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Book design is a rather interesting

come into play such as brightness, opacity,

discipline. Not only does one have to

light reflection, closeness of the surface,

configure information and content so that

etc. This is the world we wanted to explore,

it is readable, searchable, understandable

the core of the book, the essence of where

and aesthetically pleasing, but one also

content is stored.

has to consider a range of materials when producing the final artefact as a formal

The designer usually starts with the

three-dimensional object. Ink, cloth,

content and wonders, ‘what paper would

ribbon, paper, etc.

this particular content require? Do I have a lot of images? A lot of text? Drawings

Paper has various uses in a book: endpapers,

and diagrams?’.

cover, jacket, bellyband and book block. As creators of fine papers, we delight in the

To inspire book designers we took the liberty

emergence of technologies such as e-books

of turning this around. We picked up a few

because they transform the role of the

of our beloved white and ivory papers and

physical book. It is now becoming a more

asked ourselves,‘what content and design

interesting object than ever before. Books

would feature well on this paper?’ Also,

are better designed, better printed, and

we wanted to question the assumption that

often use better papers.

some papers are old-fashioned. Who uses laid paper nowadays? Bible publishers?

Fedrigoni papers are known for their richness

Academic publishers for philosophy texts?

in subtle and special effects, colour, texture,

We felt we needed to play with papers as

metallic parts, and more. These are usually

if we saw them for the first time.

the papers of choice for the most visible parts of the book, to attract the eye of the

So we worked hard, did our research and

book buyer. They often integrate with

created an anthology of interpretations

and enhance the cover design and upon

of papers for book blocks, which is what

picking up the book their incredible tactile

project 16 is all about. 16 is the number

quality can be enjoyed. These papers are

of pages of each section, 16 are the different

aesthetically exciting and technically strong,

paper stocks involved and 16 are the

resistant to folding, handling, dust, sunshine

outstanding designers from around the

and various other threats.

world that we chose to work with. The result is in your hands, two volumes rich

On the other hand, papers created for book

in creative, inspiring and intelligent uses

blocks are more subtle. They interact as

of material and content.

in a dance with the author’s content, with the ink of the printer, with the lighting

A lot of attractive possibilities to choose

conditions of the reader. Different factors

from. It is really a lovely problem to have…






FrÉdÉric teschner studio


013 - 028

029 - 044

045 - 060

061 - 076

printed on Arcoprint

printed on Palatina

printed on Splendorgel EW

printed on X-Per

Milk White


Extra White

Premium White

85 g/m2

150 g/m2

140 g/m2

140 g/m2

Wijtntje Van rooijen &




Pierre PÉronNet

093 - 108

109 - 124

125 - 140

077 - 092

printed on Arcoset

printed on Bioprima Book

printed on Corolla Book

printed on Freelife Cento

Extra White


Premium White

Extra White 140





140 g/m2



Vlaanderen, two cartographies For the Belgian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012 we developed two cartographic methods to show Flanders. The names of these two cartographies are anagrams of Vlaanderen, the Dutch word for Flanders: Reveal’n DNA and A Land Never.

A Land Never is based on a 50 × 50 m grid. Here GIS information is translated into axonometric drawings of functions. This was developed to show the sprawl of seemingly unplanned program that is so typical for Flanders’ countryside.


Reveal’n DNA


A Land Never


Reveal’n DNA is based on a 5 × 5 km grid and shows large scale processes like urbanisation. The approach of this cartography is more data like than existing methodologies.

Studio Joost Grootens, August 2012


16/1  Studio Joost Grootens




























1—16  :  Arcoprint Milk  White  85 g/m2

16/1  Studio Joost Grootens


Fedrigoni, 2012: The content should reflect the cultural and historical background the designers live in and inspire a sense of local identity. Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975: Diese wahre Geschichte bestimmt euch zu Opfern einer Wertkrise, denn die neue Macht, die von uns allen gemeinsam geschaffen worden ist, hat jede bisherige Kultur zerstört, um ihre eigene Kultur zu errichten, die aus nichts anderem als Produktion und Konsum besteht und daher aus falschem Glück. Weil euch alle Werte geraubt wurden, lebt ihr in einer Leere, in der es keine Orientierung und keine Würde mehr gibt. Die wenigen Eliten unter euch ersticken zum einen am Konformismus, zum andern an Verzweiflung.

Don Quichotte trifft Bartleby.

16/1  rainer groothuis


Ist die Welt schon eine runde Sache?


2—16  :  Palatina AVORIO  150 g/m2

16/1  rainer groothuis



2—16  :  Palatina AVORIO  150 g/m2

1 A type of two cities 2 A short story of free choice 3 The poem of discontent 4 Three women twice 5 The instruments of waiting 6 A night poem for the day 7 Incidents of belonging

Kameel Hawa

Two pigeons on an electric wire (sketch on my Ipad. July 2012)

16/1 kameel hawa


1 A type of two cities

henko oet Evtus p n ia s s u s: ‘my Th e r f his poem o e n o in says ched e wires ste s nerves ar y f e the city o between This ity of no.’ ut a n d and the c ween Beir t e b r, e n th my desig first is bo f e h T . h a Jedd city o n, and the , while hometow u and m sic s k o lo , s k way to boo is the gate d n o c e s Islam, the shrines in t s e li o h dinah. two ka and Ma for k e M ly e na m ped ce develo The typefa s all based on wa the latter e Arabic tion of th c a tr s b a the h is eem) whic letter M (m both cities, and of cubic the initial emble the s e r to e d ma e Qaa b a . form of th


4—16  :  X-PER  PREMIUM WHITE  140 g/m2

16/1 kameel hawa


16 / 1  wijntje van rooijen & pierre péronnet



5—16  Freelife cento extra white 140 g/m2

16 / 1  wijntje van rooijen & pierre péronnet


16/1  elyron



6—16  :  arcoset  ew  140 g/m2

16/1  elyron



6—16  :  arcoset  ew  140 g/m2


16/1  Sánchez/Lacasta



7—16  :  Bioprima Book Bianco 100 g/m2

16/1  Sánchez/Lacasta



Edwin Abbott Abbott

Icall our world Flatland, not because we call it so, but to make its nature clearer to you, my happy readers, who are privileged to live in space. Imagine a vast sheet of paper on which straight lines, triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, and other figures, instead of remaining fixed in their places, move freely about, on or in the surface, and you will then have a pretty correct notion of my country and countrymen. Our women are straight lines. Our soldiers and lowest classes of workmen are triangles with two equal sides. Our middle class consists of equilateral or equal-sided triangles. Our professional men and gentlemen are squares (to which class I myself belong) and five-sided figures or pentagons. Next above these come the nobility, of whom there are several degrees, beginning at six-sided figures, or hexagons, and from thence rising in the number of their sides till they receive the honourable title of polygonal, or many-sided. Finally when the number of the sides becomes so numerous, and the sides themselves so small, that the figure cannot be distinguished from a circle, he is included in the circular or

our middle class

... consists of equilateral or equal sided triangles.

equilateral triangle. Thus, in the most brutal and

The birth of a true equilateral triangle from

formidable off the soldier class--creatures almost

isosceles parents is the subject of rejoicing in our

on a level with women in their lack of intelligence-

country for many furlongs round. After a strict

-it is found that, as they wax in the mental ability

examination conducted by the sanitary and social

necessary to employ their tremendous penetrating

board, the infant, if certified as regular, is with

power to advantage, so do they wane in the power

solemn ceremonial admitted into the class of

of penetration itself. How admirable is the law of

equilaterals. He is then immediately taken from

compensation! And how perfect a proof of the

his proud yet sorrowing parents and adopted by

natural fitness and, I may almost say, the divine

some childless equilateral, who is bound by oath

origin of the aristocratic constitution of the states

never to permit the child henceforth to enter

of Flatland! By a juidicious use of this law of nature,

his former home or so much as to look upon his

the polygons and circles are almost always able to

relations again, for fear lest the freshly developed

stifle sedition in its very cradle, taking advantage

organism may, by force of unconscious imitation,

of the irrepressible and boundless hopefulness of

fall back again into his hereditary level. Had the

the human mind. Art also comes to the aid of law

acute-angled rabble been all, without exception,

and order. It is generally found possible--by a little

absolutely destitute of hope and of ambition,

artificial compression or expansion on the part of

they might have found leaders in some of their

the state physicians--to make some of the more

many seditious outbreaks, so able as to render

intelligent leaders of a rebellion perfectly regular,

their superior numbers and strength too much

and to admit them at once into the privileged

even for the wisdom of the circles. But a wise

classes; a much larger number, who are still below

ordinance of nature has decreed that, in proportion

the standard, allured by the prospect of being

as the working-classes increase in intelligence,

ultimately ennobled, are induced to enter the

knowledge, and all virtue, in that same proportion

state hospitals, where they are kept in honourable

their acute angle (which makes them physically

confinement for life; one or two alone of the most

terrible) shall increase also and approximate

obstinate, foolish, and hopelessly irregular are led

to their comparatively harmless angle of the

to execution.

16/1  Thomas Manss & Company

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The first volume of the Fedrigoni papers' Project 16.

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