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Using Tone to Critique Products (4.01) MATERIALS NEEDED:  Poster-sized paper  Google images of products  List of tone words, cut into individual strips  A box (or something else from which students “blindly” pick strips)  Markers ADVANCE WORK:  Decide on products.  Blow up Google images so that they fit standard copy paper.  Put the images onto the poster-sized paper.  Affix the image-covered poster-sized paper onto the walls of your classroom. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Divide students into groups of three or four (depending on class size). 2. One person in each group picks a tone word. 3. Each group works to create a slogan (one line or so) that suggests its tone word. 4. One person in the group writes the slogan under the picture of the product. 5. Once all groups are done, the other groups write down on a piece of paper the suggested tone. 6. Give groups with the correct answer a point. 7. If all groups guess correctly, give the team that wrote the slogan a point as well. 8. Go to next product and repeat steps one through seven. TIME: The length of time to play this game will depend on the number of images you choose.

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