidence that he’s one of the cool kids. So squares stay away, and hipsters follow the F.U. lead. With a price tag of about $300, these slippers are as fashionable as unisex slippers get. The luxurious slides combine all of the designer’s backgrounds and upbringings. Chevellard was raised in Palm Beach, so his laid-back attitude is infectious. He is also of Italian descent, and Italians are known for making some of the finest quality shoes, with a special emphasis on craftsmanship. Chevellard went to boarding school in New York, shooting his cool points through the roof. New York is where he developed a deeper passion for fashion and urban life. Check out Chevellard’s first Del Toro store in the Wynwood district in Miami.


Rebel Jewelry:

ZEllHaus Fashionably Loud colors, popular culture & righteous rebellion

Top: $10.00 Amy Winehouse Earrings

Bottom: $27.00 Geometric Earrings

Right: $27.00 Fuck You Very Much Ring


Milan F

ashion week can get over the top-- Gucci, Bally, Trussardi, Bottega Veneta, Jill Sander, -there are so many names and so many different styles. Most of which aren’t suitable for everyday wear. So here we’ve picked out the best male and female line for everyday wear from Milan’s January Fashion Week. Take a look at our top pick from Milan Fashion Week. Ladies: Missoni’s flowly dresses are the perfect mix of bold and feminine. The pieces move with the body and allow you to feel sexy without revealing to much. The pieces are layered, which gives the fabric depth, hues and shadows.

Male Choice M

arc Jacobs Men had the winning male line for it’s functionality. The pieces were simple and unique and could be mixed and matched with jeans for a casual dress down look, or easily played up with slacks and tie for an evening out. The pieces are very structured, emphasize the shoulders with tailored bottoms.

Missoni Dress: White is a necessary color, but it can also become very

basic. The fringe benefit adds another dimension to an otherwise plain suit.

F.U. suggests pairing with color, bold jewelry such as Zellhaus

Marc Jacobs Men suits: Suits don’t

have to be stuffy and all one color.

Adding racing stripes, bizarre colors

and even add funky chain belts

gives it a boring look some energy.

The Marc Jacobs Men collection did have some unique looks that only a true fashionistor could pull off. Could you do this hot pink suit?

Perfect for a casual day at the

beach or on the boat. The layers,

patterns and different colors give

the piece a bit of that feminine mystique.


Monopoly Money


lec Monopoly goes around the U.S. painting thought-provoking pictures of the Monopoly man. In his newest creations, featured in the Avant Art Gallery in Miami, we can see the iconic Monopoly man crucified on the cross like Jesus. His paintings are about using art to amplify injustices in the world. He uses newspaper as the background for many of his pieces, making it’s relevancy to current events that much more noticeable. In fact, he started painting images of Bernie Madoff- the man who made billions off of a very profitable Ponzi scheme.

Alec Monopoly is such a rebel, that we don’t even know who he is. He remains masked to this day, even when he completes his live projects. He’s newest project is called “The World is Yours,” inspired by Scarface. It’s already sold out. Alec Monopoly is based in Los Angeles, but makes regular visits to Miami and New York to leave his mark.

What he uses: Newspaper Resin Spray Paint Current Events A mask Iconic figure Genuine emotion

Miami's HoT Art GallerIES


he Avant Art Gallery in Miami featured some new art from artists like Alec Monopoly, Marcel Wanders, Damien Hirst, Vigalante, Dain, Nathan Sawaya, STMTS. Right now, these names may not make a lick of difference to you, but these artists showcase mind-boggling and sometimes confusing art. The Avant Art Gallery is like a different world, very colorful, clean and well-lit, but sexual, gritty and exotic. Take a look inside.


Above: Horse tapestry featured in the Avant Art Gallery in January.

Top Left: Artwork from STMTS iconic “I love life� collection.

Bottom Left: Petruding skull featured in the Avant Art Gallery.

@AvantGallery @M_Mckenzie


Hot Art List: STMTS

Alec Monopoly

Nathan Sawaya Vigilante Dain

Left: Avant Gallery staff shows onlookers some of the newest pieces from street artist Alec Monopoly.

Bottom Middle: Sculptures of Michael Jackson’s head on a pedestal.

Bottom Right: Portrait of

beauty featured at Avant Art Gallery.

Photographs by Andrew Miline


LMNT is an art gallery in downtown Miami. This month they hosted an event called Stirring Up the Arts Fashion show which featured fashion, poetry and culture all amidst the paintings of international artists. LMNT is an event space, art gallery and the perfect home for any artistic event you’ve ever wanted to host. The goal of the place is to bring artists of all backgrounds together under one vision.


A DJ in front of a Diego Jacobson piece at LMNT in Miami for the Stirring Up the Arts Fashion Show, Photo Credit:

Diego Jacobson

Andrew Miline

Diego Jacobson is featured in LMNT for his “Everything is Perfect� collection. Jacobson has a different approach to art, he paints words not only scenes. The beauty of it lays in the fact that every time you look at it you catch something different.


Stirring Up the Arts Fashion Show A unique combination of poetry, fashion and art all at the LMNT art gallery.

Photograph by: Andrew Miline Design By: Yhaniqua Lopes

Photograph by: Andrew Miline Design By: Yhaniqua Lopes

Photograph by: Andrew Miline Design By: Yhaniqua Lopes

Photograph by: Andrew Miline Design By: Yhaniqua Lopes

Photograph by: Andrew Miline

Photograph by: Andrew Miline

Design By: Yhaniqua Lopes

Design By: Yhaniqua Lopes

Photograph by: Andrew Miline

Photograph by: Andrew Miline

Design By: Kariza

Design By: Kariza


ReBuilding Haiti The company has been around since 1949, and begun helping the people of Haiti get back on their feet in 2011. In order to help the country get back on it’s feet, Heifer has set up a program called REACH Haiti, where it gives residents the resources they need to live off the land again. The earthquake took over 200,000 lives and shattered the countries already fragile infrastructure. The future of stability of the country is still unknown, said Michèle Pierre-Louis, a former prime minister of Haiti to the New York Times. “When you look at things, you say, ‘Hell, almost three years later, where is the reconstruction?,’” she said. “If you ask what went right and what went wrong, the answer is, most everything went wrong.”

Young Haitian girl playing with


REACH Haiti goat

Despite the dark financial and economic climate in Haiti, Heifer International is offering a gleam of hope by renforcing agricultural pursuits.

hree years ago a massive 7.0 earthquake shook the foundation of Haiti. In times of tragedy, we’re used to seeing the corrupt taking advantage of the weak, but in some very rare cases, you can catch a phoenix rise out of the ashes. In the midst of the Haiti catastrophe, Heifer International, a company that focuses on ending poverty and hunger, while establising an appreciation for the Earth, lent a helping hand to Haiti.

Heifer International Goat in Haiti, part

of the REACH Haiti program

“It’s not about the problems of one of two individuals,”

-Hervil Cherubin

Haiti is no stranger to agriculture; in fact 30 percent of its economy is made up from exports from agriculture. But the earthquake caused many urban farmers in Port Au Prince to retreat back to the countrysides, effectively halting the agriculture industry. Heifer International has put $18.7 million into helping the Haitian people reestablish their own personal lives, as well as contribute to countries economy. The five-year plan that Heifer has laid goes towards establishing livestock breeding centers and teaching residents sustainable ways to manage their land, animals and income. Heifer provides the resources for families to raise goats, cows, pigs, tilapia, bees and the season’s crop. It expects that their program will create over 300 full-time jobs and raise income for farmers by 200%. The details of Heifer’s plan include giving Haitian families livestock and teaching them enviornmentally friendly ways to raise them for personal and local sustainability. Education is a key component to ensuring the Haitian people’s success. That is why the organization has enlisted the help of REACH rural entrepreneurs to help the people of Haiti keep their animals from inbreeding and malnutrition, which significantly reduces the quality of meat. As well choosing natural fertilizers and manures over pesticides. “We’re working to target private families to create a livelihood and generate income,” said Hervil Cherubin, county director for Haiti for Heifer International. “We want to create a strong base for animal production in Haiti. We help the people with production and train them in business. We’re teaching them how to restructure the sector,” he said. The program is helping individuals get back on their feet, and simultaneously helping to rebuild a nation. After breeding and raising the animals, the next step is export for income. Items like goat milk, goat cheese and soap could be profitable exports for the nation. “The idea is not solving the problem of one or two individuals, it’s something larger,” Cherubin said. The organization is planning to export the goods from the livestock that it produces. Items like goat milk, goat cheese and soap could be profitable exports for Haiti. By the end of the year, the company believes that the nation will have 30 breeding centers that will be fully-operated by the Haitian people. In five years, Cherubin anticipates 150 breeding centers.


Gun Control in Florida


n 2011, 17-year-old Travyon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman in Florida. In 2007, a shooter came to Virginia Tech and set of rounds during class. Last year, in Aurora, Colorado a deranged man shot up a movie theater, and not even two months ago 20 children were murdered at an elementary school in Connecticut. Senseless murders happen in every state and Florida is no different. It’s just Florida is a state with a bunch of different personalities. There are the gun advocates like Florida Senator Bill Nelson, “I’m hunter and I’ve always owned guns, and I’ll be hunting pythons in the Everglades this week.” And then there are other opinions like democratic representative out of Tampa, Kathy Castor, “We need swift action to protect our children and communities from gun violence.” Suprisingly, gun statistics for the state of Florida aren’t readily available. Statistics of how many guns are in Florida specifically can’t be found. But data on the United States as a whole is available, but the information is dated. As of 2009, the United States had a population of 307 million people, in 2010 data from firearm manufacturers showed that there were 300 million firearms owned by American citizens.

Fast forward two years in the future and you can walk on your corner and get a gun. Criminals and the mentally unstable have easy access to military-style rifles like AK-47s. People in the United States own more firearms per 100 people than “terrorist” nations that we’ve waged wars on like Iran, Iraq and Vietnam. Almost 90 percent of the United States population owns a gun, according to statistics from the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime. In Iran, only 7 percent own guns, in Iraq 34 percent own guns and in Vietnam the number is at 1.7 percent. After the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, the National Rifle Association held a press conference, where they gave a speech declaring that the answer to America’s gun problem is to give everyone more guns. “The only way to fight a bad guy with a gun, is to have a good guy with a gun.” With that speech, the NRA sent an insensitive bullet to the heart to all the victims of those families. Florida is an influential state in the gun control battle, especially Miami, Dade and Palm Beach counties. Florida has tons of guns, but not every one that owns one is a criminal. In fact most of them are well-to-do hunters or concerned parents who keep guns to protect their families. President Barack Obama is putting gun control on the top of his platform for the next four years. More than 300,000 people a year are unnecessarily murdered at the hands of guns, according to stats from the National Gun Victims Action Council. In Florida and across the nation, it’s clear that topic of guns and violence has reached a tipping point. Of course stricter gun laws won’t make everyone happy. In fact, in West Palm Beach, there was peaceful protest this month, where citizens flew their flags upside down to protest gun control laws (that haven’t even been written yet) and in honor of their second ammendment rights. The divide is clear in Florida. One side wouldn’t mind if all guns were taken off the street, and then there are those who would do anything to protect their rifle. In the coming years, we hope that the government decides upon a happy medium to make living in America safe.

essential twist: 7 Things...

7 Things to do if.... In a Public Shooting So welcome to America, where you are liable to get shot any fricken second. Damn, I thought that’s what it was like in 3rd world nations, but anyways. As most of you guys know, these crazy mothertruckers hopped up on their Prozacs, Adderal’s and Ritalin’s are coming to places I like to go… movies, restaurants, parks, malls, schools, and shooting ish up! Let me not even get started on the Sandy Hook babies in Connecticut. Because this is becoming such a threat and such a reality, the government in Alabama felt it necessary to release a six minute video. They said something like run, fight, call 911. So here’s an Essential Twist on what you need to do escape a public shooter situation

1. GTFOH (GET THE F.U. OUTTA HERE): Seriously, the second after the first gunshot, your behind needs to be 30 feet in the opposite direction. Act like your Usain Bolt. Leave the fat bihhh behind, give her a biscuit and tell her you’ll be back – she only finna slow you down.

2.Call da Po-po ho: These kats got big, big, big guns and you sitting here with your

fists and prayer. You betta call someone for that heavy artillery. It could be ya goons, but for me it’s the police. Once you make that call turn that ish on silent, because you be mad as hell if Ray-Ray broke arse call.

3.STFU (SHUT THE F.U. UP) : The only person you should be talking to is God. Close your mouth, pray that he gets you out of this. If the bihh next to you is crying, you betta chuck up the deuces. Getting saved is not a partner activity, look out for you boo-boo.

4.Turn off the light: I know some of ya’ll singing that Future song. Haha. Remem-

ber that ish when you in this situation, bihh you betta hit that off switch, we didn’t learn HIDE AND SEEK for nothing. You better put your best moves to work, make sure your 8 year-old self will be proud. Hide in places you didn’t even know your body could fit — try fitting in the file cabinet.


Play dead: If they about to find you, grab that dead bihh next to you, get all up in that blood, rub that on ya face or wherever and just don’t breathe for a minute or two. Actually, don’t get caught up in wiping another person’s blood on you. Just take their clothes.


Kill: the video says fight, but nah, if you coming at me with a gun, and I ain’t got nothing, I’m going all in. I’m taking the coffee maker and breaking it over your head. I’ma use my heel and stab you in the eye. I’d use my earring as a ninja blade. Don’t fck with me crazy killer dude, once you mess up my outfit and my hairdo I’m on that crazy killer level too boo.


STAY CALM: This is really the most important. If you start to panic, you won’t be able to do ish, let alone escape. This is one of those cases where keeping calm really will keep you carrying on.

political poetry

Open Letter to the NRA & every gun manufacturer: Edition 212 (written for VA Tech, 4/17/07) I’m still waiting For your justification Still waiting for whatever PC Guns don’t kill, we just make a killing from Guns Jargon you’ll submit in the eye Of yet another Tragedy But I’ll wait in line Behind the community of Blacksburg, Virginia Behind officers that will trip over dead teens in Their dreams for weeks Behind school administrations who pledge safe environments To parents Or the parents setting empty spots at the dinner table at the end of This semester Who swore they never saw Physics of ballistics thru their proud College child As part of the curriculum Being the liberal arts school That Virginia Tech is, I feel they would be amused At the creative response your collective throats Would cough up why their classrooms turned to mass graves I don’t blame you for the deranged mind state of homicidal loners Or for the despair-lined closets some people find themselves Backed into where the walls stiffen around them Begging to be broken down I black you for an unnatural way out The mechanical advantage to turn screws without innocent names Etched in its threads The abundance, accessibility, and outright solicitation of objects That have one function To destroy Two if you can profit from it So I’m waiting to hear whose child caught your profit margin

In their lower back How many weeks it will take to get the smell of your bottom line Off the walls Or what Tax Write-off will kidnap the silence between the grieving Faculty kneeling at the spot where you had your finest hour But this is what your organization is based off of right? The right to bear arms For no other reason that the constitution says you can But I don’t see the constitution strapping magazines of broken Promises Across its belt Or dreams deferred in cartridge cases Draped across their chests No Bill of Rights is counting its money in backrooms of diplomacy While ordering the deaths of 19-year-old heroes unrealized They deserve better than this Better than you Better than hiding around hallway corners While some kid pumps capitalism into their peers Better than praying to the hangover that kept them out of class On the bloodiest Monday in collegiate history You talk of cautious procedures and background checks For gun owners But no one is a murderer Until they are one Unless you own a home in Iraq You don’t need gross amounts of ammunition to defend yourself Its sickening to see mansions, wealth & estates In neurological flashes between the gunfire One girlfriend dead And reloaded I’m taking the yacht out this weekend And reloaded Sales look good this quarter And reloaded 12 more students dead And reloaded They grow up so fast and defenseless

political poetry And reloaded Another record fiscal years in sales And reloaded 6 more dreams shattered And reloaded Ok, I’m reloaded Another maniacal act ending in suicide That at the very minimum Keeps you all out of the shadow of responsibility No he’s not coming back And in a country where Free Will Might be the only thing NOT standardized Someone should stand behind a very large microphone and answer For the 33 people killed, the dozens wounded and thousands Whose lives will never be the same It’s a responsibility I didn’t even want to write this poem But I’m a fuckin poet It’s my responsibility And you claim to exist for the defense of all citizens Then their death Is your responsibility I wonder how it is That those that profit from death Never manage To take their work home with them -From Humble Shell Casings by William Evans



he simple answer is ‘I don’t want to mess up my hair.’ If we look at the media, you would think that black girls don’t run. In fact, you’d think that black girls hate all things that are good for them. Well, that’s what they want you to think. But the founders of Black Girls Run want to let you know that there are about 60,000 black girls running all around the country as part of an organization started by Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks to fight obesity within the black female community. The two girls starting running for fun, but they became so impressed with their personal results that they just had to keep the pace up. Overcoming stereotypes in the black community was the first step. Black women are often portrayed as loud, overweight, within arms reach of a chicken wing and overprotective of their hair. Sometimes the hair do’ is so important that women will forgo health and bouts of fun just to keep a fresh wrap. “We get a lot of women who say they can’t do this and that because of my hair and I don’t know how to manage it,” cofounder Toni Carey said. “The women that run with us have decided that they are not going to let their hair keep them from being active and healthy.” For some black women, participating in the program just means extra visits to the salon and for other’s it means going natural. But the founders of Black Girls Run emphasize that the problem is bigger than our Afros— it’s about health and wellness and feeling good from the inside out. Obesity is a big problem for both black men and women in the black community, but it hits home with black women. According to statistics from the office of Minority Health, about four out of five African American women are overweight or obese.

“Culturally black women don’t put themselves first, they put everyone first and then take care of themselves when it’s too late,” Toni said. And it’s hard when culture would rather cling to a cheeseburger than health and wellness. “My friends and family would be like, you’re running?! … From someone?” Toni jokes. In the process of improving black women’s health, the organization has created a framework where black women support and help each other. “Everyone gets together and pushes each other, there is no women left behind,” Toni says. “We’re getting together to help women change their lives and that’s something that we’re proud of.” The organization is hosting a “Preserve the Sexy Tour”, that gives girls health tips that they need to stay sexy and healthy. The tour will be in the southern United States, with pit stops in Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Mississippi, Virginia, Alabama and South Carolina.

List of things black girls don’t do

Running Accessories:

A community poll on what black girls don’t do: Get their hair wet Let you touch their hair Take disrespect Provide the best for their kids Anything for free Read Books Settle problems peacefully Eat right Get married Whisper Date anyone but ballers and rappers Watch the news Participate in any physical activity Anything but dance Apologize Cater to their man Love

Nicole Ari Parker Save a Do: To help minimize the sweat that kills millions of black hairstyles each year.

Stereotypes that You May or May not heard before. What do you think? Flashy workout gear


Little Known Health Tricks

At F.U. we believe that drugs should F.U. up, not get you better. Staying healthy and taking care of our bodies is important, but so is how you do it. Using food and natural remedies to cure everyday sicknesses has been around since Socrates in Ancient Greece and has been gaining popularity in recent years. You’re probably wondering why a bottle of hot sauce is the picture of choice. Hot sauce can be used to cure a common viral infection known as a sore throat. Like everything in life, it has to be just right. The brand doesn’t matter, but look for an all-natural hot sauce with only cayenne peppers, salt and vinegar for quick sore throat relief. All of the items can be found in your local grocery store, don’t cost as much and don’t taste as bad as those pills and syrups the doctors are giving you. Remember there is also a business of getting sick, and they play dirty in business. Warning: it’s not our fault if you’re allergic.

Warning: Check Your Allergies What can’t you use garlic to get rid of: An earache, insomnia, yeast infection, balding and the list goes on. Eat a clove of garlic before bed to avoid smelling gross all day and to enjoy a good nights sleep. Put a clove in your ear or any other opening to receive it’s healing properties. We don’t get enough coconut in America. Coconut oil will boost your health in a heartbeat. It’s good for fighting heart disease and obesity. It’s also known to kill viruses, not mask them. The oil has been used to cure herpes, according to the Coconut Research Center and scientists with PhD’s.

Get Well Smoothie

1/2 Cup Orange Juice 2 Tablespoons Honey 1 Orange 1 Lemon

Cherries cure inflammation and are good for pain, especially for athletes with sore muscles. Some studies also show that cherries can be used to cure gout and treat arthritis.

It seems that a lot of people have trouble sleeping and chamomile can provide soothing relief. If you have extreme insomnia, steep two bags of chamomile tea in some water, don’t put any sugar or sweeter and enjoy the bitter taste. It will put you in such a relaxed state that you’ll wake up the next morning wondering what happened.

Add Ice

Blend & Enjoy! The oranges help boost the immune system. The lemon has astringent properties and is good for cleaning out the system. Honey is a natural sweetener and helps if you have a sore throat or a cough.



Atwaters: This Tampa rapper, has barz* like a New Yorker and rides on beats like only Southern rappers do. Atwaters is one third of Roads to Riches, featuring Mike Mass and Miss Bronx, the trio make up some of the most potent rappers in all of the 813. Check out Atwaters, because his flow is what’s hot in Tampa rap. He’s cocky as all hell, but with a southern flow and Northern lyrics, he’s got what the game been missing.

Single is: See Who Album Is: Mind on Paper Q: Why do you rap? A:Because I feel rap is a way to express yourself, it’s like your own creative genius.

People can tell you whatever and try to give you rules; this is all about my mind on paper. It’s another way to express yourself through art. It’s definitely a reflection of who you are.

Q: So who are you? What do people need to know about you? A: I’m nice* that’s the first message. Number two you don’t have to talk about what

everyone’s talking about, you know killing, bitches and shit. I use B-word, but I don’t degrade women. The single I got out is about rapping, the chorus is about me…It’s not about the molly* popping, bottle popping and how much money I spend. There’s so many other subject you can talk about. All rappers have a rags to riches story.

Q:That’s hard in a world of musical ignorance. No one is checking for music that doesn’t talk about the 3 basic things: money, hoes and drugs.


At the end of the day it’s about being nice. I grew up listening to Jay-Z, Nas and DMX. They had their crazy club songs, but at the end of the day they were still nice. I respect all forms of rap, as far as in the club music and strip club music, it sounds cool, but I got more to offer lyrically. As far as the mainstream, they’re all going for the same sound.

Q:Who is your favorite rapper? A:Jay-Z Q: Where can they find you? A: The mixtape is called “Mind on Paper” and it will be out later this year. Atwaters, Facebook: Atwaters Music.


Q:It’s Black History Month, what type of knowledge do you want to drop on the people?


I know Black History Month started as National Achievement week. Black History Month is a way to liberate ourselves and our minds because so much of our history has been damaged. There’s so much of our history that we don’t know. The month points out Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and people like them. Our history only goes back 200 years in America, but we’re the oldest people on the planet. We don’t need a month; we need to learn our history, so we can use our history to build our future.


I’m a Levi saggin, Reefer passing, Diva baggin, Sneaker having, Educated ni**a, you can’t see him rapping. (2X) Yo, I ain’t seein them, I ain’t seein them. You ni**as say you the truth, and you niggas believin them. Atwaters single “See Who”

On the Road to Riches: While the group all works on their solo projects, the Roads To Riches clique doesn’t forget how they got to this point. It’s been a long road, but the group won’t forget the years of teamwork, collaborations and opening shows they did to them to the top of the underground Tampa music scene. Mike Mass has been opening shows for Joe Budden and Young Jeezy. Miss Bronx has been laying low and Atwaters is pushing his first single and mixtape, “Mind on Paper,” which will be out later this year.

Road to Riches: Left Mike Mass, Middle: Atwaters, Right: Miss Bronx

Urban Dictionary: *Nice (a term that mostly Northern rappers use to describe a lyrical, intelligent and witty flow) *Barz (Lines of lyrics) *Molly (A drug similar to crack and ecstasy)

Music To WatCH:

Kids Band

Joshua Diaz of Kids

Photographed by Chelsea Wilder

Kids Album: SINK or Swim T

he four man band composed of Matthew Barrios, Joshua Diaz, Christian Gonzalez, Josiah Sampson is some good indie music that you don’t want to miss out on. All four of them come together to make the rocking melodic sounds of the Kids. The Kids Band is based in Fort Lauderdale and launched their debut album this month called Sink or Swim. Based on some performances that they’ve done in the South Florida market, we say that they’re on their way and sinking it’s an option. If F.U. has anything to say about it, the indie tune of the Kids will be on a radio near you.

Josiah Sampson and Joshua Diaz of Kids. Drummer Matthew Barrios not pictured. Photo by C. Wilder

Christian Gonzalez of

Kids. Photo by C. Wilder

Get ya Bizness Right

Giving you the opportunity to set the record straight:


In this issue we reach out to Rick Ross and ask him to clarify the situation surrounding his drive-by shooting in Las Olas in January. We suspect it’s the goons after him for stealing the real Rick Ross’s name. What’s up with that Ross? Earlier this year Rick Ross and his precious Maybach were victims of a drive-by shooting. There has also been talk that there are some numbers on Ross’s head and the next shooter won’t miss his target. So Rick Ross, F.U. asks you, what’s really going on? We thought you had a chopper in the car? Or…. Did somebody lie. We extend this invitation to you, Rick Ross to clear your name and reputation and get your bizness right. Are you really about that life or was 50 Cent right, Officer Ricky?


Sundance Top Film Picks by Morgan Collins F.U. insider at the Sundance Film Festival, Morgan Collins worked behind the scenes in icy Utah. She got to meet and greet with celebrities and get exclusive viewings of some the season’s most interesting films. Some will be in your local indie theater soon, and some will make it to the big screen. Here are the films that what Morgan suggests we look out for.

Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete:

Two boys try to survive a summer in the Brooklyn projects after being abandoned by their drug-addicted mothers. The movie features Jennifer Hudson and was produced by Alicia Keys.

Jennifer Hudson

Afternoon Delight:

A struggling writer-turned-housewife tries to deal with her marriage’s decreasing intimacy and also do some good work by taking in a young stripper. Featuring funny ladies Kathryn Hahn and Jane Lynch from “Glee”.

Kathryn Hahn

Films to Watch Sundance Film Festival

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints:

The love story of a criminal and his former fiancee/partner in crime. He escapes from prison to see her, the woman he loves, and the daughter he’s only seen in a photograph. All he has is a memory that she has tried to forget. Starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara from “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie.


The story of Oscar Grant, the 22-year-old murdered by San Francisco’s BART police officers, on the day leading up to his death. This film one two major festival prizes, including the Audience Award for U.S. Dramatic film. It stars Michael B. Jordan from “The Wire.”


Hey Mr. President We have four more years of Barack Obama as our president, so we need to know where he stands. The last four years flew by quicker than a minute-man. But now that our president is up for round two, we know he’s got that F.U. stamina. Based on what the President has told us, we can expect the next four years to be focused on climate control, education, gun control, securing the middle class, creating new jobs and immigration reform. Here’s what to expect: The 12 hottest years on record have been in the past 15 years and the president wants to implement climate change reform that gives the planet a chance before it’s too late.

The president want to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, that means fixing 100,000 bridges across the nation and working to rebuild the housing market. He plans to boost the housing market, by encouraging young families to get homes and increasing the minimum wage to $9.

What's In store for the NExt Four Years... He wants Americans that work hard to be able to live well and not struggle with food stamps and welfare. He plans to push entrepreneurialism efforts to create new jobs, so more people can get back to work. Schools and education are a prime part of the president’s platform. He wants to give every child free access to quality pre-school, to set up the future leaders of tomorrow. Obama wants women to get paid equally for the amount of work that they do, as part of the Paycheck Fairness Act. Gun control is a big issue. The president is asking for universal background checks, getting it through Congress is an issue in itself. Improving the voting experience in America, that means figuring out ways to cut out six-hour lines, confusing absentee ballots and other measures that deter people from casting their votes. Immigration reform that’s fair and practical, which allows those who have come illegally and are contributing to the economy to take a place in line behind those immigrants who followed the proper procedure to get to America. These next four years Obama means business. Being a black suave Democrat hasn’t gained him a lot of points in Congress, but this term he’s coming into his identity as president and says that he will make sure that business gets done. And we believe in our President. God Bless America.


X 18 & up


sex stories:



he never though in her wildest imagination that she will be in the position that she was in now. I mean she was a well-rounded, respectable young woman. She was known in her society. But, hell, every woman has her secrets. Hers was, ASS-UP, hips apart, her mouth slowly caressing the length of a thick dick, and she had a gorgeous brunette underneath her working her tongue like a mother-fucking super, turbo shower head. Yes, that brunette, Harmony, had her coming like a faucet. The gorgeous stallion was Monroe. His hands were so entwined in her long curls, he was breathing so heavy, ready to release months of excitement. Monroe wanted her and he thought he had just conquered his mission. She never looked at him once, but she could feel his eyes burning in the front of her head, attempting to force her to take a peek up. This was her pleasure. He was merely a prop. He thought relationship. She thought escape. She sucked that muscled dick and was anticipating the rush of the sweet spill that was

going to fill her mouth. She secretly loved that part about giving bonuses. Harmony at this point came beside her, biting her neck, working her lips to hers. Harmony’s lips were sweet of the juices that previously spilled in her mouth. The two women shared the massive cock of Monroe. Giving up the fight, knowing that she wasn’t going to give him a glance, he closed his eyes, moaned, and let go a load that was enough for both women to swallow with no mess. Yes, that brother had a fine taste. He was still moaning heavy after the release. He felt like he was the luckiest man in the world. He was, but she was all about Harmony’s pleasure. She wanted the other woman more than him. Harmony only came here for her. Harmony quickly took her in a powerful embrace. The two women passionately began kissing, smoothing their hands in each others hair. They were so in tune with one another. Harmony danced her way down her body and slipped two fingers in her entrance. This made her shiver. Monroe thought that she was giving him a show, but she actually forgot that he was still in the room. His snake already regained conciousness and he began to stroke and moan, while she was in complete ecstasy with Harmony. The other woman rolled her hips to the rhythm of her movements. Harmony’s torso was much longer than hers, so she had no problem nibbling her way down to Harmony’s breast. She hungrily began to suck and plant small hickeys around the beautiful breast. This drove Harmony to leak out of her lingerie, and her palms were soaked with this woman whom she always wanted to fuck. She thought she was a strictly-dickly woman, but now she was confused. She wanted the woman, but she had no intentions on sucking on the clit. She just loved having a woman to caress her, with her delicate skin and soft lips. Harmony had always intrigued her, but she never expected this when she invited Harmony over earlier. She began to pull her fingers out of Harmony. She was planning to get her on her back to straddle her face with her neatly trimmed puss. She managed to get her on her back— kissing and tongue-fucking her. She had her eyes closed, moaning, pressing and rolling her hips to Harmony’s face. Harmony was so impressed on how erotic this woman was making her feel. Harmony had never been so wet with just a woman. She stopped sucking and softly brushed kisses on Harmony’s inner thigh, working her way up to her stomach, while slivering her body up along hers. She marveled at the face of this beautiful woman, Harmony who had her eyes closed the whole time. She opened her eyes and looked at Harmony in a sexy, almost threatening way. “Harmony, Monroe needs to be straddled,” She said. Harmony was almost thrown back, convinced that the two were enjoying each other. Nonetheless, Harmony felt so aroused and shook, that she deep-tongued the woman, and crawled seductively to the other side of the giant bed to Monroe’s long, surprised, statuesque dick. He looked directly past Harmony straight to She. She was already off the bed, lighting up a Dutch. She got comfortable on the love chair that was facing the bed, ready for the show. As soon as her eyes went up to look, she was immediately drawn into Monroe’s eyes. Harmony by now was straddled on him work-

Sex ing her ass like a stripper on his pole. His eyes weren’t on Harmony though. She felt aroused by Monroe’s piercing look. She puffed and continued to seduce him with her eyes. She began to bite her lips and lick them, which had him so fired with stamina that he griped the thighs of Harmony, spun her over and slammed her on her stomach. He took his snake and stuck it in her from the back, and with his ripped arm grabbed her behind her neck and sank her head down into the bed. This had Harmony combusting before he inserted her. All the while, Monroe’s eyes stayed focused.


She began to drip down to her thighs. She felt like an Empress. She finished smoking her Dutch— never taking her eyes off his. She gave him a flirty smile and a wink. She knew he was dangerously close to exploding. She grabbed the bottle of Alberto de Fiore, and another Dutch and exited the room. Monroe watched her walk and wanted so badly to yell ‘Stop.’ But he couldn’t. If he ever wanted the real prize that lay between her thighs he knew he was going to have to follow the one instruction given, “Keep Quiet.”

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Now Hiring: Front Office Receptionist Techno-Coatings - North Miami, FL (305) 945-2220 Toll Collector Lee County Government - Cape Coral, FL (239) 533-2111 Data Entry Clerk Watson Clinic - Lakeland, FL (863) 680-7000 Ticket Sales Representative Orlando Magic - Orlando, FL Phone Center Caller Tampa Bay Rays - St. Petersburg, FL Community Relations Staff Assistant Miami Dolphins - Miami Gardens, FL (305) 943-8000 Part-time Receptionist Blake Medical Center - Bradenton, FL (941) 792-6611 Director of Resort Operations Waldorf Astoria - Naples, FL (239) 597-3232 Farm Hand/ Animal keeper Safari Wilderness - Lakeland, FL (813) 382-2120 Administrative Assistant Duke Energy - St. Petersburg, FL 800-700-8744


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