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Performance order 1st ESO. Cinderella (puppet show) Alhambra 2nd ESO. Alice in Wonderland (adaptation) Alhambra Infant 5 years. “The three little pigs� A. Segovia 1st Primary . Songs: Ten little Indians. A. Segovia Teddy bear I am a special person 2nd Primary . Song from the film Mary Poppins, " Chim, Chim, chim-er-ee". V. Aleixandre 3rd Primary . The little vain rat. V. Aleixandre 3rd Primary . Song: Love is in the air. A. Segovia

Interval 10 minutes 4th Primary . Fable "The Mouse and the lion" V. Aleixandre 4th y 5th Primary . Who will I be? (dance from a Demi Lovato song). V.Aleixandre 5th Primary . Song: Chiquitita

(Abba) A. Segovia

6th Primary . Song: Mamma mia (Abba) A. Segovia 6th Primary . The pied piper of Hamelin V. Aleixandre

16 Junio 2009, 19 horas Auditorio Caja Rural Cruz de Lagos, 1


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